8️⃣ Amazing Yoga Poses For Flexibility ❗️ Beginners Yoga ❗️

hi guys welcome to jivayogalive my name
is Charlie and in this video I’m gonna show you some yoga poses for flexibility
for beginners all right so we’re gonna break down some
yoga poses for flexibility for beginners and so I’m gonna use the support of a
block and a strap so if you have these props handy grab them now if you don’t
you can use a book instead of a block and instead of a strap you can use a
belt but if you have neither of these that is perfectly fine these poses are
absolutely acceptable without the props but I’m just going to demonstrate with
them without so that there is the variation there for you and so when it
comes to building flexibility especially when you’re first starting out you can
get super ambitious wanting to get into these pit poses the issue here is that
you’re going to run into injury over time you really want to go slowly and
allow the body just to open up get over time consistency is key here so using
the props and taking the variations there’s nothing wrong with that at all
you want to just respect the body and move in a way that just allows it to
open naturally not pushing it past its limits and so we can get started and
that will be standing at the top of the mass if you want to join me there now
and so we’re just gonna center ourselves just find a moment to really root down
through the feet roll the shoulders up back and down and just you can close the
eyes here and just follow my cues taking a moment to find the breath and then we’re slowly just gonna bring
the hands together center of the chest into prayer and then we’re gonna air how
bringing them up I’m just taking a moment here just moving the body in any
way just left and right really stretching up overhead you can bring the
arms over to the left to the right just allowing the body just to open and then
opening the palms we’re just gonna start to come into uttanasana the standing
forward fold so we’re going to be hinging at the hips just keeping the
spine straight neck and head her in line hands are extending forward and we’re
just calming down here hands are coming down to the mat and so this is a great
pose where we can get the block involve just so we can bring the earth a little
bit closer so we can be up here we can take the block down to its lowest
setting coming down if you don’t need it it’s perfectly fine just to let it go
and come down to the earth but again we’ll really want to work safely with
the back of the legs and the hamstrings just allowing them to open overtime and
if they’re coming down finding that sweet spot that stretch in the back of
the hamstrings and the calves and then allowing the head just to drop and so no
tension in the head or the neck and if you need you can take a slight bend to
the knees and just Lao the belly to rest down but eventually over time we want to
work to straightening the legs but just moving with your body respecting where
it’s at this is the pose that I usually stop
most of my practices with and I like to spend up to 5 minutes here just you can
work coming out of the pose and then dropping back in going a little deeper
each time I’m just finding the breath sending it into the back of the legs and
then when you’re ready you can slowly start to unravel so we’re just bending
the knees pushing down into the feet just slowly rolling up to standing
just taking the shoulders back head and neck coming up laughs rolling the
shoulders back down and behind I’m just taking a moment of awareness here then
awareness phase just to feel how the back of the legs are feeling and then we
can move on to our next pose and so just taking the feet slightly wider than hip
width we’re gonna inhale raising the arms up palms to touch and then we’re
gonna drop down into my last night into a squat pose or garland pose so many
names and then just keeping the palms together otherwise just pressing into
the thighs here just creating a little resistance and you can feel that really
stretching into these inner thighs and the groins and so you can close the eyes I’m just sending your awareness down
into the muscles of the groins allowing them to open and soften and if your
heels aren’t touching on the mat that’s perfectly fine they can stay up or you
can just slide a rolled-up blanket underneath just a little bit more
support I’m just finding your variation of the pose it’s no right or wrong way
just to build flexibility in the body I’m just breathing just enjoying this hip opening pose and
when you’re ready we can just lean on to the hands and just come down onto the
knees and we’ll move on to our next pose our beginner pose for flexibility so
just coming on to the bum we’re gonna extend the legs out long in front and
this is actually a great time to grab your strap or your belt if you are using
one I just have it to the side again extending the legs out and just removing
the flesh from under the sitting bones and then just creating a long spine
through to the crown of the head and take a breath here to exhale and then
we’re gonna inhale we’re slowly gonna scoop I hands up to the sky and then
exhale just coming forward and – coming down we’ll just move through a short
flow so we’re going to end how taking the arms back up again creating more
length in the spine the exhale coming down heart towards the knees again
dragging the hands back to the body inhale coming up and then exhale folding
down just taking the forehead towards the toes heart towards the knees and
this time we can find some stillness in the pose and so this is where if you do
want to use a strap it can come in handy cause we can just loop it around the
soles of the feet here and so this way we don’t have to be rounding the back
trying to grasp for our toes we really want to be opening the chest and
bringing that forward creating length in the spine so the strap can really help
with that especially when you’re a beginner and so just holding on to the
strap here and using it to open the collarbones open the chest and then you
can drop the head down and then find some stillness in the seated forward
fold paschimottanasana and eventually over time we won’t need the strap we’ll
be able to just grab for the maybe the toes or even just resting down
on the earth again this is another pose that I incorporate into almost every
practice that I do and I love to spend even up to five minutes even longer here
just really you can keep coming up and then coming back and just working into
the flexibility in the back of the legs but when you’re ready we can slowly
start to peel ourselves back up coming back to sitting and this time we’re just
going to take the right leg out on a diagonal we’re going to bring the left
sole of the foot in towards the thigh again we can keep the strap handy and we
just want to turn the torso to face the extended leg here and then we’re going
to inhale the arms up having the strap in hand if you want to use it and then
exhale again we’re coming down strap can go around the sole of the foot making
sure that we’re leading with the chest not rounding the spine and then when you
found that sweet spot that stretch in the back of the hamstring you can just
drop the head down I’m just finding the breath here noticing the stretch in the
back of the legs then when you’re ready to move on you can slowly start to peel
yourself back up and we’re gonna take the left hand here we’re going to take
it behind us palms gonna press down we’re gonna point that front toe
pressing it into the earth and we’re gonna sweep this right hand up and
behind us coming into half wildthing and so the most juicy counter stretch
that ever was after a forward fold just really stretching into this front hip
here all full side body stretch then we’re gonna exhale sweeping the arm
back down and around and then we’ll take it to the other side so extending that
left leg right foot is coming into that thigh just turning and twisting the
torso we’re gonna inhale raising the arms up and then exhale leading with the
chest for head to toes I’ll just show you what the strap here so this just
allows us to keep a little bit more straight so we can
have the arms a little further back and so we’re really working into that
flexibility in the back of the leg and then once you’ve found that spot that
sweet spot you just drop the head down letting go of any tension and over time you’ll be able to let the
strap go and just really melt down and then when you’re ready we can slowly
peel ourselves back up and take half wild thing to the other side so right
palm is coming down coming up onto the knee pointing that left foot down into
the earth and arching back right through the toes to the fingertips stretching
full side body and then just coming down it’s probably my favorite pose of all
time I’m just coming around bringing the soles of the feet together here and just
interlacing the fingers in front of the toes you can slowly start to walk the
groins in again right you’re really listening to your own body here you can
feel this stretch in the inner thighs and so you might be more comfortable
shuffling back or if it feels good you can bring the pelvis a little closer to
the heels and then you’re just taking a breath spine is straight and then exhale
we’re just going to lean forward other words are just slightly coming into the
calf muscles here and we can drop the head down it’s coming into bound angle
pose and when you’re ready to slowly starting
to peel yourself back up spine is straight we can release the
bind of the feet and just bringing the knees together with the hands maybe just
extending the legs out just giving them a little shake and then we’ll just come
into one final pose into a seated twist and so we’re gonna take the left knee
bending it up and just taking it over the right here and so we’re going to
take the left arm up and take it behind us
and then we’re going to take the right and we’re going to hook the knee with
the right elbow and we’re just going to twist turning to the left and so
twisting opening the chest I’m just opening the throat even the eyes can be
twisting right over to the left I’m just making sure to keep the spine straight
as you inhale spine lengthens and as you exhale just twisting a little deeper and
then we can release the pose and just take it to the other side so right knee
is bending up taking the sole of the foot over across the left leg we’re
gonna take the right hand behind us and we’re gonna hook that knee with the left
elbow and then we’re gonna turn and twist the body to the right and so we’re
twisting the chest twisting the neck even twisting the eyes gazing right over you can close the eyes inhale
lengthening the spine up and exhale twisting a little deeper and this is our
half lord of the fishes pose here and when you’re ready you can slowly start
to unwind the body releasing the legs and just coming back taking a seat and
so there’s some poses that you can work with just if you’re a beginner and
you’re wanting to work on your flexibility will you recommend spending
a couple of minutes in each of the poses
and not pushing your body passes limits just breathing into them and just
trusting in that consistency is key and every time you get to your mat you’re
building on that consistency and the body is just going to open over time so
just trust in the process and Trust in your body and move with respect and
kindness and see how you go namaste all right thank you so much for
joining me and going through these poses to work on flexibility I hope you
enjoyed them and if you did please just leave me a comment let me know and
subscribe to our channel for more videos like this and have a beautiful day


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