7-Minute Morning Workout

let's just be real about yes yeah but persons that want to get up in the morning must us work out in the morning yet you argue this is the big opportunity this is the opportunity because before the day kind of swallows you you got to show up for yourself just like you brush your teeth and your teeth are tiny compared to the rest of your body you got to connect to your whole body it deserves some time and I'm only asking for seven minutes the first move that you're gonna do you're gonna prove to yourself that you've got yourself literally physically on one hand okay let's go so here then you're gonna take that leg back into a lunge position here okay so here we go we're gonna scoop and switch your foot and lunge okay so scoop lift your hips lift your hips – this is working your lower abs and other leg okay yeah yeah other leg so you're gonna scoop lift up this is your working your arm lift your hips working your abs plant your foot and lunch good job like neck you can do 20 to 30 of these yes I'm serious 20 to 30 yeah yeah once you get good at it but we're gonna make a difference okay I feel like are you doing this let me wait let me see this lunch look daddy's back yes dr. lund good job and then through is he got it yes I've got it I promise I have it alright alright within the next move which you're gonna do is you're gonna bridge up so it's nice to just to just expand through the back here and then what we're gonna do is dip back down and then again on your arm you're gonna lift up and you're gonna kick your leg to the ceiling okay back down these are weight transfers so when you're using your own body as resis resistance and transferring your weight you know a lot of people don't want to get up off the couch this is like proof that no matter what happens in your day you can you can get up weight transfers yeah we're transferring the weight and lifting good job okay ready for another one okay so we're gonna do a push-up are you ready I like this yes good a push-up so just a regular push-up drop back down and then you're gonna roll to your back and kick your legs straight up to the ceiling stretch through the back of your knees roll back around push it up so you're getting your heart rate going roll and lift right I love these transfers I tell you yeah they're a little abstract but they help with momentum so they require you to really know where your body is traveling in space and I like for you to get really good at distributing your own energy okay so the next one we're gonna start here and we're gonna take a leg back another leg back into a plank then we're gonna take a the inside leg and place it in and then we're gonna stand up so it's really inconvenient to stand up you're using the glute and the app so back down down inside foot and lift and stand up yeah okay this proving that no matter what happens in your day you also can just get up right you can handle it guys doing okay back there that you can you can burn a little sweat in seven minutes okay good job and then for the last one all I want you to do is get into a lunge position and you're gonna hold your up you're going to basically clench that booty right I got my I got my and then we're gonna bring one leg in so the leg is like a lever of resistance against your hips and your glutes and your arm is working and how to cope with these crazy ideas oh my gosh I mean I've been doing this for like 15 years I love that yay I really do like to do that for so long about it you have the transfers you have us getting our muscles a little confused yeah you gotta pay attention yes they could tell my to breath I'm pretty good shape in less than seven minutes yeah seven minute the brain is involved because your brains involved we're with the seven minute workout of dr. oz calm all the moves how to do them how to get them right take advantage there everybody a Jake she's got a brand new streaming real-time workout video that's an example of it on dr. oz I can't put him there as well right back be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss anything remember to check back often to see what's new


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