8 Top Health Benefits of Using CBD For Your Pets! CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

in today's video we're going to talk about CBD for pets I'm super excited to share with you the way that my family uses TP for our crazy animals stay tuned for this informative video about using CBD to benefit your pets welcome back to my channel friends I'm doctor Melissa Gallagher I'm a naturopathic physician and I am a crazy pet lady so my family now is down to just three pets and sadly we lost my old man Wellington and it was heartbreaking but today I want to share with you just how amazing CBD was in my little wellies life as well as how I use CBD oil for our pets this is an amazing breakthrough and a tool for you to use and curbing some of the crazy pet behaviors that your pet might exhibit like anxiousness or fear of storms as well as to delve further into helping support their body and improve their health so in today's video we are going to dig into several of the benefits of using CBD oil for your pets the first benefit that I found with our whole entire family of crazy animals was that it really helped our animals improve the degree of attentiveness their responsiveness to commands and their ability to be good pups so this was number one a lot of the anxiousness that the puppy you just met Daisy DVD has been really beneficial for curving her anxiousness and the other two older dogs mizuki and Mina they actually have social anxiety so when we leave they are naughty sometimes Mina will break into the trash can mizuki will usually tear up when it gave girls toys or any of my pens and since using CBD in their daily lives that has completely been eradicated number two it is great for their hearts there's a lot of great CBD research for animals and humans alike one of the things that I want to share with you is that my 16 year old Norwegian Forester Wellington who crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently he had a really and case of hyperthyroidism and he's been managing it for or had been managing it for over ten years and we had tried the ear creams we tried the capsules or the tabs that I try and throw down his throat we also tried the orals and nothing really helped to manage his hyperthyroidism but when I added CBD oil oh my gosh we went from 22 that was his thyroid t4 count it was driving it down between five and seven which is pretty good still manageable one of the challenges with his old age and us finally being able to balance the thyroid the kidneys got involved and that's ultimately what happened and we knew that was gonna happen CBD did not by any means enhance that or encourage his kidney disease but it definitely helped manage his thyroid he did not die a thyroid disease the impact on the thyroid was specifically how CBD helps support their heart health helps to balance their endocrine system it's amazing not only for humans we see that impact in our pets the third aspect that's really great for our pets who are dealing with cancer who may be recovering from cancer or who have undergone an assortment of surgeries and radiation the CBD is very impactful for minimizing tumor expansion it will calm and curb the tumor development and it will minimize and offset a lot of the cancer therapies my first love my lacy my kitty cat it's still really hard for me to talk about her she passed from anal gland carcinoma a very very aggressive form of cancer I was using CBD to help manage her in between her surgeries she actually had a total of four surgeries at the age of 15 and 16 and did perfectly fine with those ultimately are moved from Atlanta to Florida it was just too much for her stress and we were not going to put her under another surgery the CBD helped minimize her pain that's the next thing that it does it reduces pain receptivity and manages and calms the pain that your animal is experiencing this is great for animals that have arthritis it's great for animals that might have surgery like they're recovering from ACL surgery or any type of trauma for instance our girls the crazy girls that they are two of them got into a fight the older girls Mizuki and Nina and they had some bruises and some post-fight effect that I use CBD I used it to calm their bodies I used it to calm their minds and I also used it to address the pain a muscle inflammation from their crazy fight v it can help animals who have seizures or epilepsy I know that there are certain breeds that are more prone to seizures or epilepsy and CBD is a really good resource we see this obviously in the human world where CBD can actually curb seizures entirely it's very beneficial for dogs that might have occasional seizures as well as those that might have daily weekly seizures it can really help balance the endocrine system and the gray brain matter that might be triggering some of the electrical imbalances that's causing a seizure I think it's so wonderful for that this is a huge factor if you have aging animals it helps to minimize inflammation joint inflammation overall aging related inflammation there obviously with our animals this is across the board feline and canine and also other animals some of the exotic animals also benefit from using CBD we see a decrease in inflammation inflammation friends is the root of all disease and illness and this is not just for humans but also for our wonderful lovely furry animals and our fur family members if you have an animal that has inflammation of the bowel and they have food allergies skin inflammation skin irritations CVD can be really beneficial by lowering that overall inflammation level and I really do believe that now that we are dosing regularly with our animals our dogs that they will live healthier lives they will be less inflamed and they will be less impacted by the normal aging process we have three different breeds to our crazy blends one is a pure flat-coated retriever the flat-coated retriever the likelihood of her having inflammation and joint related pain is much greater than and our blended breeds the mutts if you will all our rescue animals but a lot of times we see specific breed categories are more prone to like hip dysplasia or arthritis CBD can help offset that tendency another SuperDuper benefit of CBD for your pets is that it can help minimize and calm their central nervous system this is huge because a lot of the central nervous system imbalances can come across in our animals in a lot of different ways sometimes it's symptoms sometimes sometimes it can kick off certain allergic reactions sometimes the nervousness anxiousness panic attacks all of that it just calms down the central nervous system and I'm not gonna get a soapbox here but I'm going to step on it for a quick minute if you are providing as it's required by many vets and many groomers and also many doggie day care vendors it's often required that we put our animals on flea tick prevention as well as they have to have their vaccinations all of those medications or vaccines can kick up a central nervous system reactions so I use CBD in our dosing it in our therapies when we take our girls to get their annual vaccines their Bordetella or their rabies I use that to circumvent the impact on their central nervous system the other wonderful thing it does is it improves their appetite I saw this greatly with Wellington the last few days he was acting a little weird and he wasn't eating but when I would give him a dose of CBD he would consume food and I really do feel like that helped kind of sustain him for the last few days of his life and in fact I gave him his last and final dose before I took him to the vet and he had really really high blood sugar levels we got him medicated and the vet said that he did consume more food than they expected so we saw firsthand how CBD improves a pets appetite and that's the one thing when you have an ailing or failing animal any way you can minimize their pain and help support their body as best to make it more comfortable for them DVD was a blessing for us in Wellington's life I'm so grateful the exposure to you guys because I don't want anybody any pet lovers any animal owners to have to go through any suffering or witness the suffering of their animal globally friends DVD is a wonderful powerhouse of health resources and health benefit to your pet and your loved one it goes without saying that when you're picking out a CBD product for your pet that you want to deliver the best the most impactful full spectrum organic CBD oil and what I love my friends over Octagon bio labs they actually infuse liver oil oh my gosh do you know how hard it is to get an old man cat to take any type of medication when I would break out the CBD he would come purring and he'd Hal and I swear at night he would Hal for his regular dose and so that was always the kind of joke in our family that well I needs a CBD so I am really excited for you guys to check out this brand I'll include a link down below so my question for you pet owners have you tried CBD for your pets and based on this video will you now and for what reason please share a comment down below and if you have an ability please attach a picture of your pet I love seeing pet pictures we have so many opportunities to have fur loves in our lives and I'm just gonna give a quick plug if you're considering adoption I hope you'll consider rescuing it's one of the best gifts that you can give to yourself your family and a much deserving pet thanks everybody for tuning in I'll see you on our next video you


  1. Thank you for this! My sweet kitty has been having issues this year (she’s 8 yo) and I hope that CBD can help her live her best life.

    You’re totally right about rescues, mine actually rescued me in many ways 😻

  2. If you love your dog, you will love our pets CBD- cookies, as you will realize how happy and lucky it makes him…

  3. I have been using CBD for 2 years on my Standard Poodle who has Sebaceous Adenitis. I was called stupid and a criminal in the beginning before CBD became legal and popular. He has had no drug treatment at all. Only CBD and regular baths. His skin is clear and he's happy and healthy. Some of his other litter mates with the same disease died young from complications of a supressed immune system which is a common treatment for this disease. He is 11 and still doing well. I'm so happy that you made this video. I would love to hear some of your other ideas about alternative and natural treatments we could use for our dogs and cats. So sorry for your loss. "If the kindest souls lived the longest lives dogs (and cats) would live forever."

  4. You should be very clear that people should not be drugging their pets with CBD oil with THC – that would be animal,abuse.

  5. Hi Dr. Melissa! I have a 9 year old Corgi Golden Retriever mix. She’s overweight and has arthritis and other inflammatory issues. Her vet just prescribes medicine to reduce inflammation but it’s a temporary fix. Do you really think this can help my Sadie? Also how can I share her photos? Thanks! 😊

  6. My dog is anxious or unsettled about car rides. He also is very scared of thunderstorms, fireworks, etc. Where to buy the best quality calming CBD treats for my dog?

  7. Thank you for this video. Yes, we are going to incorporate it into our pets wellness. We have 4 dogs, one is 16 yes. & takes anti- inflammatories & our smallest dog gets anxiety🐶

  8. Awww, Dr. Melissa, I am so sorry. We've been thru the entire life process several times w/our dogs & cats…..I know what it feels like ….the joy , the laughs, the scares, the sadness of the end. Our last dog Sophie had epilepsy. She averaged a seizure once a month for a few years. I researched & found that GABA affects the neurotransmitters of the brain….so I started giving it to her & by golly, it brought the seizures to an almost complete halt. She rarely had one after starting the GABA. This was at a time when we hadn't even heard of CBD. (Sophie was w/us from June 2002 until July 2016 & she was from a shelter). I would definitely try CBD. My husband & I use it…..so, sure, we'd give it to our dog & cats. Our almost 3 yr. old dog (female named Scout) is so hyper….maybe CBD would help ! She's a sweetie….she just needs to be a little bit calmer some times.

  9. Thank you so much Dr. Gallagher. You're the best

  10. We are definitely going to try CBD for Jace, our two year old lab mix. He has always been an anxious pup, his vet even offered Prozac and said he is OCD.

  11. yes I would try CBD oil for my pet, love the pics at the end of your cat.

  12. So sorry for your loss, i cant believe your kitty lived that long. The ending of the video got me choked up

  13. Sorry about your kitty. 💔 I can see it in your eyes & hear it in your voice how much you love & miss him. Wedgies are super smart, beautiful & loving cats. I lost one of my Maine Coon (also a large breed like Wedgies) mixes to lymphoma in Nov and I still get physically sick feeling to my stomach when I even think about it, much less try to talk about it. Wish I would have known about the CBD oil for cats.100% agree it's close to impossible to get medications/ supplements into finicky cats w/o feeling like you're undoing all their benefit by adding additional stress trying to poke stuff down them. Dogs are easier b/c they are gluttons and will just swallow stuff down w/o even noticing it. Question: Can you put the CBD oil on a cat's paw for them to lick off or do you have to give it by mouth?
    I hear you about the flea/tick meds and all the vaccines. I've stopped giving them. If I have to give meds, I follow it with Milk Thistle to detox their liver. Highly recommend it for anyone giving their pet meds or treatments. Also for kidney issues the best thing you can do is feed cats strictly wet food. I've learned that the hard way thru the years..

  14. Thank you so much for this video! So sorry for the loss of your fur babies. I'm dealing with a lymphoma/ibd diagnosis with my Bitty. I have given her CBD in the past, but she has taken to not liking it AT ALL. She will NOT eat the food I put it in and if I dose directly, she fights me all the way. I'm torn between giving her the wonderful benefits of it vs the torture of getting it into her body. 8-(

  15. I’m so sorry about your Wellington and Lacy. It’s the WORST to lose them. I just started giving my 17 1/2 yr old cat, Toby, CBD oil over the weekend. He had a seizure Friday and another on Sunday. We don’t know what is causing them. He’s pretty frail, so thin, but still active and playful when he’s not sleeping. We’ve never been told he has a thyroid issue or kidney problem. I’ve asked about thyroid because my 15 yr old has taken meds for many years for thyroid.

  16. What would the dosing look like for a 20 pound dog? Can the animals be overdosed? Thanks. I never thought about this.

  17. We have just recently started using CBD oil with our two rescues – a dachshund and a dachshund mix. One of them has anxiety issues and one has aggression issues. Both have calmed down and are much better at listening to us.

  18. Hi there I'm a new subscriber, I discovered through your video about how to have a hormone balance). I'm Barbro (my nickname) and I have a sweet chihuahua named Olivia. I was wondering if you know and could share with us how a complete homemade nutrition for small dogs should look like. I give her organic meat, white rice, boiled vegetables and some omega 3 oil, sometimes liver, half cooked eggyolk and fruits (mostly apple) and a vitamin supplement (incl vit.A and vit.C ecc) by the german label Aniforte that I found on amazon but I'm wondering if it's enough??? Bye for now 🙂

  19. Thanks, thinking my 11 year old kitty might get a lot out of cbd, I'm in Australia, is there a brand you recommend to get shipped here? I use Rick's CBD for myself, I have Lupus. Or can I just give her some of mine. Also what is the dosage for cats?

  20. Great video. I use CBD on my puppy to help calm her central nervous system. It help her with focus attention during training with distractions. I am using Charlotte Web CBD oil for pets.

  21. I'm so very sorry for your loss. 💜 The video you shared at the end was very touching and beautiful. I've never given my dog CBD oil but I'm very open to trying it. He suffers terribly from dry, itchy skin. I give him Benadryl twice a day. Morning and night. It helps but not as much as I'd like. He's also experiencing some stiffness in his joints as he's gotten older. He will be 12 years old November 4 2019. I wish I knew how to load up a photo of him but unfortunately i don't. He is my sweet baby.

  22. Annual vaccines? Are you crazy?? NO WAY, you're killing your pets! When I stopped getting my pets vaccines , they started living one third longer and no health problems or weird allergy issues. My cat Mama is almost 20 now and I'm considering CBD oil for her senior years….NO vaccines or other poisonous flea and tick crap, ever!!

  23. Thank you for the information. I’m going look into the dosage, because I do have some on hand. I’m interested in giving it to my cat who is 17.5 years old. No major health problems except the things associated with aging. I’m sure he has arthritis, because he can no longer jump onto higher surfaces like the kitchen counter.

  24. Our dog has gone blind due to SARDS. I wonder if CBD would restore her vision.

  25. I only just realised this last week when one of our authors wrote an article on exactly this. They said smaller mammals like bunnies can be treated with CBD as well – you just have to find the right dosage and treatment. AMAZING!

  26. I love CBD for my Chihuahua. He has a luxating patella and I cud not afford surgery. He Lap has low blood sugar and doesnt like to eat. It helps his appetite and his pain

  27. I started giving my cat CBD about 6 weeks ago. He’s SUPER anxious and scratches non-stop. I got him CBD cat treats on Holistapet.com. It’s incredible! He completely stopped. However…. I can’t get him to eat them anymore, and he’s back to itching himself, literally ALL day long 😿 I am currently looking for another way to get him to take it.

  28. Thank you so much for this video. I was looking for info about cbd for my dog.
    I have a cbd oil 18% with some thc at 3% . Is that can be suitable for my dog ?

  29. My fur baby is an oldie…she also is at the first stages of kidney failure…my poor Doggie Daisy🌼 I now know she definitely needs the CBD oil. I was very skeptic about wanting to give her The CBD oil, but now I truly know this is exactly what she needs…Thank you♡

  30. I have started to use aCBD spray for my 14 year old Senior Cat Adoption Lady Freya

  31. Where do you get the cbd oil at!

  32. Thank you

  33. My PitMix is named Dayzee also! She is about 8 yrs old has bad arthritis in both rear knees, they think she has torn ACLs. She is on oral pain meds and went through PT. I’ve been looking into CBD for her. So thank you for this! 😊So sorry about the recent loss of your fur baby. Our one kitty and a ferret passed away this year 😞

  34. How much cbd do I give my pet , he is a 14 yr old shih tzu

  35. My 14 year old PUGGLES is having a huge mammary tumor removed tomorrow. How can I use CBD post surgery (providing she makes it😥) to help her

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