8 Simple & Healthy Meal Ideas for Family!

hey guys welcome to my channel this video is a bit of a follow-up video to my last video how to make veggies taste delicious and I'm sharing with you eight simple and healthy whole food based meal ideas the first one here is crock-pot chicken tacos all you do is throw some chicken breasts in your crock pot with beans corn and salsa and when it's done cooking if you want you can add a little cream cheese just to make it a little bit richer and then serve it on tortillas with whatever toppings that you like my second is super simple just some gluten-free pasta with ground turkey tomato sauce that I made and broccoli and cauliflower on the side with some lemon squeezed on the broccoli and cauliflower which I love the next one is super delicious and simple because it's another crock-pot recipe it's crock pot chicken quinoa enchilada casserole here I topped it with avocado green onions and a squeeze of lemon you can also add sour cream and shredded cheese if you want next up is this chimichurri rice that comes frozen from Trader Joe's I added in some extra peas and sauteed some baby kale and spinach as well to get some greens in and then just to make it more filling I scrambled some eggs threw them on top and put some tomatoes on top as well these are sauteed veggie tacos if you want to see how I cook my veggies to make them taste really delicious I'll link that video down below but these veggie tacos are delicious especially with some avocado and they're so so healthy too this may look strange but this is black bean pasta that I get from Trader Joe's so it's made purely from black bean flour so it's filled with protein put a little butter on top added some sauteed green pepper and onion frozen corn and avocado it's really just what we had but it was really really good here gonna my sautéed veggies this time with ground turkey and a baked potato some butter on it this was super delicious this last one is just corn tortillas heated up on the pan with some hummus and then cucumber tomato and shredded rotisserie chicken on top alright guys those are my eight healthy simple and delicious meal ideas for you I hope you enjoyed this if you did give it a thumbs up let me know down below your favorite simple healthy meal ideas as well I love you guys so much thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you guys in my next video bye

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