7 Types of Healthy Crushes

There’s nothing quite like developing a crush on someone, It’s not exactly the same as falling in love, but it definitely isn’t just a friendly interest in someone either. For the most part, crushes are innocent, joyous affairs that really add a little spark to our day. While people might choose to deal with pressures in different ways, pretty much everyone has developed a crush at some point in their life. Many of us had our first crush at extremely young ages before we even knew what romance and dating really was. Crushes might be fairly common things in life, but there is definitely not just one type either. We’ve compiled a list of seven completely different variations on the common crush and it might be interesting for our readers to skim through, especially those who currently have crushes. What kind of crush do you have ? Figuring this out might help you understand whether or not you’re innocent crush could develop into something more serious One Having a crush that helps you get over hard times A crush can be one of the few things that reminds you that there is still hope no matter how dark life gets. If you’ve just gone through something horrible, having a crush is actually a really good sign. This means that you’re getting over whatever scarred you previously and that you are ready to love again. Opening up your heart to the possibility of romance is kind of like a leap of faith. Even though you might have been hurt in the past again, developing a crush again means that you’re willing to risk pain in order to feel that wonderful feeling once again. Two, That crush that makes you look forward to school or work. we all have those days when we just can’t seem to get out of bed and face the day ahead. whether it’s a boring day at school or a tiresome shift at work waiting for you, many of us find ourselves rack in our minds for some reason. Anything, to get us out of that door in the morning. But a crush can really help motivate you to face all of the day’s challenges. Indeed having a crush can actually make you excited for even the most dreaded days that await you in the morning. No matter how boring or hard that day is, you can bet that if your crush is going to be there, you’ll always have a glowing feeling inside as you set foot outside each day. Three Those childhood crushes Another type of crush almost all of us have experienced in the past is the good old fashioned childhood crush. You remember these, don’t you ? Many of us can recall our first ever crush and that strange feeling inside. Most of us weren’t really sure what was happening to us and it was probably a confusing time for many, but however you felt about your first childhood crushes, there’s no denying that this experience was completely innocent and beautiful. And that’s a huge reason why these types of crushes are so unique. Four The crush that could be “the one”. These types of crushes can be a real mind twister, but there’s no denying that there’s something magical about their sheer intensity. These are the crushes where we get our hopes up and let our imaginations run free: wondering what it would be like getting married to that person, having children with them or even growing old with them. Crushing on someone like this isn’t quite the same as falling in love with them, but it’s definitely part of the initial phases of falling in love. When we crush on someone in this manner, we’re just starting to entertain the possibility that they just might be ”the one” and that’s a huge moment in our lives Five When you know a crush is just a crush Now let’s examine the total opposite. Knowing when a crush is well, just a crush? You know that it’s not serious, and that’s totally fine with you. There’s nothing wrong with having a slight crush on someone in being okay with the fact that you’re slightly interested in someone who can also be a pretty interesting experience. It’s not like you’re falling in love with them or anything, you can still keep your wits about you and not get overly emotional. There’s no need to get attached or start worrying too much and you can just let things develop as they would naturally. There’s something undeniably fun about not taking relationships too seriously and just enjoying the fact that there’s a little bit of a spark between you and someone else. Six That crush who reminds you how beautiful life is Sometimes we find ourselves trudging through the dull corridors of life with our heads down, not bothering to glance up
even once at the wonders that are unfolding before us. As we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s all about perception and a simple crush can change everything. Let’s say you’ve gotten to a pretty stagnant routine: interacting with the same people visiting the same places and everything seems like it’s a record stuck on repeat. When someone totally new and interesting comes into your life, it can be a massive wakeup call, reminding us that there was still beauty out there in the world, beauty that has the ability to truly shock us in the best possible way. Seven A crush that’s kept secret Having any type of secret is usually a pretty joyful experience, provided of course that it’s a good type of secret. You know, things like your secret stash of cookies waiting for you at home or your secret obsession with binge watching Harry Potter movies. Having a good secret that you keep to yourself can be the one thing that nobody can ever take away from you. And it can keep you thinking pretty positive even when you’ve been dealt some pretty terrible cards. Well, one of the best types of secrets you can have is the fact that you have a crush on someone. These secret crushes sometimes cause our friends to say things like: ”What’s gotten into you?” or ”Why are you so happy?” And at this point, we just smile and say: ”Nothing.” It’s the type of crush that makes us feel warm inside and gives us that little bit of joy that makes each day a touch more satisfying. These crushes usually form during the first stages of our attraction to someone and that’s why they’re so magical and unique. So, there you have it. Seven types of crushes that make us feel amazing. Of course, there are probably more types of crushes out there, and not all of them are necessarily good types of crushes. But for the most part, crushes are innocent, fun and they fill us with joy. Do you know of another type of crush that we missed? Comment below and let us know. If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to see more content from Psych2Go. Thank you for watching.


  1. another type of crush is your ex

  2. Me : everything UwU

  3. Expectations:
    Me: I love you
    Crush: I love you too

    Me: I love you
    Crush: I love you too

    Me: wait a minute. This wasn’t part of the simulations.

  4. OMG I HAVE THE NUMER 4. CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bro what i gotta do if im a dude but crush be lesbian im pretty sure ripppppppppppp

  6. I stopped crushing on my first crush after they threw up on a field trip-

  7. My crush is very hard to read😭

  8. I actually told my classmates my crush
    I'm an idiot

  9. mine is number 7

  10. How did she know that I like to binge watch Harry Potter?!?!?

  11. You know, I had some hard times and I was going through a bad time so I thought I would just add in asking my crush
    out. I was preparing for the worst when he texted me and said yes. We're dating now I still have depression but he doesn't know. I hope he will understand when I tell him.

  12. I'm in fifth grade why am I watching this

  13. Of I get 12939394855774839291948457577 likes I'll tell my crush I like him

  14. I used to have a crush……..

    But now he's my boyfriend ❤

  15. My crush (now) liked me before I liked them, then the next 2 years I have feelings for them.


  16. I can remember my childhood crush.

    He's still my crush since kindergarten.

  17. There is a 99.9% that your crush doesn't like you back (happened to me ) T^T

  18. I gave my crush flowers. The next day, I asked him if he saw flowers on his bag yesterday and he said "Mhmm…" and I asked what he did with them and he said, "I threw them in the bin." I felt like slapping myself. At the end of the lesson, I told him I put the flowers on his bag and he just nodded. lmao I felt so dumb after that xDD

  19. Do you ever have that crush that you know you'll get over one day but the thought of that makes you really sad because you love the feeling they give you and how great they seem to you?

  20. honestly though I love that feeling when you sit next to someone you have a crush on

  21. I have my crush's number. But he doesn't like me the same way. Though, I do like a band he recommended me. Motionless in white (my friends know who he is, and they tease me about him)

  22. Crush and friends are da things that are keeping me not died
    of sadness and depression 😣😣

  23. Whe she said "common crush" I had an association with "common flu"

  24. I currently have a pretty bad time, I have high school issues and nothing to do at home, but my crush feels like the thing that only matters

  25. I’m finally able to sit next to my crush in social studies but he hasn’t been there ಠ_ಠ

  26. The thing I do is that there are two « playgrounds » (idk how to say in English maybe recess idk) I way in between the little path everyone has to go through and sometimes people laugh behind my back and I know it’s about me I know I look like a lost dude waiting for a friend or seeing everyone pass and see people with friends

    I don’t look like a creep I almost don’t like staring at my own classmates but there’s one girl that I was with in my first year of this new school (now in second) I just see her always happy but also see her friends push her to someone and her or wanting like embarrassed maybe pushed to HER crush so I know that it’s a lost cause

    People a this school are well, people but i don’t even like talking to my classmates i’m like the dude who likes internet more than the real world because I know I can find a person from across the world who’ll want to be my friend

    Wanted to share my story here thanks for reading it

  27. How I deal with crushes

    By not dealing with it 🙁

  28. So uh what does it mean when you've been crushing on a person for almost 3 years?

  29. is it healthy if these are all my crush?

  30. My crush likes my friend but I can’t tell him

  31. My friends say I’m more active around my crush

  32. I don't even have a crush 😐😐 why am i watching this?

  33. Having crush and she in love with someone else is so fuckin atrocious like why 😭😭😭

  34. You forgot the crush that likes you back 🥰

  35. 0:49
    Question: What kind of crush do you have?
    Answer: I have orange crush, and grape crush. I don't have cherry crush. Sorry.

  36. I don't have any crush probably ..

  37. I think I got number 2

  38. I'm the second one all the way its painful when he doesnt show up wich happens alot😔

  39. I dint even know what a crush was until this video.
    Im almost 15 by the way.
    Definitely never felt anything like these. Ever

  40. I've never had a crush…….boys just don't get me


  41. I have a crush on Roger Taylor. Too bad he’s old now and a celebrity that lives far away and married.

  42. 2 & 7 although i dont like it being 7 but i have no way of doing anything about it

  43. All except for 5 and partly 7

  44. I just found out that my crush is lesbian . I am kinda sad and unmotivated at school. I only found out about this today and yet I have lost all my confidence and motivation to do things like workout.

  45. Healthy crush? Me? Well… that’s new

  46. I have problems now with trusting anyone with love.

  47. Idk bout this one but my crush just makes me feel hopeless and sad whenever I think about her. I also get pretty fucked up when something goes wrong, not even a big thing. She's just so perfect and lovely that I couldn't really imagine my shy self ever doing my best at even trying to get closer to her. 🙁

  48. Number 7 is my life rn and I love it

  49. Anyone else who never had a crush? Like, never?

  50. the girl in the mirror is becoming super cute, might ask her out soon 🤪🤣🤣

  51. I guess I have a healthy crush!

  52. My crush is number 7 uwu
    It's been 2 years since I like him, aaaaaaand we don't even talk in class wiiiiiii!

  53. You know that feeling when your crush and you lock eyes togther and the world stops and your heart floats and- Okay imma stop

  54. She quiet and nice and I want her to be mine but she likes my friend

  55. Getting crushed by car

  56. I want the holidays to end so I can see my crush in school… Am I weird?

  57. I never had a crush on a real person only had a crush with a game call rust I love that game can't wait for it to come on ps4 I want to get my hands on it and destroy players 😈

  58. I HAD a crush, but I found out she didn't have any mannors, and hated me. I can't get over it and can't even think about getting another crush

  59. I think in a way, I’ve experienced all of them

  60. ‘‘Twas the night before your big exam. This will decide your college. You don’t even want college but your foster parents are making you. Yea get this, you got taken away from your parents all of a sudden while at school. The last few nights have been depressing and you get suicidal thoughts. You go into your foster parents’ bathtub with a knife. You cry for hours. You wake up the next morning, determained to finally commit the haines act. You trud into school with your hood up. You go to your first class. Once the first bell rings, your crush makes it to class. You look at her, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. “You can’t commit suicicide” you think. She glances your way, exchanges a smile, and goes back to her work. You feel a tear run down your cheek. And you smile. Because in that moment, you realize that is going to be the woman you marry. A bath of relief washes over you. Peace finally fulfills you. It took 18 years. But now you are happy. And nothing will change that

  61. First crush was a kid named: kaedon (ex crush)
    Second crush was a kid named: Rhett (my now ex)
    No more crushes since…they were bish bois anyways

  62. i have a crush on my best friend named (I edited it out juuust in case he sees this) and we’re shipped •n•
    also this id a childhood crush i am a child i find myself disgusting now help

  63. My best friend is my crush. Welp she ‘s just the mosttt amazing person on earth🤷🏻‍♀️. Atleast she’s bi too🙆🏻‍♀️😂

  64. any Aros here lol, this is unrelateable…

  65. All this is true..

  66. I have a crush on this guy and yeah, i thought he liked me because he always stares at me, but then he just stoped one day. I was preforming at school today with my band class and he didn't look at me. Maybe just once but that was it. He probably never even liked me and i got my hopes up for no reason and it kinda just hurts because i really like him, but i feel so stupid about it at the same time like i dont even kniw this guy we've never even talked. It sucks …😞

  67. Got a happy crush on this one really popular tomboy 2 grades higher than me, we follow each other on twitter & when she hosted a twitter game which was basically liking her tweet for “thoughts” I took advantage of the opportunity and liked her tweet even if we never talked. Around 10 minutes later she tweeted her thoughts on me and she said “ Cute!! I always see you around campus a lot and I really hope we get to talking soon. Just hit me up anytime in my dms.”

    The fact she actually knows I exist and knows me by face since we always make eye contact because we see each other always in our school campus was enough to make my fucking day. Haven’t chatted her yet (and I’m scared to do so) even though she’s the one inviting me to dm her but I hope I actually do become close with her.

  68. I just have a huge crush on one of my friends…. what do I do? lol  I just act so awkward when I am near him….

  69. My crush is the type to help me get through problems, makes me motivated to go to school, and think he's the one, how beautiful life is and colorful, a crush that's kept a secret AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  70. I have a crush on someone, and we talk all the time and spend a lot of time with each other. The thing is though, I can’t tell if she just treats me as a best friend…

  71. Is it funny how all 7 is my type of crush?? I have a crush on this boy and i relate to all of them LMAO

  72. Mine is #2

  73. Me: I like you
    Her: (takes headphones out)pardon
    Me:T-t-the sun is blue today heh
    Her: Yeah…

  74. 5. yes i do that 😍😍

  75. This is a awesome channel really helps

  76. 2 and 7

  77. Hehe my crush made me want to get outta my shell and flex my talents.

    I even tried sports just to be with him

    Then my friend spilled the tea and now he feels awkward with me


  78. Bro it’s been a year and we’re like best friends 😂
    what have i done

  79. What if I don't even know If I like someone or not, I know it sounds weird, I feel like I want to find someone perfect. I've also never had a girlfriend, sooooooo, idk. Basically I like the person and they're my friend, but I don't rlly have a crush on anyone

  80. Ive already fallen in love with my crush ):

  81. I have a crush on someone and I can relate to several numbers. 1,2,5,and 6

  82. My crush gives me inspiration to run the whole field 😳

  83. i'm all of them except 2 of them.

  84. Is it still healthy if you “get off” to your crush

  85. I only had one crush and got rejected so I'm not ever getting in a love life. Rip me. 😂😭

  86. Crush: looks at my side of the road
    My logic: it was there the train of fate stopped
    Me to my friends: cries, just cries

  87. Don't you hate when you get so excited to go to school to see your crush…. and they aren't there.

  88. After watching this “crush” doesn’t even sound like a real word anymore

  89. 1,2,3 and 5 are my symptoms

  90. The last type of crush is like my crush <3

  91. I have a crush on this girl in my school who is one of my best friends and we always talk to each other. Sometimes, she teases me and kind of flirts with me when it comes to talking about crushes or us being bi sexual or lesbian :>

  92. this video: everyone will have crushes throughout their life!

    asexuals: shiiiii-

    <3 (im not asexual btw, im bisexual) <3

  93. I have the secret crush. They are so right though. It makes me really happy when I see her everyday.

  94. I have a crush now and I remember when I didn’t it was so stressful because people would ask who I like and I would say no one and they would deny it

  95. I have a celebrity crush on Lando Norris and ALL 7 apply to him!!!! Help me!!!!! 😰

  96. If you are a girl and want ANY guy just play their favorite video game

  97. I start developing a crush and a bunch of videos about crushes start popping up. :’)

  98. “It’s not like your falling in love”

    Me:Are you sure about that

    Two other girls like him and I’m getting jelly 🙂

  99. when you want to go to school in high hopes that you would get a little closer to her

    turns out she was sick that day and didnt come to school.

  100. Number 2 reminded me of jim and Pam

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