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hi my name is Natalie ledwell and today I'm gonna be talking about 8 little-known health tips especially for women that can make all the difference in our life now we all know that exercise drinking water and eating our veggies are the foundation for a healthy lifestyle yet there are certain things that we tend to overlook that can drastically impact our health if we give them a proper attention so here are 8 little-known health tips especially for women that will make you feel 10 years younger so number one is to balance your hormones now one of the most important things that I've learned about health is that balance is the key and since hormones regulate our moods our obligation reproduction pregnancy and everything balancing our hormones is crucial for our wellness now it's not always easy to do this but there are many small habits that we can incorporate into our daily lives that make sure that our endocrine system operates at its best so some of these things include taking hubbell medicines or some kind of hormone balancing supplements I know I have a number of my girlfriends you know I'm 50 now so a number of my girlfriends around my age you're taking bio identical hormones and that they said this kind of therapy is like the best thing that they've ever done I love even have the power to balance their chakra system you know if you're doing some kind of chakra energy balancing system that really helps as well so choose the one that's best for you and don't forget to consult your physician especially when it comes to our hormones number two is to consume enough magnesium so did you know that over 75 percent of the u.s. population are deficient in this mineral now magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body and often it's the most the one that's most overlooked so symptoms if you are lacking in magnesium would include things like you know muscle twitches or cramps osteoporosis if you get regular headaches that's often a symptom as well sensitivity to noise kidney stones constipation so much more and the thing is with magnesium I always take it at night because it really helps you get a good night's sleep now the good news is that by adding high magnesium foods to your diet you can reverse the effects of this deficiency so if you think you're lacking in this mineral either take a great supplement or you can actually start eating more magnesium rich foods and number three is to consider an allergy test if you've got like chronic fatigue if you've got bloating constipation sudden weight gain all of these things could be due to a food sensitivity and because you didn't have the food sensitivity before it doesn't mean that you might not have it now some different things are happening with our food right now and there's so many different additives that we don't really know about so an allergy test is sometimes can be looked on as controversial but they can really help you to narrow down and find out exactly what triggers allergies now allergy tests alone are generally not enough it's important to have a doctor's exam and consider your medical history first to help diagnose some of these allergies as well now I know that with all my girlfriends that are in the health industry they normally go look if people start to cut out things like sugar sugary foods which often have a lot of additives anything with gluten and any dairy that that normally clears up a lot of allergies straight away because of the things that are being added into those foods so maybe start there first get an allergy test and consult your doctor okay so number four is to treat your number-one source of stress now stress not only triggers physical and mental illnesses but it also Worthen worsens any health conditions that you may already have and while it may not be possible to completely remove stress from your life and then we live in a pretty stressful world it is important that you learn how to manage it okay so stress and worry and anxiety develop in different ways in each of us and for some of its its weight loss for some of its weight gain sometimes its stomach issues it can be ulcers skin rashes you know it manifests differently for each of us so this is why it's essential that you take the time to discover what methods work best for you as well so I find that taking my puppy Bella out for a walk along the marina helps me to clear my mind and it really helps to ease the pain in my chest that I get when I feel stressed out you know even if it's something where I can't take her out for a walk and I don't have that opportunity I will just push back to the computer or what it on the phone or whatever I'm that's causing my stress at the time and just take some really nice slow deep breaths so I get back to Center it stops my mind from racing and feeling like it's overwhelmed and I can get back to a place where I can make better decisions from the place of calm rather than a place of stress you know like even if I can just get out on the balcony and feel fresh air on my face and the other thing I make sure I do is exercise if I keep exercising every day it keeps me grounded and I feel like I have more fitness to be able to handle whatever my day is throwing at me so you might find that a good cry or a chat with your best friend or a family member might also help you to release a lot of this worry as well because it's going to or maybe you could go to a counselor or a therapist whatever works best for you but make sure that you don't suppress it as it's going to show up in your body and more way than one and it really ages you as well it's not a good look okay so number five is pay attention to bone density now most of us don't pay much attention to our bone density unless we have a bad joint pain or you know we need to see a doctor about you know some some kind of you know aches and pains that we have but what most of us don't realize is that building healthy burns from early adulthood is extremely important so once you reach the age of 30 you have reached peak bone mass and if that bone mass is not strong enough and there's a bigger chance of developing osteoporosis or fragile bones as you get older now fortunately many nutritionists and lifestyle habits can help you build strong bones and maintain them as you age so things like consuming vitamin D and vitamin C incorporating weight lifting into your exercise routine I started lifting weights when I was 15 years old and being able to do that that weight lifting it really helps a lot to be able to create that bone density things like collagen supplements I take body collagen as a powder that I put in my shakes the morning and all of these things can make a huge difference but it's something that we really want to focus on okay so number six is to visit a dermatologist now remember I bet you can remember the last time you which of the dentist but do you remember the last time you went to a dermatologist now the skin is actually the largest organ that we have in the human body and it protects all other organs from out from the outside world so shouldn't we be paying more attention to it I know in Australia we have skin cancer is our number one cancer there because of how strong the Sun is I think we're really close to the hole in the ozone layer there so while we have to be really careful and if we start we don't go out in the Sun without any kind of protection so you know whether you'll want to check out a mole that you've had since birth or maybe it's a new spot that's appeared on your skin or even if you just want to get a check-up because if especially if you travel and you're in different kinds of sunlight and in different parts of the world it's important to get a full skin exam at least once a year so dermatologists can also educate you how about how you can protect your skin yes and of how you can understand it how you can watch for different changes in your skin and recommend the best products for how you can look after it okay so number seven is to maintain a healthy gut whoo you know one year I was here at stayed in the US for Christmas normally I'd go home to Australia for summer but I stayed during the winter and I got some kind of flu I took me to nearly 2 months actually took me two months to get rid of this thing and I tried everything until a girlfriend of mine said to me no you know you need to go and get some probiotics I had to mass dose the probiotics so I could kill whatever was in my gut because a lot of our illnesses and things that we have in our body all come from the gut 70% of the immune system is ruled by our gut now every time we eat we're also feeding about 100 trillion bacteria that live inside our guts so the health of your gut determines what nutrients are being absorbed what toxins and allergens and microbes are being released so these microbes affect your weight they forget it and they also affect your mood and many other things you know the bloating enough with the bloating so you've having a healthy gut goes way beyond proper digestion and absorption it's essential for overall health and it's also been linked to brain health as well so if you'd like to protect your gut while enjoying you know a flatter belly eating fermented foods like kefir yogurt kimchi and things like sauerkraut these really help to manage the gut the probes in your gut and they also help to manage your stress levels as well healthy belly healthy everything else okay so number eight number eight is to uncover your limiting beliefs so if you found it challenging to be healthier and you've already tried everything from eating healthy to exercise to diets and you still can't get the fit and youthful healthy body that you deserve then did you know that your own mind could be the one to blame more specifically neuroscience tests show us that there are at least three learning beliefs in your mind that sabotage your habits your cravings and your emotions and block you from losing weight no matter how hard you try now I won't struggle with losing weight and I felt that I was judging other people about the way that they looked when really in reality what was happening was because I didn't feel good about myself and I was judging myself and when I was always in this judgey judgey judgey JD you know blaming myself beating myself up judging other people then I just that weight would never budge so when I discovered this and realize it was my living beliefs that were holding me back it was an absolute game changer so this is white so I'm poor important to uncover what sabotaging your health goals now before I go I'd love to know do you have any health tips that you'd like to share with the community please share them in the comment box my name is Natalie ledwell and stay tuned for new release every Thursday and Saturday and thanks for watching

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