9 Psychological Problems That Are Linked To Poor Parenting


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  4. Parents did almost all of these but I still feel like they’re good parents. Does that make me soft for having all the effects afterward?

  5. The self esteem one is very true in my case as I grow up with very strict Asian parents and I am very competitive and have a low self esteem

  6. I have all of this

  7. Can someone tell me what's the solution? I'm and adult now, and still suffering all these things, really need help


  9. Damn never knew that when my mom told me to 'never cry' when I was little would have a such an impact on me lol. Also when she told me my drawings sucks and should learn from my brother. Damn sometimes I feel like like some people aren't meant be parents you know?

  10. I'm all kinds of fucked up in the head because of my parents…

  11. My parents literally gave me free reign and never told me anything. I'm a 4.0 student and one of the best behaved. Though, their method of parenting wasn't perfect. I do feel the effects of my parents never showing emotions: as a 15 year old girl I rarely express emotion, and most just see me as insensitive…

  12. Yes.Very true sadly.

  13. I am guessing the text was translated from another language as some of the sentences are wrong regarding wrong words and punctuation errors in English grammer ….
    But don't get me wrong , it IS a great video with important information ….

    Examples : 1. ' They BEING / BEGIN to lack self-esteem ' …
    2. ' Not to trust TO strangers ' should be ' Not to trust strangers ' …
    and a missing letter ; ' HEY / THEY might never get taken advantage of ' …

  14. My dad said that he wished I was dead when I was born and when I was a child he would compare me with my friend when they used to come over at my place..and he used fight for small things and not talk to me for 1 month that used to affect me a lot as a kid.

  15. Minus the addiction one…. my dad was (and still is) all of those things! And I'm still trapped in the same house as him even though I am 24 years old. 😢😭

  16. Many of these seem to tie with tiger parents

  17. My parents does all of them

  18. Damn no wonder I'm always like this… I didnt even realize it till now 😭😭😭 all the above it sucks it hits u hard especially when they make u a test subject I feel bad when I see this in other people and I cant help becuase my dad keeps putting me down I cant feel like I can relax alot… great video by the way it teaches alot…

  19. Depression and anxiety is due to a chemical imbalince not necessarily from bad parenting

  20. Welcome back to another episode of what physiological conditions I've got cause of home life!

  21. Ó well I'm the worst parent in the world iv supported my children how much I love them still won't a cup and don't find it helpful at all so single mom 4 kids 1 special needs spoilt they are wit love in abundance so stop wit the if ur children are like this it's ur fault. No mom's if u are doing the best u can and always explain why this or that happened cuddles hugs tears pain then ur kids will be great at some stage in there life iv been to soft trying to protect them from harm so mom's a big clap on the back to u all and me

  22. My father dared us to yell at him or my mother. Nobody in our family ever yelled. We still got our asses kicked. No ragrets

  23. It ok to be naughty but at the same time good habits must be formed at young age.

  24. A balance has to be struck. Do not overprotect and do not neglect either.

  25. How cute that #6 child.

  26. Alas! My parents didn't watch this video

  27. No matter what u think ur parents did u grow up decide who u will be seems to me ppl who went through the depression and had alot to suffer turned out a better person TV radio social media continues to tell ppl they have lots of reasons to be depressed and its ur parents fault now EVERYBODIES depressed I think big pharma does this

  28. Sounds like my childhood. I was severely traumatized. And it still affects me today.

  29. 1:24 Such as addiction or even extreme sports. OH NO! NOT SPORTS.

  30. 7 problems r common to my childish life which affect my adult life also. ..so, u guys think how may I survive😢😢😢

  31. If after watching this, you find excuse for such behavior, you will do it to your kind. No excuse!

  32. I wished my parents would watch this vid….😢😢😢

  33. My parents should not have had children!!!

  34. My Mom did most of these and it took me 33 years to repair my mental health. I forgive her now because she definitely tried HER best. I just won't do this to my Daughter.

  35. Im child with extrmly depressed envoirnmt .i hve no dreams no wishes …but very cheerful and this effort kills me more cz my heart remain silent.parents shd hve councling for parenting

  36. I m the victim of 6th point u discussed

  37. Everything is true for me…this is the reason, it might be the way I am

  38. My mom did all that …

  39. Most of them are true for me. Growing up, my mother told me how we should not make friends and not trust anyone. Today I'm 25 and I don't have a single close friend (seriously). I feel so damn lonely also I have very low confidence and zero social/love life😶

  40. I have a story for you all. Parents in general need to pay close attention to their children. I'm 27 years old. My generation is a good example of those who are going to have issues. I have seen parents that think discipline means to smack kids in the face. They think by ignoring their kids and letting other friends and family discipline their children is okay. I even have seen a specific friend complain about their child not listening and not responding to discipline. This last statement alone makes me laugh. When I was babysitting this specific child once I was still in college and I was having to do an online class as well. The child brought me a DVD and asked if I would put this DVD in for her and I said in just a moment I only have 20 mins to get this test done. it's being timed. She then broke the DVD in half and threw it at me. She was at the age of 3-4 at this time. I remember finishing my test, getting up calmly, and doing what her parent should have done a long time ago. I spanked her. Now I didn't slap her in the face, nor did I spank her to the point where it was no longer considered "discipline". I did it as I would have my daughter if she had of threw it and hit me with a DVD. After this, when her mother would say "Brooke is keeping you while I'm working tonight" the child would throw a tantrum. I eventually told her mother why. The child always acted as an entirely different person after that. When the parent was around however, the child could get away with anything and everything while her mother slept, or expected whomever was around to deal with her child.I would catch myself disciplining her child while I also had my child as well and was also sleepy and battling health issues. Eventually I had to tell this parent who claimed the child didn't respond to her style of discipline she was just teaching the child that when someone does something wrong it was okay to back hand someone else when they were mad, or upset at one another. She said well time out doesn't work. I said well probably because you don't stick to keeping her in time out. The child is now of age where it's school time.She has been kicked out of daycare and the parent blamed the teacher, not her child. she's now in 1st or 2nd grade and her mother can't understand why her child doesn't know how to read or write her name. I said well, when you do their homework for them at home how are they learning to figure it out on their own? They aren't.Unless you plan on going to school with the child and doing the work for them, and that's not possible, then you should work with the child and teach her what she's doing instead of having absolutely 0 patience with the child.

  41. Yours only bad parenting

  42. this video is full of shit. whoever made this video DO NOT have children.

  43. I had awful and destructive mother and I dont even know how to call that sick bastard. This is so very true, I have suffered each and every one of these consequences!

  44. Lmao all this and above

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