A.A. Video for Healthcare Professionals

in keeping with the tradition of anonymity at the level of public media the faces of a member production the people shown portraying a members are hired actors cooperation with healthcare professionals is an ongoing objective of Alcoholics Anonymous we realize that you will encounter patients with drinking problems in the course of your work alcohol for some people is poison you know it just isn't the same for the alcoholic person as it is for a normal drinker and once you get into that place of having alcohol run your life it's like having an allergy to alcohol and it's very helpful to tell people look alcohol is special for you it's different for you than it is for other people alcohol in your situation is a poison but I think the key concept is that it's poisonous it's addictive that the neuro chemical changes in the brain caused by frequent and constant exposure to alcohol are such that people are no longer free to decide whether they're gonna drink or not and if they drink they're not free to decide how much they're gonna drink we would like you to know more about what AAA is and what it isn't the primary purpose of AAA is for members to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety while AAA does not affiliate with outside entities it serves as a resource to the medical community through cooperation AAA doesn't claim to have the only solution to recovery from alcoholism but we do have a way that works for us it's really important to understand that not only are the people that you encounter in a not professionals but the organization is not a professional organization it is a loosely very loosely organized fellowship every group is autonomous they can do whatever they want to do nobody tells them how to do it people just share the principles and the guidelines and they pass it from one person to the next AAA meetings are at the heart of the fellowship healthcare professionals have a standing invitation to observe open AAA meetings the biggest surprise for me has always been the power of one person telling their story to another person local AAA committees often help professionals find meetings for their patients and may be able to set up meetings on-site if requested I was still amazed at the our level support I was amazed at the kind of people that came to the meeting they were of all stripes AAA doesn't make medical diagnoses engage in research or keep records or case histories of members while the a a recovery program is based on broad spiritual principle it is not a religious organization AAA can help people stop drinking and stay stopped which allows them to rebuild their lives a lot of people are very talented but because of problems of alcoholism they're just not able to be reliable and be responsible but AAA through its principles through the 12 steps really help people to achieve sobriety and they're able to then become productive and responsible members of the workforce AAA literature is available and often used as a tool to help problem drinkers understand the AAA program so through their structure services and through their literature they're able to reach all types of our individuals but like I said whether or not they're minorities whether or not we're talking about he and lesbians or the elderly were the young AAAS here the AAA dot org website also offers valuable information the about a a newsletter for professionals can be accessed from this website and in searching that website it has become a resource for myself as a professional as well as a source for my clients local AAA offices are listed in most telephone directories and on the web you can also contact the general service office of AAA for help and information or find us on the web at WWE we look forward to helping you help your alcoholic patients some professionals refer to alcoholism and drug addiction as substance abuse or chemical dependency non alcoholics are therefore sometimes introduced AAA and encouraged to attend AAA meetings anyone may attend open AAA meetings but only those with the drinking problem may attend closed meetings in keeping with the tradition of personal anonymity at the level of public media the phases of AAA members do not appear in this production the people shown portraying AAA members are hired actors you

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