740: Q&A – Cinnamon and Turmeric Health Benefits and Which Supplements to Buy

it's another QA edition of optimal health daily episodes 7:40 and I'm dr. Neil your host of the show welcome back to another Friday show where I play your questions and simply answer them on all the other days I read health and fitness blogs to you kind of like an audiobook with permission from the authors of course and a big THANK YOU to carbona for their support they've been helping people live life unstained for more than a century from carpet cleaners specialty stain removers pet stain and odor remover x' and more you can get the job done fully quickly and easily want to start living your life unstained shop carbona comm with code o HD for 20% off your order that ciear bo na dot-com and the code o HD now if you're new to the show and are wondering why I call myself dr. Neil it's because I have my doctoral public health degree with an emphasis in chronic disease prevention and nutrition I also have my master of public health degree with an emphasis in health promotion and health education I'm also a registered dietician nutritionist a certified health education specialist and a certified exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine in addition to doing this podcast I actually hold three faculty positions at various institutions now I'll let you know how you can send in your own question at the end of the show but for now let's jump right in here today's question and start optimizing your life hi dr. Neil I enjoy your podcast I listen to you every morning my question is regarding cinnamon and tumeric I put it in my coffee every morning probably about a half a teaspoon to a teaspoon and I was wondering if this should be done every day or if there is a certain amount that should be taken thank you for your podcast hi Dina thank you for listening and thank you so much for your kind words cinnamon happens to be one of my favorite flavors and turmeric is something I consume regularly now whenever I talk about cinnamon I have to quote the great Jerry Seinfeld people love cinnamon it should be tables at restaurants along with salt and pepper anytime anyone says oh this is so good what's in it the answer invariably comes back cinnamon cinnamon again and again I think he needs to update this and give us a quote on turmeric too turmeric is not necessarily as tasty but maybe he could come up with something about its health benefits ah one can only dream well back to your question Dena do turmeric and cinnamon have any health benefits and if so at what doses let's discuss so I need to start by mentioning there are different types of cinnamon well they may basically taste the same to us each species contains a different combination of compounds in the US the most commonly available forms of cinnamon are cassia sometimes called cinnamon aromatic um then there's cinnamon bomani there's cinnamomum Lori I and last but not least the most expensive and least available Ceylon cinnamon sometimes Ceylon cinnamon is known as the true cinnamon I guess I shouldn't mention here that I'm not talking about cinnamon sugar because ground cinnamon has such a strong flavor adding sugar to it makes it more appealing to our taste buds but again that's not what I'm talking about I'm discussing pure ground cinnamon with no added sugars so what each of these species have in common is that they contain proanthocyanidins that's a mouthful so from here on out I'm just gonna call these compounds PA C's PA CS are antioxidants that are thought to provide health benefits pa C's aren't just found in cinnamon but another plant-based foods as well and again it's these compounds that may provide those wonderful health benefits cinnamon also contains cinnamaldehyde which may prevent the growth of bacteria but like I always say we need to look at the research and see whether any well-designed studies have been performed to examine the effects of cinnamon on health luckily studies like these exist in fact cinnamon has been found to help lower blood sugar and those with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes and even those with pre-diabetes since diabetes is a disease where there's too much sugar floating around in the bloodstream decreasing this amount can be beneficial the also some evidence to suggest that the antioxidant properties of pee ACS may help reduce systemic inflammation in the body and systemic inflammation is thought to cause a number of chronic health conditions from cancer to Alzheimer's disease so how much cinnamon do you need to consume believe it or not just half a teaspoon per day may do the trick but again the trick is to consume the Ceylon cinnamon variety specifically the more commonly found species like cassia cinnamon may contain high amounts of something called coumarin too much coumarin could harm the liver and with supplements you don't always know which species of cinnamon you're getting so you may end up consuming lots of cassia cinnamon which contains high amounts of Qumran which may then harm the liver consuming about 6 milligrams of coumarin per day which would be like 2 to 3 teaspoons per day could be enough to harm the liver Ceylon cinnamon on the other hand does not contain high levels of coumarin that's why I'd recommend Ceylon cinnamon specifically when it comes to turmeric there have actually been a number of studies on the effects of turmeric and its role in preventing systemic inflammation specifically turmeric is that bright yellow spice by the way that's often used in Eastern dishes you can purchase this in its powdered spice form or as a dietary supplement but the quality of turmeric can vary widely across brands even spice brands lead cadmium and arsenic which are all potentially harmful have been found in some of these products according to one of my favorite sites ConsumerLab calm which is an independent third-party organization that tests for the quality and purity of some of these products on the market they found that the organic varieties were free of these potentially harmful chemicals so when you purchase turmeric as a spice at your local grocery store it may be a good idea to buy organic so how much turmeric do you need to take it's hard to say turmeric has been studied as a treatment for a number of conditions not just systemic inflammation and the dosages that have been studied very quite a bit what I can say is that consuming more than 8,000 milligrams of turmeric per day is not advised that would be like consuming three to four teaspoons every day one to two teaspoons per day seems to be okay for most people but please know turmeric can't interfere with certain medications and in some people may increase the risk for kidney stones and possibly liver damage so as always ask your doctor about taking either cinnamon or turmeric now turmeric is not easy for the body to absorb so to help our bodies absorb it more efficiently it's best to consume it with some fat and black pepper also know that turmeric can lose some of its potency when it's heated and after it's absorbed the body seems to process turmeric fairly quickly so it's a good idea to consume it twice a day to achieve maximum benefit so maybe consider consuming a teaspoon of turmeric in the morning and a teaspoon later in the day so the bottom line is this whether you're using cinnamon as a flavoring say as a topping on your oatmeal or your baked sweet potatoes or consuming it as a supplement be sure the product you purchase is made up of mostly Ceylon cinnamon consuming half a teaspoon per day will likely do the trick when it comes to turmeric ask your doctor if two teaspoons per day would be safe for you and think about consuming it twice a day with some fat and black pepper oh and be sure you're buying quality products that way you'll get the most benefit with a lower risk of some of the potentially harmful effects thank you so much again for the question Dina and a big THANK YOU to carbona a stain free and clean home is something to be proud about but it's hard to maintain when you're using cleaning products that don't work well or take forever to use q carbona a household brand that has turned their decades of cleaning expertise into products that get the job done fully quickly and easily when I heard about stain Devils my stain removing game was changed think about this if you have a chocolate stain it wouldn't make sense to treat it with a formula that removes wine they're chemically different knowing this carbona created specific stain removers for specific stain types genius right beyond stain removers they have highly efficient products for your lawn carpets and washing machine want to start living your life unstained shop carbona comm with code o HD for 20% off your order that ciear bo na dot-com and the code o HD alright that'll do it for another week of optimal health daily thank you as always for listening every day thank you for listening all the way through have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday where your optimal life awaits

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