A 30-Minute Tabata Session to Burn Some Serious Calories

get ready to work hard and burn serious calories for this full body tabata workout led by equinox trainer rainier pole art that's right we're gonna have a great time today you won't need any equipment and we're going to have modifications for every fitness level so let's do it let's start off by getting this body warmed up hand out in front big old kicks let's get these hamstrings on the warmer side that's right you might be starting a little stiff give yourself a little bit of time try to kick 1 inch high or 1 inch higher exhale on that kick now I got Dre to my right giving you modifications all day and add it to my left who's gonna be trying to keep up with me good girl now all I want you to do is give me a little rotation here when you kick right turn right when you kick left turn left face the right side of the room face the left side of the room 1 are we back 1 arms forward don't forget to get that breathing in there breathing is your friend people and you're gonna hear us doing it quite a bit hello ok exhale exhale just about six more seconds here really kickin up high sorry NICs back something from yourself here and now we're going to get into some butt kicks now you can start off with a nice run with me and we're really focusing on getting those heels up and kicking the booty but if you're not ready for any kind of playa yet you can get into a nice little butt kick here with no plyometric see the fun part is I want to do the modification catch it but they're like we're near you better stay on be a role model today fine hey I love that girl girl we might I might have to tap you out at some point you get right in this spot we're gonna go right from here to some hinge hoppers I want you to lift that tailbone really stretching the hamstring exhale and give me a nice little jump squeezing that but it's like you were minding your own business someone came along and gave you a little pinch on the butt you like what you just run right up now what we're practicing here is actually landing nice and light a slight bend in the knees because guess what y'all we have quite a few jumps today and I want you to be very prepared now we're about to get into some Tabata interval training let's rest here before we get to our first section now how sobota works 20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest so there's always something to look forward to now we're going to stay in each section for 4 minutes girls oh ok each move is going to happen twice if I ever evolve to a place that you are not comfortable with you go right back to the last move you were okay so first off we're getting the heart rate up so you know that that is your goal cardio we're starting with some jumping jacks we've already warmed up so I'm not looking for warmup jumping jacks here okay I'm looking for ball stool wall jump let's go hard okay we're ready for it we start our first Tabata in three two jumping jacks let me see you move let me see you move yeah exactly you see the more that you get these arms to fly down if you see a mirror near you and your arms look like a blur you are doing just go back okay we are moving and figure out you go too slow it's true Andres you see how quickly that is 20 seconds you could do anything for 20 seconds you keep that mentality now not gonna lie the first sets of fun set ii go that's it 10 seconds goes by quick okay there's that bittersweet part of it at 10 seconds does go by fast that that means that 20 seconds can't be that bad either ten more seconds right here y'all can feel like if do it warming up pressure yourself pressure yourself three two and rest well next up we're going to get into a narrow squat both feet together one Jack and right back down in three two go open close open close open close good now remember what our goal is for this section is to get that heart rate up am i right so we're going to open up snap it right back in and push that body feel it yes starting to feel it rest now let's say you need a little bit less intense see right now you're looking at me like I'm crazy you can squat top and snap top and snap right set Third Point set go right in second set of that second minute of activity in this tabata remember four minutes for each ciabatta this is gonna get us halfway through the first you can make it it's five seconds the booty is burning the lungs are working on the modified that is burn I have a challenge if you need to stay on jumping jacks we're gonna hit them again but if you can we're getting some air jacks land with the feet together that's the trick go okay and and I are gonna get our tap dance on right now okay we're opening I'm feeling myself this is for every school play your parents didn't show up to you say you tell them no you're a star honey you are a star one more time that's no line but so hard yeah are you enjoying them jumping jacks I'm a little jealous go boom snap it right back in notice I'm landing with a slight bend in my knees keeping my knees safer and letting my legs do the work not their joints to get what I'm saying here people we have three seconds see I'm wrecked the last minutes always the hardest this is where we really have to fight we start low one arrow jack and right back down again you can do a jumping jack instead go boom landing land it really getting into power here but focusing on getting that heart rate up right dropping that but oh we don't have to focus on getting the heart rate up cuz it already is trust and believe four circuits come on three two and rest okay we got one more second this is that moment we were like okay let me empty the tank finish this give myself something to be proud of last round get down go come on now move it move it move it big alarm big alarms it's like you're on the side of a highway in a scary movie like half help this crazy man keeps making me a job what did I do to deserve this enjoy yourself enjoying yourself brass Oh we're working out with summer do I have really yeah barely survived the first round now listen I want everyone to survive okay that's why we're going from that cardio activity we're focusing on some muscles now okay so I want you to slow down the movement now we're getting into push-ups if push-ups or not your forte you stay on those knees what I want you to focus on is really leaning into the pushup trying to get your shoulders as far past your fingertips as you can we got a full 30 seconds left you want to tower down because you're competing with me and the sweat factor right now I want you to do okay do you have time to step a little bit of water because it's good for the body be more hydrating I have warm too from all those rotations directly oh yeah what we're thinking that blood is flowing full body we're feeling mighty fine yes in ten seconds I want you to try and go for a narrower push-up your hands are right underneath the shoulders ready go take your time exhale as you push up high we're not rushing here this is not the cardio section work those triceps work that core squeezing that butt and taking your hips with you you only have four more seconds you're all good okay low to high and rest this is what I love to vote we're tired I'm on the ground I get to sit yeah you know it feels great I'm having a good time now second set let's get the business go low to high nice and easy we got this all day long pushing through you can only slow down your pushup as long as you're moving you are winning let's get it if you're just dying and you don't think you can get one last one hold that plank hold that plank rest okay all in seven seconds we're going to stay working these arms we're gonna do it getting the heart rate up a little bit regular burpees you know how they're done go blow too high and right into it now you can choose to stand or Anna and I lucky her are gonna jump we hello yay it's always a celebration okay oh I like to do is rest that is true I do like to rest pause also I like to turn my mat into a slip and slide as you can see but you know SEC third-gen go let's get it second set of the burpees finishes second minute but Hartwig will come down soon I promise we're gonna calm it right back down in ten seconds let's push oh I feel a for a second come on three two breasts come on back down we're going to wide push-ups your arms a little fatigued so hug them out get a wider base ready go low the high exhale up you're catching your breath as you push through calm yourself down let's push that Bonnie eight-second show breathing through I like it four three two and rest one more time I got a stay at Hannah for a while I'm just feeling like if I feel on her knees anymore I'm gonna I'm gonna join her not too far go I'm not mad at you girl five homily okay you are stronger than you know you're stronger than even I know trust me you can't make it through we got five seconds here you're gonna do it you're going do am I going oh my god I are us okay now you know you have one more minute of those burpees you're at home and you want the challenge you could have a push up on the bookies to go yeah down in about just one more minute here y'all pushing clue hello well I mean if you want me to example only if you walk till you're moving you're winning yes great here you get it push-ups in a load one more now I'm just feel like I gotta show off a little bit you get me as you show if you need to scream do it yeah well they're ferocious people that's why they call it beast clothes moving through get this upper body rock band right oh my god myself keep the body well suits about is death we can do this y'all we shall conquer we shall conquer oh this is a nice little tower break you know this part of the video comes at no extra charge okay watch me rub down all this body yeah we're gonna get into the lower body and just work these legs till the end okay you're gonna beg me for mercy but I promise we're gonna be able to have some fun what we're gonna do first is hold down a narrow squat now what I like to do is pretend I'm twerking a bit because that makes the time pass a little bit faster I'm not forcing you to do it but maybe you'll just enjoy watching us do you know what I'm saying it starts in three two towels down let's do it let's stay low now my feet are shoulder width apart toes facing forward focusing on keeping my knees just as wide as my feet right really working the outside those hips and yes who are gonna feel those quads I'm sure okay so I want you to turn that music up enjoy the beat mister rest that's the first set you only have to hold down one more time it's all good you can survive this I assure you second set get low come on now there's something I'd like to put the hand in the hand just feel it okay double hello bring you back to middle school you can pop it to the right and left that's not mandatory but if you practice now how good are you going to look later the club working through it and rest oh now luckily Anna and I are gonna do some jumps oh goody if you're not here to jump you can burn my regular fast squats if you can get low go 20 seconds just whipping those arms to the side feeling like you're just gonna lift off I'm Superman yo no I'm not I keep coming back down yeah okay don't be afraid to put your head through the roof and show off like that no one's gonna judge you Landing low and soft rest if you arguing these jumps but I do that you land the safer you are keeping those legs okay let's work the booty not hurt the knees get down go push you're keeping those legs nice and narrow fill in the narrow slot slow just rocking that body exhale up that's insane second we're gonna make it come on y'all fight through big big big come on power power hello and Russ I think I gave myself one extra now we're gonna hold it down again I just pulse but I want the legs wider wider centered with gravity and good low nice wide base easier on the balance so you'll see that theme we're starting narrow with a lot of our movements and then going wider while we're feeling a little weaker you know I'm on your side I want you to succeed here you see that right yes right one more time we got this woman this we got this okay eggs are on fire head time for me to look at the turn concepts get low go head rocket huh rocket how's that why rocket so the funny thing is keeping your hands up helps keep your chest yes and that's what we want to do because you look at that booty burning oh there it is there it is I think we like there behind me looking better at this brass one more minute we shall overcome we're going to jump on high or give me some fast squats ready wide go boom come on we can make this rock in Akali out I'm with you mama move into the Promised Land yes the good thing is if you're laughing along with these two you're working both sets of cheeks you know why not double up double up let's get low go last time last time come on I have nice calm exercise waiting for you in the next Tabata look is not something look forward to is that something to work hard five seconds coming get it come and get it come on let it burn let it burn let it burn brush oh well legs are fried honestly I just didn't continue with these high price keep the motivate I got one through ok we've probably been waiting for me to say this for a while let's lie down ok now we're gonna work some core training here and I'm not talking your typical crunch we're gonna start with a nice Superman but what I want you to do is take a ride with me on the Magic School Bus okay I'm gonna look right down at this mat which is gonna keep your neck and spine in a nice neutral position we don't need any kinks the neck okay we're here to just get stronger not cause any issues a way you're gonna do squeeze that button work the entire back body what I want there's a nice swimming motion notice my arm is getting all the way forward and all the way back and if you have any soldiering pigments that make you make it hard to reach forward dragon just shorten your arm just she's coming forward as well we're starting in three two let's get it swim it you know on the magic go boys back the river a lot don't judge me for remembering the rose we're just looking down at all the nice fish in the sea as we swim that freestyle keeping gotten amazing right now and rest and what's good about it is we just work those quads they were hurting now we're loosing them right back up I know I think of everything you're welcome yeah second set swim it up swim it uh now if you're feeling that lower back working a lot do not be alarmed we are trying to get that stronger okay yeah now that might be a theme throughout the next four minutes so when I say rest like right now if you need a moment to the sit into a nice Child's Pose feel free and then in three seconds we're right on a plank and go so elbows underneath the shoulders squeeze that booty now if you want to modify this if it's feeling a little heavy you just lower the knees gently right in place where they are you can even lift the feet if you feel you have enough question to do so it's not bothering your needs and rest now I did say this is core training and this is a great opportunity to really bring your bellybutton into your spine flex that core and make it work honey second time go and hold another option if you want to stay on your toes but this is just feeling quite a bit a little difficult just move the feet a little bit wider give that wider base and make it a little easy on yourself you see what I'm saying you got four three two and rest nicely done now we're going back into a nice slim really focusing on that back but I want you to come let's give me like a breast stroke no need to look forward look straight down and go drive those elbows to your side squeeze that butt keep those feet up off the ground move that water bottle if it's in your way oh good exhale as those elbows are coming in opening up that chest and breast that goal probably gets stronger you want to get stronger in that long range of motion so we'll explore your surroundings here let us swim people let us swim go whew are you keeping your feet up – because that is really good like go back in close exactly is there any such thing as working the booty too much I think not okay this is making everyone sure you're giving people something good to look at when you walk away hello hey Russ we're going right back to the plank and if you want to go to the last level of it I'm gonna squeeze that butt and reach one arm forward at a time ready go exhale reach exhale reach trying to keep those hips as still as possible I love that modification keeping the neck long and we're still looking down trying to keep the neck comfortable you got five you got four three two and rest girls how we feel feeling good feeling great I like it their mats are really dry I won the wetness competition here last set go let's read you got this come on y'all how still can you keep those hips do you want to challenge yourself and put your feet closer together I shouldn't have fall or four three two and rest wait Oh nicely done and only one more Tabata to go y'all okay now you're warmed up and ready for anything and you're likely you don't get me this warmed up if you're not gonna really finish this workout off okay so let's finish it like some real athletes okay I want you to unleash the track athlete that lives inside all of it now I'm gonna make you think but it has shown that if you have to focus you're burning more calories okay so those are good to everything what I want you to do is have your left leg forward and your right foot back your left hand is going to come back and your right hand is forward now with each switch of the arm as your left hand comes forward your right knee comes up and it goes right back now here we're not only working legs I want that cardio element so try to keep the arms small so you can really keep up with the lower body and go hard in six seconds we're gonna start with this left leg fall slow wall give me everything go drive it up let's push as you can see Dre instead of pulling up the knee is topping her toe to the side of her left foot trust me it gets the heart rate up just as much love it she still has that slight bend in that left leg to really get that booty to burn and breast I've tried if you're slipping in your sweat like I am you put a little towel John these ten-second breaks your dab dab that's what they're there for same side left leg left arm back go that's right we're doing the same side two times in a row because I want to make sure you feel it before we switch legs okay ten seconds here can we get a little bit more into it core to me drive it let me tell you where this is the best ab exercise you're gonna find rest okay switching it up pumping that magic or driving it gettin up lower abs nice and active right leg forward right hand back go we're pumping the right hand with the left knee here leaning into it notice my chest is staying over my knee right ten seconds to go you got this feeling moving get into it and breathe through remember breathing is your friend brush very good again on the right leg so ten seconds goes nice it's very true it's very true right leg foolish left leg back write him back go on the bright side as much as we're really getting into the car do here at least we're getting to switch leg the leg so right when the leg is quivering it feels like it can take no more we go to the second side five second shot finishing through three two and rest very good now we switch back so left leg you love the option of going where we've been or giving me a little hop and return go yep yep now what I love that Dre is doing she went from topping the toe and now bringing her knee in the air lifting her heel just a bit yeah still working through whoo Hannah how you feeling laughs that just means you're doing it right just means you're doing it right one more time on the left leg hey no one's gonna judge you if you give me a little more height let's do it go exhale unleash that inner athlete you know landing soft each time bending that left knee the second your foot hits the ground I'm really absorbing the movement let's go eight seconds you've got this y'all what are we just a minute in five seconds from this workout being done give me everything rest okay one minute left we're going hard right leg forward left foot back right hand back go let the puppy off exhale landed exhale plant it let's push come on drive through there it is there it is this is the moment you call somebody in the room make them take a picture of you in the air and crow feeling yourself huh rest one more time one more ok cardio's oh really really have it first don't get your left foot on out of the chest go you can beat it no you can be and try to have fun while you're doing it oh yeah you can have fun well feeling this much pain imagine how good all the pleasure to life would be I'm all right hello five seconds finish it out earn that stretch one more good one and rest oh my god we got to do like a bull and a boom right there oh and we're gonna we'll saw a little bit go bring it down ending ourselves with a nice stretch here I want you to reach up to the sky nice deep breath inhale through the nose exhale come up bend the knees and right back up and right back low one more time and I wait to step to the right push the hips to the left reach your left hand towards the right oh I feel that stretch down the side body really strolling your shirt in front right oh I'm switching sides my hips are pushing to the right my hand is reaching to the left oh and breathing deep stretching that decide on evening down low really relax the upper body here I want you to call your hands back as far as you feel capable don't feel bad if you're not as flexible as our modified go drunk okay she's making it look good I'd crawl it right back forward hands down I want you to take one step at a time until your feet are closed don't worry if your hands aren't touching the ground I just want you to relax you can have a slight bend in your knee if you feel your lower back is taking too much of the brunt of this stretch right leg is crossed over the left I want you to put your right hand either on your shin or your shoe which is easier or the ground which is advanced and left hand up to the ceiling exhale I'm stretching down that side body that Qi we work we call that like a runner's stretch hmm and stretching this really helps if you're having any knee issues you're affecting the side of your knee and both arms down relax and we're going to uncross and do the other side so my left latest crossed over right my left hand is either on the shin or the shoe which is easier or the ground exhale that right onto the sky a nice trick here is to take those deep breath into the nose really aim the breath where you feel the tightest I hope your breath loosen you up telling you flexibility is as much of a superpower as strength want to work and both arms down really relax let that head hang heavy and blow at each side by side I'm going to turn to the side you can come down gently to the knees and lay yourself down easily your hands are going to come underneath the shoulders to exhaling up pushing your chest nice and high relax your shoulders down your back if you need a modification you can come down to the elbow got the same movements so you're trying to squeeze your buck keep your hips low as you get your neck long and have them squeeze those shoulders down your back he's low and sip those hips back relax relax you can just stop listening to me and go to sleep right here you are guards we earned a nap didn't we the truth now answer the side of the knees we're pushing up onto both feet and I want you to relax they're just the same letting your hands hang heavy completely relaxing your neck and what you're gonna do is shake your head yes and accept all the positive vibes that you were just giving yourself by going through this workout in fighting through and I were to shake your head now and that's all those negative thoughts of self-doubt that nobody has time for okay slight bend in the knees hug your upper body deep rep exhale up to the sky clasp those hands and push all right give yourself a nice there's so much majority us you get amazing


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