70 Women Ages 5 to 75: What's the Biggest Health Scare You've Had? | Glamour

what's the biggest health scare you've had I got sick before I don't think I had one when I strip fell down and scraped some of my steel aft and then I'd a star I've gotten gastritis before I'm going to get a tooth pulled in a few weeks I had it this really bad headache I broke my arm once probably when I had the flu I was allergic to a dog and I got like all these bumps on my face when I was six I had a kidney operation girl deficiency I broke my arm when I was five I was misdiagnosed three times before I found out I had an ovarian cyst when I was 10 I had pneumonia big weight loss in 2016 I got in a bad car accident and I got a concussion hyperthyroidism as a kid I had an assist on my neck tyroid condition I've had tonsillitis before I've never really had a health scare luckily I haven't had any major health scares I used to have panic attacks a cancer scare doctors thought that I had a tumor and it turned out to be really bad allergies when I was a teenager I went to Thailand and got done gay fever that was fun I had a hernia when I was five I've had a fibroid birth-control led to a pulmonary embolism and I was in the hospital for a week neuro cardiogenic syncope I was in a car accident I shot at my wrist Imani I had to get a colonoscopy it was in hospital when I was much younger as a child with arthritis I took a martial arts class and I got punched in the chest I was in a bad car accident I had some weird leakage from my right breast and thought I might have cancer but then I had a mammogram and everything was fine pituitary tumor cracked my wrist in half blood clots on my lungs being high risk for heart disease asthma attack I tried to commit suicide I had lead poisoning when I was a little girl I had a kidney infection I had a heart attack skin cancer cancer stroke I feel fortunate I haven't really had a health scare hyperthyroid abnormal blood tests I am a former professional ballet dancer so I had a lot of injuries when I retired a ruptured appendix breast cancer they thought they saw a little granule on my lung I've had breast cancer twice I've had a double mastectomy I'm still here possibility of breast answer skin cancer that member about four years ago a couple of biopsies after routine mammography that turned out fine the thyroid condition that I had to have an operation for the breast aspiration I nearly died from a misdiagnosed autoimmune disorder called stills disease high cholesterol joint problems I had a fluttering in my chest so I thought it was a heart attack but it wasn't having diabetes cancer cancer knee replacement of tumor blood clots multiple blood clots in both lungs after knee surgery and that was pretty scary


  1. All of them are beautiful holy shi-

  2. Currently 15: attempted suicide when I was younger and had to hospitalized for a week

  3. When I was like 5 – 6 I got croop

    Its HORRIBLE you cant breath

  4. Age 12.
    Had pneumonia for a week 1.5 years ago in 6th grade.
    Have had asthma attacks before. The first time I didn't know what was happening and so far thats been the worst attack Ive had, but I turned out completely fine.
    High cholesterol.
    Edit: Also have digestive issues. Get constipation very often! I was once very bad and they were almost about to just give up with Miralax (I was getting a lot per day and it still wasnt working at all!) and have me go to the hospital for other ways. They thought I could've had (I think it was this?) Crohn's Disease since it runs in my dad's family.

    My brother got hit in the head by a baseball once when he was I believe 13? Maybe 14? It was right above his eye and he got knocked out immediately. Now he's 18 and has a tiny hole in his skull haha but hes fine!

  5. Lady: I had a colonoscopy

    Me: I had 3 of them, was diagnosed with both ulcer colitis and chron’s, had surgery 3 times and one was an emergency surgery, had my whole large intestine taken out and all of this happened in 1 year

  6. That 70 year old looks 40 woah

  7. I got TYPE 1 no I was not obese when I was 10 then I went into DKA this year and could have died

  8. My worst has to be knocked out and get stuff up my nose, and also chronic foot pain and I’ve had a million health scares that turned out to be false

  9. Had brain surgery for a tumor, 2 days after my 21st birthday. Neuro ICU for about a week. I top my friends in that area lol

  10. I had a double lung fracture

  11. I had pneumonia

  12. 46: "tried to commit suicide"
    This, I've tried this-

  13. I had ensepilitis when I was 1 and a half.

  14. 0:15 I’ve auctally gotten my tooth pulled before when I was your age and it didn’t hurt at all I auctally want to get another tooth pulled the process was cool and I got it pulled because it was growing in front of a tooth that I hadn’t lost yet and I was scared to I was super scared auctally but at the end I loved it

  15. So we not gonna talk about how pretty the 12 yr old is

  16. Had a breast cancer scare at age 19, only to find out it was a fibroid, which happens to be common in my family.

  17. Why tf are all these girls and women pretty af

  18. My nose bled and I was vomiting blood with strings and chunks of flesh coming out. 😖😷 not a good day for 8 year old me.

  19. At 0:27 she look like she is six

  20. I got pleural effusion and it was the ost painful thing in my life.

  21. lol I have growth deficiency but It’s not scary or anything

  22. And im in 6th grade and nothing wrong with my teeth

  23. 0:49 SAME GURL

  24. I relate to the woman that was 70. I have diabetes, got diagnosed when I was 11 but you know I can still relate.

  25. 16- when I got cancer the first time

  26. 1:40 woah.

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