what's going on guys Bradley Marnie Oh yo today I decided to something kind of random but but for with the purpose so I'm working on all grip stuff today so different exercises involve mostly grip like yeah they're gonna involve other parts of my body our bodies cuz we're both doing this together but it's gonna the thing it's gonna like make or break the lifts are gonna be the grip strength and for me I can't say grip strength is one of my strongest points definitely not I don't think how super weak grip like Kevin but like it's just not much it's not my strongest so we'll see what I have today we're gonna try some different things that I've never tried I guess the axle feels like the tires I know it's it's it's like super sick so we'll be jealous with that maybe try and press it and this Viking press just cuz it's like gigantic the red one I'm also gonna do that I'm gonna see if we can I don't forget to try the stone thing you see if we try the stone things too so I'm trying this yeah I never tried this time what I'm gonna try and clean and press this so I think I look cool I know it's kind of it's not super heavy but the grip is really really hard yeah nice you got it from here you got it easy hold you so I'm working is good good okay good oh good yeah that's pretty fun cool yeah what you're doing why you bring it out here tires go bro what do you mean we're tires yo yeah [Applause] oh wait wait we're gonna need more weight yeah so good really good I think uh too easy yeah anymore more weight on the formal walk I feel like I put some weight on this thing too it was my second time doing it felt a lot better the grip is like this dog the grip is nasty for sure that's the hardest part the tire the tires just cardio cardio and it's awkward cuz it's huge it's crazy cuz this is kinda like crossroads based off the strongman stuff it's like Ross fit but like strongly been around forever yeah sure I mean been around forever yeah a lot of CrossFit stuff yeah I think they I mean farmer walks at Bethel varmint Hualien tire flip yeah push press stuff I definitely CrossFit adopted a lot of like less weight and more reps basically time more time stuff that feels good though man feel really good g-get again yeah go up go up we go faster come on go go look nice [Applause] nice that's like Cooper yeah we should put more on there that's way too easy we definitely more than that what's going on here rookies we've got to put the tire back right we gotta lock it up here's the thing this is the thing they got like a big loop yeah right but to go through all these tires to get to the end of these tires yeah crawl through Brad your is not fitting through there bro you're the smallest you should do it no for you just toss it through all right let's rodeo it like a cowboy anything you toss through I'm gonna try man up let's see the scene who get the furthest all right okay stamina you can get away come over here hold this real quick part of the game okay chill bro – how many tires ha no I didn't do it you know I was like a carnival game hold on that was carnival trying got it got it got it how'd you get one I do it farther did you yeah you didn't do it it wasn't him caught through well he cried at the end he cried the end it was here – oh yeah I got the Farley nice perfect thank you thank you for the assist yeah yeah you know yeah all right thanks the Viking press so this is like a this is probably the oldest I don't know man I've ever seen variation of a Viking press hold Viking presses you'll see a lot of times in newer gyms it's basically like you know like this yeah off something right so a lot of new teams have like off the landline like something like this yeah they'll have a bar that will come up with like a similar Viking press you could be either here or you could be here this one is like super old-school how does he have different levels of loading he's a load weight up higher it's gonna be lighter here lowering the weight gets all the weight here who's gonna make it to heaviest yeah so we add this it's going for grip oh wow so this normally the grip is here it's low definitely easier to hold we're gonna put that on to make it a little harder at all cool Corey huh what is this yeah oh this is a what is this a set of 700 pounds [Applause] right very loud very loud percent let's see how it feels we went straight to four plates I guess all right thanks this is slippery fish come on oh my god damn did you get oh I just he just wants to go like this this wants to slip out of your hands something with that take a look oh cool okay why is the grip so hard hey let's so much easier wait oh I saw what you did you had them off you had them off all day go really good nice what what wasn't hard yeah help me with that ten and I think I'll try and get twenty what so easy you got so easy na ha let's see your hands oh yeah ripped on bro why I think that's the reason you know what now I'm a strong man mr. Sharma does that make me the world Strongest Man no definitely not does that make me the world's strongest man doing this money you would have thought you didn't see it he literally was like this he looked that it was like I thought so that was good done yeah listen this is your water yes notice something but this is water yes this is my water see no it's bigger than this anyways so yeah man I pretty much you know I know I think I'm one of the creators I think I beat men ever you know dude I was my my hands beat me in everything even grab that one deadlift with the throw my hand look at this can you see this my hands beat me in every left that's fake that's not the thing you do know fake that I mean could you fast how you bow you're in the bathroom like always shave in my hand yeah okay oh yeah I really want to mess my hands up stick bro no but uh oh you got to get that well you got you got to you have to got to but that's it I love you guys I appreciate all the support thank you guys for subscribing to the channel thank you for still watching the channel if you guys are still watching it I know of a dealership for a long time more coming soon but always – always more coming soon always like I ain't stopping no matter what no matter how bad they the algorithm I ain't stopping I love you guys [Applause]


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  6. Brad funny as shit lol

  7. Not sure if he is chasing Larry. But if he is in a strong man comp I bet it would shock most on how close Brad will be in the end.. Brad clearly got Larry in mobility an understanding how to move your body as a athletic. Larry has him buy a good strength difference but I bet money be closer than anyone thinks wouldn't even say Brad would loose just depends on the events.

  8. Kinda mad martins isn’t in this video.

  9. Crazy…Actually a badass curved tree at the end in the background

  10. Try graston

  11. Hat off…hat off.. Fuck it hat off… I mean mask.. ~Future

  12. Gotta work on form. Back was bending to shit

  13. Go Martins

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  23. Brad still lookin beast shirtless as an old ass. Best video in a minute bro, love when you push yourself.

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