8 Min Abs Workout, how to have six pack ( HD Version )


  1. Hurts like hell!

  2. How long does it take to eye results doing it on a daily basis

  3. best workout

  4. Hello guys i try this workouts for 1 week
    From 114_116
    And now im 108 cm belly
    I will update soon

  5. if ur neck hurts while doing exercizes that means u r not doing it right.Pay close attention to animation and core
    ct form and slo posture of head.

  6. Best

  7. This workout is great. It has really shredded me up. Being consistent has alsi made my abs extremly stronger

  8. the last part is the hardest for me

  9. Come for a quick workout, stay for the sick freestyle beats.

  10. 3:03

  11. Day1

  12. Ye fuck this I’ve read the comments on how people’s ended up with abs on their neck so fuck this

  13. jeto nelepši cvičení

  14. Best video…. Everybody try to this work out

  15. one two one two one two hahahahahahahaha

  16. This is real and it feels 8 hours .try it

  17. I like how they have this HD lmao

  18. Is exercise se patle bhi honge na any one reply pleased

  19. Guys this actually works you don’t see the results for a month or to tho

  20. ABS are build in The kitchen…

  21. Hearing 30 is the best thing ever

  22. It’s so easy when you’re an hologram

  23. Rafael Miguel Dala

  24. Wow

  25. Thanks I have a six pack now

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  27. Chest burning

  28. I am 10

  29. Jesus, there is more recoveries in this than in a rehabilitation centre.

  30. Is that making your neck bigger? Wow

  31. I am10 years old and ive being did abs for2 months and I hav a 6 pack

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