this workout is an indoor walking workout the workout itself is actually seven minutes and what we're going to be doing is stepping approximately a thousand steps it's a really good way to get your daily step count up it's great for healthy weight loss for toning fitness and general health you don't need any equipment I'm gonna do the workout with you in real time if you haven't already done a warm-up just hit the pause button March on spot for 20 seconds if not we'll get straight into today's training okay so move number one you simply march on the spot five camps and then you do a lateral side lunge either side and then straight back to marching we're gonna do this for a duration of 60 seconds so let's start five counts marching on the spot then you lean over to one side then to the other straight back up to marching also what I'm going to be doing today is doing some body positivity which i think is really important we're gonna get the mind healthy your body healthy fit and we're gonna look at some positive affirmations so one of them let's start with this one don't try and change you instead love who you are you know healthy being fit is all about also having body positivity you know and so exercise is about loving your body don't try and change it all you want to do is just make yourself in your healthiest and your best all right that's good so we've just got last 15 seconds coming up from now so let's keep going and this exercise we've been doing for the first one is great for your inner thighs your outer thighs to tone and strengthen to strengthen your heart get your heart rate up and we are burning calories and we are increasing your daily step count 2 and 1 right so second move coming up we're going to do these half kind of curtsy lunges and then doing step outs and we're going to do those every 10 seconds would just change so you've got the timer coming up so it's a little bit of a curtsy lunge for 10 seconds and you can work the arms as well so this workout is actually a total body because we're toning all over the mummy hit that 10 seconds now let's just take those arms out to the side we're just going to keep that going keep alternating so it's so important to embrace who you are because you are one-of-a-kind and you know that's where it's so important not to compare ourselves to other people or try and look like someone else let's embrace who we are and when we start doing that it's where it's so liberating alright let's just keep that going so we're just stepping that foot out from one side to the other so again this exercise here is working your whole body and we're getting that step count up and let's just take that back to that half skaters lunge and again really pull down with the arms doing really well but last ten seconds keeping that good so the idea of this workout I just want to get you moving because exercise is simply about moving and I also want to get a new feeling body-positive alright so next move coming up now this one we're going to do a good fast march on the spot them are simply gonna be doing some knee lifts and this one here is really good for working through your core so again we're getting that heart rate up so let's really go for a nice powerful march on there so we're really gonna just pump through with the arms keep that upper body nice and straight tummy is tight that's good keeping that going and when we reach 45 seconds so every 15 seconds we're going to change when take it to that knee crunch and really when you're drawing that knee up tense those tummy muscles so this bit like doing a standing up exercise so this a lot of writing I want to read it to you there are millions of flowers all colors and sizes and each is beautiful in its own style and the point there with that what I want you to understand is some of us at all some of us are short some of the Sailaja some of us are curvy it doesn't matter it's just about knowing that we are beautiful who we are and that's so important all right let's just keep going so now let's just go back to those knee crunches so abdominals tight and remember today's workout is about getting your step count up it's about toning up all over and that's good and alright we've just got last five seconds let's go for take it three two and one alright so this move we're going to do 15 seconds where we're doing swimming arms so that one is amazing for shoulders and arms and then the next 15 seconds we simply March techne arms above the head so let's start with that swimming one so imagine you're just doing a swimming stroke here keep your hands in line with your shoulders just fantastic for working through your arms and sculpting through the upper body through those shoulders I'm going to get ready to now take the arms directly up so we are working your whole body this is working your heart a little bit harder because your arms above hot level so we're increasing that cardio intensity let's keep that going doing really well pushing that up and land softly the feet and then take those arms in front so if you are on Facebook and you aren't already definitely need to come and join our close group face which Facebook page which is good Lucy squats the most amazing community on there and you'll see some incredible transformations and literally there are just so many so definitely come and find that after this video and come and join us and let's go last few punching those arms up lands softly with the feet doing really well let's go through take it two and one so for the next move coming up we're going to do 15 seconds roading straight leg kicks and then 15 seconds when we're doing lateral side taps so this one again full-body getting that step count up so let's start now and let's go 15 seconds straight leg kicks so we're working the arms working your core so it's still really working through those abdominals working the legs or impre– increasing your flexibility balance so we're doing a whole host of things alright let's get ready now to change that tap that out from one side to the other so now we're working laterally through the inner and the outer thighs here's a nice crate for you where confidence every day because it suits you that's good let's just keep that going and then we're going to get ready to just change that again so straight leg kick in front you know and confidence is something we all control once you believe in yourself honestly then everything else falls into place and no one can stop you from feeling confident other than yourself all right that's good and let's just step that foot from one side to the other keeping that going we've got the last 10 seconds coming up and let's count you down let's go last five take it full go three two and one so our next move coming up now is going to be where we're going to alternate doing standing up that knee crunches and then simply marching on the spot doing that on and off for a game for 60 seconds so let's go ready let's start with doing a nice strong fast March really work through those arms so we're really getting that step count up and then every 10 seconds we're just going to change that and now let's get ready to just take that opposite elbow to knee so this is really good actually working through your waist so we're going to create some nice curves and we're still really working through those ABS and now bring it straight back to that much so on and off and this is a really good thing to do just think we don't need to have approval from anyone else we need to start learning to improve ourselves and that's so important to so let's just keep going doing really well we've got last 20 seconds coming up from now and really focus on much nice and fast really pumped through those arms learn nice and softly that's good keeping that going well done and let's just go last ten seconds now and we're just going to finish off with those knee crunches so said this is great for the waist so we've nearly finished today's workout that's good two and one so your next move coming up this time now we're gonna do now this is an option you can do a really fast march on the spot and on the 10 seconds if you want to you can just do a little squat jump if you don't want to do the jump because this one is hard then instead simply just do a little squat for me so this is up to you you choose the intensity you want to work to so now if you want to you can do that squat jump for two or just go for a basic squat let's just keep that going and this is my favorite quote of all yes I can so within this video just keep focusing you can do anything you want when you put your mind to it you know an exercise is key exercise is what just helps with everything it reduces stress anxiety it makes us stronger mentally and physically all right let's just keep that going last 20 seconds coming up of training today and nearly done and also if you're on anything like Instagram do you come and find me and don't forget I've got lots of different ebooks my online courses there is everything on my website and I'll be our Fitness comm and go and check out all the before and afters that's good and let's go last three two and one and you are now done it so what I would suggest is if you want to do another workout I'm going to put a link here in this YouTube video you can go and do my other seven-minute step one then that will take it up to you will have done 2,000 steps and a 14 minute workout if you're done then what we're going to do now is just go through doing a full body stretch okay so let's take one foot behind and just arrest the hands on the front leg just feel the stretch through the back of the lower leg so obviously this video is a lot longer than seven minutes but actually the core workout once I've done the introduction is seven minutes obviously now we're going to spend a couple of minutes doing some stretches so just follow me on screen but you know the great thing is with this workout what I wanted to do is just create something that was really just going to get your step count up and this would be really good to do this daily if you can remember you don't always have to listen to my narration now you know what the workout is you can just mute me and put on your favorite music that's good and then let's just now take that to the other leg so we're just going to bring that in front so just follow me doing these stretches and the great thing is with exercise it is so important to keep that body moving you're going to feel more energized and the more energized you feel then the healthier habits and that we have and also if you're looking at anything for healthy living I do have all my ebooks and I've also got all my healthy eating books as well I will leave a link in the description down below let's just take that to the other leg just feeling that stretch through the front of the leg through the quadricep if you need to obviously you can do that by the wall so you've got balance there as well alright so now let's just bring those arms in front because you've done a lot of that upper body today so even though it was a step count if it's a walking one that you still toned it all over just get a nice stretch through the top of that upper back and let's just reverse up take the arms behind get a nice stretch now through their chest holding that there that's good and we're now going to take the arms up or one arm up and then just with the opposite hand just hold that down just feel a nice stretch there through the tricep that's good and the nice thing is with stretching just helps to realign your body let's take that now to the other arm and it just gives you a time just to really actually just reflect the workout that you've done and don't forget you've just invested in your body your health so it let's now just take that ovary and get a nice side stretch but really well done with today's training if you liked a video if you liked today's video please definitely give it a thumbs up if you're not already then comment and subscribe to my channel and also if you liked it then please share it on Pinterest Facebook and don't forget come and find me on instagram and on the PLO's group Facebook page Elise's squad and then if you want to find out more about my workouts online training before and afters and head to my website which is LWR fitness calm and well done with your training today


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