We all know that exercise is important
to maintain a healthy weight. Well, what about all the other benefits? There are
so many different ones. In this video, I’m going to share 9 science backed health
benefits of exercise that go beyond your weight and that go beyond the way you
look. If you’re interested, keep watching. Hello hello! Welcome back to the whole
happy life. Now when it comes to exercise I think that there are two categories of
people. People who really love it and don’t really need that much motivation
and then there are people like me who don’t really care for exercise. Now, if
you happen to fall into my category this video is for you. When I was trying
to lose weight it was so much easier to stay motivated to exercise because I had
that strong motivating factor to lose weight but now that I’m a healthy weight
it’s so much harder to stay motivated. It’s so much harder to work out and I
wanted to create this video for myself because I just feel like I need a list
of things that can help me stay motivated and I hope that some of the
items in this video can help you stay motivated too and make exercise a
priority because I really believe it’s all about taking care of yourself and
it’s about your long-term health. Your exercise today is going to pay off in
the future when you’re older, so just do it. The first benefit of exercise is
healthier skin. Now I have talked about healthier skin in another video. I’m
going to put that link in the description. So I’m not gonna go into too
much detail about skin but I just wanted to say that regular exercise can make
such a big difference to your skin and I noticed that I was working out a lot
more in the summer because you’re just more active in the summer it’s nicer
weather and my skin was better. So why exactly is that that exercise helps with
skin? There are a few reasons. One is better circulation when you work out
you’re getting better circulation and better blood flow and as a result of
that your skin is healthier. It is getting more of the nutrients from your blood
the other thing is something called oxidative stress. You don’t need to know
the details. You can find out more in the description if you want but basically
oxidative stress is a type of stress that your body experiences and it can
cause something like skin wrinkling and aging. Regular moderate exercise can
reduce this type of stress on your body and it can help your body boost its
natural antioxidants and as a result of that your skin looks younger for longer.
The second benefit is improved memory and brain health. When you exercise, your
heart rate increases and as a result of that there is better blood flow to the
brain and this better blood flow means that there’s more oxygen to the brain
which definitely has an impact on brain health. When it comes to memory, exercise
also makes a difference. So there’s a part of the brain known as the
hippocampus and this part of the brain is associated with memory and learning
and exercise happens to increase the size of this part of the brain. So it
definitely is something that is worthwhile. Something that you should be
doing. If you have any concerns related to brain health and memory, make exercise
a priority and it doesn’t need to be complicated. A lot of people think that
they have to go to the gym to get these benefits of exercise. Not really. In a lot
of the studies that I looked at simple exercise… that’s like brisk walking (not a
stroll in the park but brisk walking) had quite a big impact on brain health. So
keep it simple if that’s what works for you. You need to find exercise that you
enjoy because if you don’t enjoy it, you’re not going to do it but exercise
definitely is important for brain health. Number three is increased energy levels.
Now I do find this to be true when I’m working out diligently I have a lot more
energy and I noticed that I can get a lot more done in my day and I’m a lot more
productive than when I’m not working out. So definitely is something that has
worked for me but what does the science say? There have been several studies on
exercise and fatigue and there definitely is a link. Exercise can help
reduce fatigue. I will link some of the studies in the description so you can
read more there. Now while we’re on the topic of energy levels and exercise I
should point out that there is a fine line between exercising enough and over
exercise and if you are venturing into over exercise it can cause a lot of
tiredness and a lot of fatigue. So you need to recognize when you’re over
exercising. That is easier said than done but if you do find that your workouts
are not helping you… your energy levels are really really low, cut back and go
talk to a doctor to get a second opinion. It really is important not to overexercise. I will put more information on over-exercise in the description.
Number four is lowered stress. Stress is an inevitable part of life – you can’t
escape it but you can manage it and exercise is one way to help manage your
stress. Exercise basically helps your body deal with stresses a lot better – it
makes your body stronger and not immune but just generally better at dealing
with stress. Bear in mind that when you’re exercising you need to exercise
within your limits and not over exercise because over exercise causes a lot of
stress. A good amount of exercise teaches your body how to deal with stress. Number
five – increased happiness and better mood. Exercise increases our production of
endorphins. You may have heard about endorphins. What are they? They’re
basically chemicals that your body produces that can help you feel good and
reduce pain. So if you want to increase the endorphins in your body.. a good way
to do it is through exercise. Exercise also helps with better mood ,anxiety and
depression and I do find this to be the case. If I’m not in the best mood and if
I go for a long brisk walk I do feel a lot better. Part of it is just getting
outdoors and the other thing is actually getting the exercise. Number six – lowered
risk of heart disease. Okay, so we’re going to get a little bit more serious
for the next two benefits. So heart disease is the leading cause of death in
both men and women across the globe. It’s actually how my mother passed away at
the age of 51. There is one thing that you can do to reduce your risk and that
is moderate exercise on a regular basis. There is actually a study that showed
that people who had higher levels of activity reduced their heart disease
risk by over 20%. My suggestion to you if you have heart disease in the family (the
way I do) definitely make exercise a priority because it is something that
you could do very easily to reduce your risk and you don’t have to do anything
elaborate. Even something as simple as brisk walking or swimming can do. Now
before you start any exercise regimen it is always a good idea to talk to doctor
just in case there any contradictions. Just make sure you’re doing it safely.
Number seven – reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Now since we’ve talked about
heart disease, I wanted to talk about diabetes as well because it’s something
does affect my family. I have a family history of diabetes on both sides…both
my mother’s side and my father’s side. And in North America there are 100
million people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic. That is a big number and a
lot of people who have pre-diabetes don’t even know that they have it. What
can you do to reduce your risk of diabetes? You guessed it –
exercise! It’s obviously not the only thing but it is definitely an important
thing. A 2016 study found that 150 minutes of moderate exercise reduced the
risk of diabetes by 26% – that’s actually a substantial decrease in the risk just
from five days of working out 30 minutes every day. It’s something that’s
definitely doable and if you work out even more you can get some more health
benefits depending on how you do your workout. Now what is moderate exercise?
That’s the confusing part, so I have a lot more information in the description
but I wanted to talk about just a few activities to give you an idea. Something
like brisk walking where you’re raising your heart rate to a moderate level can
be moderate exercise. Swimming as well. If you enjoy swimming is moderate
exercise.. it could be vigorous if you’re doing a lot of laps but if you’re just
doing swimming at a regular pace it can be moderate exercise and tennis.. playing
tennis, playing sports of certain types can be moderate. So it is something that
you can incorporate into your life without even going to the gym if going
to the gym is not your thing. Number eight – better bone health. Now you
might be thinking bone health? Well I’m young… I don’t need to worry about
bone health. No. Here’s the thing with bone health. When you’re 35, you start to lose
a lot more bone mass than you rebuild so your bone health is in decline after 35
so you really should consider starting to take care of your bones early on and
even if you’re 35 , 45 doesn’t matter. It’s never too late to start taking care of
your bones and one way to do this is through weight-bearing exercise. I
suggest finding something that you enjoy that can actually help with your bone
health. Number 9 – exercise can help with better sleep. Now I personally find that
when I exercise a lot more like I was exercising in the summer, I had a lot better
sleep. Now that it’s the winter, I’m not working out as much. I do notice that
there is… the sleep quality is not the same .So I do suggest working out more
often if you want to sleep better and there are studies that show that there’s
a link between sleep quality and exercise. I will put them in the
description so you can read more. So that sums up the benefits of exercise. I hope
that at least some of these will motivate you to make exercise a priority
in 2019 and really make it something that is a lifelong habit. I struggle
personally too – it’s not like I am perfect in this exercise department. I’m
struggling but I’m learning and I’m pushing myself and I think that’s what’s
important. I think the first step to making any change is knowing why you’re
doing it and I hope that this video gave you a very strong why. For me personally
the strongest why is to reduce heart disease and to reduce diabetes. I don’t
want to go down the path of my parents because they never exercised. So I do
want to take care of myself. I do have that genetic component of
heart disease and diabetes and both sides of the family so I really need to take
care of myself and if you happen to be in the same boat as me especially from
Indian origin, you probably will be in the same boat as me because a lot of
people have heart disease and diabetes on at least on one side of the family.
Please push yourselves to exercise and make it a habit and you’re going to fall
off the wagon many times but get back on it and make it a priority. Anyway if you
have any motivating factors that have helped you work out more often let me
know in the comments below. I’m always interested in what helps people stay
motivated and I will see you in the next video.

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