7-Minute Morning Workout in Pyjamas

good morning everyone it's Johanna here I'm not sure if you can see this but I'm actually in my pajamas because today we want to do this workout first thing in the morning in your pajamas only seven exercises seven minutes and I want you to do this workout before you shower before you have your breakfast to kick-start your metabolism to burn fat and to keep you energized throughout the day what you'll need is one or two similar weight dumbbells so let's start so set your timer to 7 minutes 50 seconds and 10 seconds into home ok let's start with the first one gap which is exposed it is the best way to work on the major muscles ok never squat one open white back to narrow squat white and now I want you to do five pulses okay good white narrow so you're really targeting your legs and your bum muscles one two three four five what a great way to start your morning keep going narrow white five pulses go low two three four five good job one narrow doing well this will video wick your muscles and to burn fat good keep going almost there you should feel your heart rate starting to go up let's go one more narrow and rest second workout push off and rotate so now we want to work on our upper body and also on our sides ready down on the floor push up and rotate okay opposite side pre-shop and rotate good assuming that you know we want the you wearing any bra all these workouts a low-impact good keep going rotate make sure you're twisting your torso good keep going push up and rotate very nice if you find this challenging again beginners you can always start on your knees very very good rotate fish shop is so simple I mean it's not simple its basic but it is the best upper body and tools the body workout rest third workout lunge and twist so I want you to grab one down out okay spread on the edge lunge forward and twist to the right side step back lunge forward extend ones and twist again we are working on multiple muscles your lower legs and your torso and also your arms by extending it forward very nice it so if you do this first thing in the morning there is no reason for you not to do your workout throughout the day very good halfway there keep going extend all the way twist talking itani few laps working twist good jump twist let's do two more one twist and rest next workout going back to our other body tips and case so down to the back I want you to dig and kick it up okay so again we are working our triceps and also with the kicks you won't feel your butt and your hamstrings working so make sure you're going lower control the Russian nice and control and kick it as high up as you can good okay so all this workout are sort of like you don't have to wear your bra and sports bra to do this workout because it is really low impact at the same time it is going to raise your heart rate and the next time you make of all this up I'm sure you can shoot me anything right now keep going do what dip and kick up good up very good last one rest next workout for this workout you can choose to hold one dumbbell of two dumbbell this is basically done the swing set white down and swing it up okay so you're all working on the inner thighs and your core and your lower back at the same time I want you to push and swing with your torso not with your arms swing okay now push with your torso good keep going up very good swinging up using your lower leg and your ass string the dumbbells all the way up keep going stand one through your meter sizes are at the same time and you're doing good breathe keep going five minutes down two minutes to go after this very good poop one more cool get now down onto the map we are going to focus on our apps so just like Russian twist next up I want you to cross over bring your weights over and cross it over okay so bring it over your upper body slightly over down and then extend your legs bring the dumbbells over and cross it just like this nice and controlled good job keep going so you should feel your abs working as you are trying to maintain this position and your lower abs working at the same time keep going halfway there x10 good cross it over if you want to you can carry a heavy thumbnail or increase the speed get over there and rest final workout will be one minute of plank okay so get me to your plank position and just hold you 20 seconds okay just steady plank hold you for 20 seconds good make sure you tighten your core your ass no arching your over extending nice and tight and just breathe 20 seconds down and now I want you to move back and forth for 20 seconds and then tain the position very good keep going back and forth maintain the plank position keep going almost there five more seconds back and forth and now just hold it for the rest of your remaining 10 seconds very good tighten your core stay focus you are almost there you are almost done three more seconds and rest stretch it out yes dinah seven minutes morning workout in your pajamas and now you can kick start your day stretch forward and just relax so guys you should be sweating slightly you should feel your heart rate pumping and you should feel more awake and energized if you know you have a busy day ahead and you do not have any time to fit in a full workout session then do this workout first thing in the morning and you will not have any excuses to turn this into a full workout session repeat the entire circuit two to three more times and as you progress increase always use increase the workout time and reduce the rest time you do not need any special workout outfit just workout in your pajamas and share me your workout picture all the best for new Fitness food and motivational videos please like share and subscribe to my You Tube channel and website do follow me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter to stay connected with me thanks guys you


  1. I love doing this workout every morning! Wow, it's an amazing workout to get your heart rate up and gives me energy throughout the day. Thank you Joanna, I really enjoy all your videos you post! Blessing to you! I can't to see what you have next to share!

  2. The best morning workout video I’ve seen on YouTube. Doing this first thing, even before your first cup of coffee, ensures you start your day off right. Your choice of these seven exercises are perfected for a total body workout…including some aerobics.

  3. Plank only 1 minute? Ez claps

  4. I know this is an old video, but if anyone with lower back problems is planning on trying this one I would take it easy on the lunge/twist. I did not use weights (was holding my phone looking at the video) and still I felt searing pain (which hasn't subsided even now that I've attempted exercises for people with back pain).

    I could also recommend regular lunges without the twist or slowing the tempo to something a bit more managable.

  5. I just tried this workout! This is the very first one I actually enjoyed! I'm gonna make this one the workout i do everyday at least 2 times! I'm also gonna update!

    Day 1: Tiring but effective and fun! Obviously didn't see a change in appearance. Gonna do this again!

    Day 2:

    Day 3:

  6. I love this work out

  7. Hello. Is a warm up & longer cool down/stretch not needed for this if I climb right out of bed and do it? Thank you

  8. This is my favorite workout to do. Could you do a longer version with similar low impact movements? Jumpnig always gets painful or gives me cramps.

  9. Thx. I'll do this every day

  10. Loved this thanks love!

  11. Just done it, wow this is a really good workout to start your day! I will look for other pyjamas video workout in your channel, thanks joanna💪🏼

  12. thanks x

  13. Good workout! 👍🏾

  14. I wonder how many cals this burns

  15. 7 minutes but this is intense. Thank you. You are great

  16. Left as soon as i saw squats. Squats are evil.

  17. thank you!! Did a quick one before school, plus another 7 min video :))

  18. my cat won't let me workout, whenever I try he bites my feet until I pick him up, then sleeps in my arms

  19. Thanks

  20. I love this workout! At Trapped Tuesday in our office, we don’t get to leave for lunch…so no lunchtime workout today! 🙄 I like the option to repeat the workout.

  21. thank you, it was very enjoyable

  22. Y is it called a dum bell😏

  23. Hi Joanna greetings from UAE. ❤️ I just started this workup today. Im not fan of work up but this one will be my baby steps. Huh, i feel much better as I felt my heart repumping & reenergized. Woooh….Thanks for sharing. Keep them coming! 🙌🙌🙌

  24. What do you use for the timer?

  25. I'm sadly back to my old ways😒keep ruining my body but I

  26. I advise you to stretch before doing all these because now my thighs are in pain since I literally just woke up

  27. Just did this in my night gown. Must look ridiculous but it felt great!

  28. Z. The reason I love this workout because there aren't any push-ups.l

  29. Excellent! You are the best!

  30. im on my journey to become a morning person ! woke up early and meditated and i did this exercise afterwards.. im feeling energized ☺️☺️☺️

  31. Well, I guess I have to try this workout now since everybody is saying how good they feel

  32. That's not how you spell pajamas…

  33. Hello thanks a lot for this workout, but we dont need any Warm up exercise at the beggining? Can you please Share a video for Warm up and cool dawn exercise for Start and Finish workout? Thanks

  34. Sweating “SLIGHTLY”


  35. Your workouts are always the hardest 😒 even the beginner ones

  36. This too hard for early morning. I feel not good.

  37. That's a fantastic idea thank you so much

  38. Thank you for this ate joanna

  39. Morning workout is great let's do more in morning

  40. ""You should be sweating lightly…"


    Love you Joanna!

  41. Do you do stretches or do warm up or it’s ok to just jump in ?

  42. 7/26/18

  43. Great

  44. Oh my god I just did this exercise for the first time this morning and let me tell you some were challenging and I did feel my heart rate go up and by the end I was breathing and sweating slightly. Great job Joanna👍👍

  45. Joanna we love you

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