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seven healthy foods that cause bloating and gas bloating is when the tummy becomes swollen which often happens after eating it is rarely a sign of a serious medical problem however it can cause pain and uneasiness people who have bloating frequently find that their eating habits are to blame in this video we discussed seven healthy foods that commonly cause bloating and gas one beans beans are loaded with proteins carbohydrates fiber vitamins and minerals beans trigger bloating because they have high fiber content and contain oligosaccharides which are sugars that the body will find challenging to break down soaking beans before cooking them could make them much less likely to produce excess gas on digestion – wheat wheat contains a protein known as gluten which can cause bloating gas stomach pain and diarrhea for most people bread pasta and many baked products contain gluten sensitivity to gluten maybe because of a condition known as celiac disease which affects about 1% of the population 3 garlic and onions onions comprise fruits which are soluble fibers that can cause bloating threatens likewise occur in garlic leek agave wheat along with a range of other gas producing foods even in small portions onions and garlic might cause bloating along with digestive problems some people may have an allergic reaction to garlic or onions which even more increases the chance of bloating belching and gas after consuming them 4 cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower broccoli cabbage brussel sprouts and garden cress can also cause bloating and gas however these are healthy foods that contain a lot of essential nutrients such as vitamin c and k fiber and potassium but yet they can cause some unfavorable digestive symptoms such as bloating 5 Brian Bally Ryan Bally are nutritious full of fiber and loaded with vitamins and minerals despite this the high-fiber and gluten content may cause bloating in some people 6 dairy products dairy products including milk and a range of cheese and yogurt are a remarkable source of calcium and proteins many people have a medical condition called lactose intolerance meaning their systems find it difficult to break down lactose the sugar in milk products if people have lactose intolerance consuming milk will definitely cause bloating gas abdominal cramps and diarrhea 7 apples and pears apple and pears are both sought after fruits containing a good amount of fiber vitamins and antioxidants they are also recognized for causing bloating and digestive problems mainly because they contain fructose which is a fruit sugar that a majority of people find challenging to digest pears also contain solve it all that can cause significant bloating for some people if you have trouble with bloating then probabilities are that foods on this list are the culprit there is no reason to refrain from these seven foods that cause bloating and gas only those that cause your problems personally if you find that a particular food often makes you bloated then abstain from it if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up and share among your friends and please don't forget to click the subscribe button and notification bell


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