7 Minute Ab Workout

hey guys you're watching exit and I'm your trainer for today or Rebecca at Louise now today we're gonna be working that six-pack we've got seven exercises seven minutes so let's get going okay let's start straightaway come down to the floor we've got a whole minute okay of full sit-up so bring your arms up over your legs get those legs a stretch and then we're gonna go nice and slowly down okay I just want you to come vertebrae at a time so up then I stretch those legs and then calm down okay nice and slowly the slower you come down the more of an impact is gonna have on your abs okay so see if you can do this one even slower okay nice and slow come down keep it going tiny bit by tiny bit and let's go up again come on pull up those ABS stretch over and then open that chest up and calm down okay nice and slow good start everyone okay it's our first exercise and then it goes six after this and these are all designed to wing improve your ab muscles okay we're gonna be getting that six-pack burning calories and getting those ABS in shape for summer okay up we go again stretch over and nice and slow last one down okay now staying on your back get yourself comfortable we have a legs off the ground and we're gonna lift one leg up at a time okay so we've done the leg drops before and this time we're gonna do leg raises so we don't if you can't get your leg all the way up we just want to lift it as high as you can try and keep that back nice and flat on the ground now you're always asking how you can work out those lower abs cuz that's the hardest part that you can work and this exercise is perfect for working out that lower pooch whoo okay keep it going your legs just want to be a few inches off the ground put those arms out to the side and gently bring those legs up make sure you think don't cram so give them a wiggle that's it keep it going you feeling hot whoo now these are the step one few at the seven strongest and the hardest I have exercises you can do so you can do this every day you eat well remember abs also mean in the kitchen you really are can be on your way to get in that six-pack whoo okay release those legs okay your next minute of our exercises I just want you to bring your legs up we're just gonna crunch up okay so just a slight motion bring those legs up and bring that shoulders off the ground whoo they should be also feeling in the quads that's normal we're really trying to activate that core so we're working out those ab muscles okay keep it going remember these are seven of the hardest ab exercises so you can get through this you're gonna really start to see your stomach developing and getting that six-pack which won't be all one okay come on keep it going or I could fill in the quads fill in the ABS keep it going try and keep those legs straight and then squeeze that tummy you have someone punching you in the middle squeeze come on keep it going whoo how you feelin guys can you feel the burn tell me I can feel the burn okay come on keep it going squeeze those ABS oh five oh three two one whoo okay get those legs a little bit of a shake we're gonna come up I'm gonna do a v-sit crunch okay so bring those legs in pan out okay a minute again for these just exercise workout video it's only gonna take you seven minutes to do it so no time at all you put in the effort do this one today you're gonna see those ABS cabrillo you get that six-pack for summer okay keep it going keep that chest out nice and high lift your shoulders out and extend those legs out and bring them in does it really think about using those abs or way to look at them right now and think about crunching okay look at those ABS see them working and crunch come on keep it going can you see those ABS working then you see a 6-pack okay keep it going guys yes you can can't see yet you keep doing this workout you're gonna be able to see it that's it keep it going guys and squeeze your arm I say but you're gonna keep going for a little bit longer squeeze four three two one okay you just got three more exercises to go okay so don't give up now we've got one minute of bicycles so when you're doing these are we the really trying twist to do we working those oblique muscles as well we've been really working on those lower abs and now I want you to work on those obliques so that side muscle here and as you twist are we to try and get your elbows to the opposite knee okay come on keep it going the oh he's filling in those quads that's fine but really try and think about engaging your abs Billy and those obliques come on keep it going we got a few more minutes of exercise left that's nothing okay just give me seven minutes of your day of your time and you're gonna be working to get a six-pack come on keep it going guys how you feeling good keep it going only to get up just yet come on really try and give that opposite elbow to opposite knee come on squeeze twist those ABS boom OH three two one oh okay straight into the next exercise Oh to lie down in a starfish and we're gonna touch the opposite arm so opposite leg no don't use your arms to bring your chest up off the ground are you to think about engaging those ABS so every time someone's pushing you in the stomach okay that's it keep it going guys you feeling good can you feel the burn in your belly Paul let's go that's what we want to fill come on keep it going you just got one exercise left after this who's the hard way because we've given you this some of the seven hardest half exercises who so this really is gonna work your six-pack so lost have you were asking me how can I get a six-pack by this date oh oh how long's it gonna take me well it all depends on what you eat as well but if you do this exercise and you keep your cardio up and you do the rest of exits videos who you're gonna see that a six-pack developing okay last exercise see nice swim through nice and quickly arms over your head and then we're just gonna bring our legs and arms in okay so keep those legs straight don't bring your legs down to the ground put my mats coming in each channel fully immerse okay I'm just gonna keep going so I've only got a minute left to go okay and squeeze straight out and in keep us legs straight make sure you don't touch the grounds it gotta be a few inches off and squeeze keep it going now keep your head up to the ceiling if you feel that your neck is hurting that's it keep going squeeze oh I could feel my six-pack working did it feel yours guys can you see it come on keep it going you can be able to see it as soon as you keep going check down keep looking is it working these are coming oh yes you can you mind if we have a seat yeah but you keep doing this workout you're gonna be able to see it okay come on give me a few more five four three two one hand both hats those abs there you have it those are seven exercises that really are going to work those Pat's you got any more questions you can contact me on Twitter at the motor pilot on Facebook Rebecca Louise Fitness now if you don't have time for 7-minute abs or maybe you've got time for more than we have got every minute abs that you need ten minutes five minutes eight minutes get on exit subscribe to the channel and if you want any more information then you can leave us a comment maybe you've got an idea for a great workout then let us know and exit team will get involved subscribe to the channel and I'll see you again next time


  1. This workout destroys me everytime.

  2. These workout hurts my back a lot!

  3. That is not how you do starfish crunches!

  4. I struggled with this at first but you got to keep pushing through and doing it everyday, you will be surprised at how strong you really are. I am not superfit but I do this workout consistently..like she says…lets get going!!

  5. Ohmygosh ow WHYYYY burns so good!! πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚

  6. This is very hard but good workout, after 3 days i have result πŸ‘‘β€οΈ

  7. Wtf, i thought it is a perfekt 7 min Workout, who Can do this

  8. Doesn’t show abdomen once

  9. Do you want to start with something easier? https://youtu.be/xbXWmNZKSW4

  10. Great abs are built in the kitchen. 🎀

    (Picks up mic again 🎀) but do this after your diet has brought you down to at least 20 percent body fat.

  11. going to update as I go.
    day 1: almost died, barely finished. but i feel the burn


  13. Can't even lift my legs in the air….

  14. it does work you guys ive done this a few years ago when i was really skinny but then i stopped ive started again and i definitely have belly fat and want to get back in shape

  15. This is pain 😭

  16. Great workout! But I feel my hip flexors burning a lot more than anything else

  17. Just don't lose that tail CGSπŸ’˜πŸ˜‹πŸ‘πŸ’‘

  18. this workout is a real deal

  19. How is she talking ?

  20. I love how she pronounces the word "burn." I don't know how she can talk the entire time while doing this workout!

  21. You totally get lulled into a false sense of security by her endearingly odd socks

  22. My abs burned but so did my neck lol

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