7 Healthy Egg Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. The thought of carrot with egg can’t go together in my head I guess I’ll have to try it

  2. I want a answer anybody please tell me is egg help for weight loss??

  3. Your a genius. Just subscribed. Love it

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  5. This chanel is like tasty but much healthier

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  8. U mustn't put olive oil on fire to make it heated
    It makes a dangerous health problems 💔
    زيت الزيتون لا يتم تسخينه

  9. perfect👍👍👍👍

  10. Very Nice

  11. How do you get it out of the frying pan lmao

  12. video already starts with carrots

    me: well that’s a no 😂

  13. I regret watching this in the middle of night..😣

  14. Nice. But many other food vlogs provide info in Metric system also beside the American or Imperial measurments.

  15. Just found your channel???
    You earned a new subscriber

  16. Excelent! 👏👏👏👍

  17. Wow very crispy & so yummy

  18. Hmm so sweet

  19. Just crack the egg normally ffs

  20. Be careful

  21. So much great recipes with eggs, but i can't eat them. I wish i could, but the taste is awful, no matter what we do with them, i just can't 🙁

  22. Thank you 😘👍👍👍

  23. disgusting.

  24. Superb! Amazing skills!

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  27. Wasted so much of tym jst showing chopping process

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  30. I need to try this

  31. Good

  32. I made the first recepe but substituted the carrots for sweet potato and put it in the oven instead

  33. لعبان نفس

  34. Also pls do a separate video on the various tools u use

  35. Pls do on a how to open an egg

  36. This channel is amazing

  37. My stomach hates bell pepper, but I loved the Egg muffin. I am trying to figure out what else I can use to substitute it. Any ideas???

  38. OR green chilli
    use cheyachaaa

  39. green capsicum use cheyachaaa

  40. Perfect food for loosing weight

  41. 1:41– 1:50 ,, weird

  42. you have a good skills fo cooking perfect meals

  43. Very nice

  44. Nice cook

  45. Indonesia?

  46. The color of all these veggies are beautiful.

  47. You lost me at the peas! Blek! Peas & I DO NOT get along.

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