eight things you should never do at the gym if you've ever been to a gym you've surely seen some painful people who don't follow proper gym etiquette and make you wish you stayed at home oh we know them all here are some annoying situations happening in the gym that everyone we recognize one leaving equipment sweating there's nothing wrong with sweating during exercise but using a workout towel is an important part of proper gym etiquette also don't forget to wipe your sweat off face women after you use it keep in mind that most of the machine the recovered is leather and your sweat won't disappear unless you wipe it off too occupying equipment unless you're using it some people in the gym just hang around on Prison and they don't even use it they are texting on their phones checking emails taking selfies or even mapping while others wait to get on that particular machine if you're at the gym you're there to work out forget that three making calls and using loudspeakers some of the most annoying people at the gym are those who have very long and loud conversations on their phone the other irritating types are those who like to play their music with the volume so high others can hear it even better on headphones don't be that person four machines are for everyone do you remember how we were taught in kindergarten that toys were for everyone that's how you should behave in the gym do not stick to one machine at a time don't spend two hours on the treadmill if you see that there are people waiting to use it show some respect five leaving weight everywhere another thing you should have learned in childhood is that you should not leave your toys around the same rule applies at the gym always put the waste back where they belong leaving them on the floor cause someone to fall over or get injured keep the gym tidy six pressuring others using a machine for 60 minutes is drew but so is standing with your arms crossed in front of a person who is exercising don't give them a hurry up look let them finish their workout seven showing up late no matter if it's a group class or a personal training session never be late this can be distracting for the instructor and other class members if you arrive late at least make sure you interrupt the class as little as possible 8 the locker room isn't a personal bathroom there's always that one person you walk around naked making others feel uncomfortable and there are those who shave in the shower and leave everything covered in salt and hair even if you don't mind being seen naked remember that others might feel uncomfortable being around you respect others their time and their private games keep in line with the locker room isn't your personal bathroom and make sure you clean up after yourself have you been in any of these situations sure you have give this video a thumbs up and if you're visiting our channel for the first time click Subscribe stay on the bright side of life


  1. Wow I have a gym on my apartment

  2. oh I thought these happen only in my country

  3. i did all of these u told me not to do

  4. Sometimes when I go to the gym (a miracle) there are always people who don't care about rule 8.. It's really awkward..

  5. I went to the gym today and I kinda embarrassed myself because I didn’t know how to use the machines but other than that, no one cares what you do. I was so nervous but as soon as you step in, no one notices you, only like a first glance but nothing more than that. You just do your own thing, everyone is there and probably feel nervous as well. Just go with the flow and be slick if you embarrass yourself lol

  6. Stop asking me when I will be done with something. It makes me take longer.

  7. That video is so short !?.🤣😎

  8. What is the problem about nudity ? Except if you live in Algeria, nudity in locker room, it's not a problem !

  9. For weight machines I can definitely see how hogging it can be rude, like usually a few sets shouldn't take too long. But you can't get annoyed with someone for using a cardio machine for too long, most gyms have a lot of them and most people stay on them for 20 min or so.

  10. wow that sounds annoying to have to switch the equipment you're using if you only like using one thing and you want to exercise for a few hours (i've never been to the gym though)

  11. Skipping leg day should be included in that list

  12. i clicked vid bc just of the thumbnail

  13. Came for thumbnail

  14. im a kid thank you for getting me ready for being a grown up

  15. 2018

  16. Why tf am I watching this

  17. Please make a video on
    . " what should we do after workout? "

  18. do not go to the gym

  19. 2:30 "The locker room isn't a personal bathroom."~BRIGHT SIDE narrator.
    I remembered a time whenever I would go to gym class in school and I always look for some privacy.

  20. I'll keep this in mind, BRIGHT SIDE.

  21. My mom works practice zumbe

  22. No no no no no no No

  23. No

  24. I built a gym in my basement so I don't have to deal with any of these.

  25. Good

  26. When I am at the gym, I always see the same person putting on music without headphones. DOESN'T HE CARE?!?? maybe because I'm just a tween -_-

  27. Lol

  28. So you're suppose to stop your workout for other people but you have to let them finish theirs OK

  29. 0:13 um that girl at the backround🤢

  30. I want to do the thing in the thumbnail

  31. I don’t go to the gym, why am I watching this

  32. I get tired of people hogging the machine I wanted to use so I got sick of going there

  33. No

  34. Same

  35. Caps

  36. !?

  37. That is why I NEVER work out at the gym.

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