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  1. Sorry lady, my 3 bedroom home with a well-manicured lawn, which I live in alone in the midwest, does not compare to your tiny studio apartment in one of the most population-dense cities in the world. I love my space, and quite frankly I pay less than half on a mortgage to own it than what you do to rent.

  2. I'm sure your apartment in NY is much more expensive than a big home in Westchester!

  3. Awesome message, love your work! Regarding size of homes, "More then 9 in 10 homes are more then x sqm per person." So 10/10? Seems like a typo?

  4. Give your bridesmaids a theme colour and run from there.
    I did it and it worked quite well.

  5. I don't drink… I smoke (weed) like I'm a 20s film star XD

  6. I'm a dancer, I need a lot of space.

  7. Depressing weekdays? Get a job you love and your willing to sacrifice TO DO what is in your heart and feeds your soul. Or have something you do after your 8:30am-7pm that makes it worth it. You'll be more interesting to others too.

  8. Weddings… smh… I'm planning mine rn and I got to tell you, when I grew up me and my friends would play, we'd pretend we were the spice girls performing at a concert not "walking down the isle" phhhh. Smh…

  9. We have THE WORST any kind of worker policies in the world, I cant wait to see how this is going to be in the next 30 years. "If you cant get more than one day off" god damn you would think if your time at work is that valuable where they absolutely need you to come in you'd be getting paid BANK, or not be in a position where someone can walk right in and steal your job. Taking weekend trips is more expensive and crowded!

  10. It seems to me that a large part of adult life is remaining miserable just so you can impress your friends who really don’t care about the real person you are, which you have to hide behind all the stuff you had to go into debt to buy. Social media makes it even worse because your life has to be like a reality TV show, which is anything but real.

  11. Spending money on holidays could be #8. Every other month there is an occasion that we are expected to throw money into celebrating. whether that be Christmas or St. Patrick's day. Personally I make it a point not to take part those traditions, and save my money for practical causes.

  12. I was really hope this would help me but this video sucks, sorry!

  13. Live a little! It’s only money and you can’t take it with you.

  14. Good advice until you criticised home size.

    People who spend thousands on rent in trendy cities like WDC, NYC and San Francisco are idiots.

    That's you.

    Move to a rural exurb, pay 950 for a 2 bedroom and then your points make sense.

    Until then you are just a victim of media hype and a hypocrite.

  15. Too much alcohol is a bad thing for so many reasons.

  16. Yeah I spend more than twice on a saturday than on a tuesday — I do my groceries on saturday !

  17. I would like to add one 'danger' to having a bigger space than you actually need:
    You will buy furniture for these rooms (€€) and you will put stuff inside. More stuff than you need or can manage.

  18. how about buying coffee instead of making your own, buying pre-made food or eating out/takeaways, buying a car when you don't really need one, getting your nails/eyelashes/eyebrows… done
    also, I think this video is probably only relevant in the US as I live in Europe and I can barely relate to all of the things you mentioned

  19. You have earned a subbie 🤨

  20. I’ve been trying very hard lately to get better about how much money I spend. Great tips!

  21. wud smashh

  22. I love all the statistics!

  23. I'm 32 this year and still bring a small bottle of brandy in my jacket pocket when I go out to bars, why spend more (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  24. I bet I spend $300 a year on clothes. A year! That includes my underwear and socks.

  25. But I can't wear a crop top to my drug store management job… And my button up blouse doesn't work well with my flannels or my Neat Dude beanie.

  26. ugh, this woman seems like the most boring person in the universe. Also, why the fuck does she think SHE gets to define what is "adult" and what is not. Ridiculous. Some of these are terrible as well, like the haggling crap. Prices are set in most situations, grunts on the floor have no power over that.

  27. Amazing!

  28. This was such a great video. I especially liked the part about travel. She is 100% right about how we Americans get so little vacation that we feel like we have to make the most of them. I would like to add to this is you and your spouse work different schedules sometimes the one week of vacation a year may feel like the only time you have together and may result in wanting to way over spend.

  29. Happy hour, even the nice hotels and restaurants now have it

  30. I'm definitely guilty of overspending when I travel. But then again I don't have kids, don't have a mortgage/rent, almost never buy clothes and basically don't buy much at all. So I don't really care how much I spend on food and travel which are my only 'treat' items really.

  31. Thank you, for making this video. It’s just a friendly reminder that I’m not going crazy & that my saving techniques are worth every penny! Great video. 👍🏼👍🏼

  32. Does not apply to my society or lifestyle, but it's GREAT that you're making these vids! I know lots of people need to hear this!

  33. I think people born in 1999 are Gen Z, (they are 19) and in some places (canada in my case) they are old enough to drink. I was drinking for 3 months before I had to stop. Never had expensive alcohol, nor got drunk. (I stopped because I got pregnant)

  34. It’s funny that so many young people complain about having to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, yet they eat out more and drink alcohol out more than any other generation.

  35. All good advice….

  36. You have the best voice!

  37. My money mostly went on cafes and foods 😅

  38. it's not happen in America only.. it already spread in Malaysia, that's why i'm here.

  39. Great information but I wish you would talk slower

  40. OMG, the currency thing🤦🏻‍♀️ saying 3 dollars sounds way less than 60 pesos. But it's the same thing, and guess what? I earn in pesos so I'm just dumb.

  41. If only my family home had that problem with to much space. 6 people in a 3 bedroom place is OK for some people but not for us grown ups lol.

  42. i just miss the days when you didn't label with a cool name an entire generation.

  43. Thursday potlucks hmmm

  44. This made me want to go drink wine in a fancy restaurant when I had no plans to do so before.

  45. Seven 😩

  46. Do you really think that people who really struggle to save more, really do these things? I mean, these are the status symbol (so I buy it/do it on purpose) or done by people who simply afford that and want to spend their money in that way. Girl, please let's operate with FACTS, research, numbers because the stuff you tell here is opinions and assumotions, and I get a feeling that mostly yours! I could not stop counting how many discussion fallacies you did there.

  47. I have one most people don’t need a car take the bus or walk you’ll be healthier too !!!

  48. Re the going out to bars and restaurants, isn't it simply that younger people of any generation just do this more before they get hitched? I'm a mid-GenXer who used to live in a city and ate and drank out often. Now I still enjoy eating out occasionally but resent the rip-off price of drinks in a bar, so nowadays I only go to the pub when I'm on holiday.

  49. bridal party events… plural? ….multiple events? as in….more than one bridal shower or something?? why?

  50. Loool this is an old video recorded again and uploaded. Even the script is identical…very original

  51. Ok.. the wardrobe thing, there are many reasons why you may have different clothes for different things. I saw one woman on here say she hiked in jeans to avoid this. That’s just not on. Don’t force yourself to wear the same daily clothing for activities it is not suited to. If you don’t hike, or go out to weddings, play a sport or visit the beach, then fine casual to dress casual will pretty much do you and there’s no need for a large wardrobe (I fully admit to having way to many dress clothes)

    Edit** also.. you don’t need to rebuy the same clothes over and over. That’s not the same argument to having different clothes for different functions.

  52. I wear the same dress to every wedding I attend. It looks nice and it fits me well. Who cares. 💁

  53. The house thing. I grew up with sharing 1 shower with my parents. Awful! No kid yet but I’m already armed with “when I was your age I had to share a bathroom with my parents.”

  54. I have to be in a wedding next year and she’s making us buy the ugliest, mustard yellow dress that we will NEVER wear again. I think if you want someone to be in your wedding, you should pay every expense.

  55. Well well well, when not from americas and you didn't that what you USERES call credit card is not the card we use. Debit. Why are even those thing a thing, buying from money you don't have, to repay a month or two later and then getting in debt again while paying the last one LUL

  56. Americans go on the trips rarely. Ha-ha-ha, have you met Russians?

  57. We have a beer or wine at home… and THEN … walk to a restaurant and drink water… app. Twice a month.
    PS… modest size home… no mortgage.

  58. I have a 2400 square foot home and I love it. We all have our own rooms and we all use the family and living rooms. It's just what makes you happy. Coming home to a nice size house makes me feel comfortable and relaxed.

  59. Some ppl can afford big houses and vacations? that makes me bitter.

  60. What about our massive social/political problems which result in most bankruptcies being related to medical expenses and massive student debt unlike any other developed country?

  61. Damn boring as hell

  62. We went to Yellowstone with our (teenage) kids last year. We saved so much money by making our own sandwiches, bringing our own drinks, etc. We joked we were taking a Walmart vacation because we went to so many different ones between California and Montana. We got kitchenettes when possible at our hotels (many times it was the same price or only a little more) and cooked our own dinners. The money we saved in those ways we used for things that were more important to us like renting an nice SUV for our trip. It's important to have a comfy car on long family trips.

  63. Well.. If the weekdays wasn't so filled with work and duties, then maybe people would have the time AND energy to do things together on weekdays.. just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️

  64. Your forgetting extroverts need stimulation and therefore spend more vs introverts who are content with a book for ex.

  65. Wasting my time on listening to things I already never had or did… What a carefree grown-up am I…😁😄

  66. More space "then" you need? How does this sort of thing make it past the editing point?

  67. I love how rich your vocabulary is!

  68. Number 1 should be living in New York lol

  69. You look so cute on those glasses!!

  70. In UK and Ireland airports are not crazy and for example boots had hight street prices on food and cosmetics. It's great if you travel with hand luggage and want to buy some extra shampoos or food for a plane. To be fair most shops has regular prices.

  71. One of my favorite things about this channel is how circumspect you are about recommendations. Not everyone needs the same things from life, and TFD is aware of that and comfortable with it. It’s so refreshing to see people capable of providing good advice and good information without shaming people for having different needs and different personalities. Y’all are doing something right. 💚

  72. I do not disagree that clothing (in general) is hella expensive. But I'm almost certain that's applicable to just about anywhere in the U.S., not just the Washington, DC metro area. Something to consider is that the quality of most clothing is not that great. And, if the garment (or plural thereof) is of good quality, the price tag is hella unaffordable. What do think is a viable solution?

  73. I'm guilty of overspending on vacations

  74. Every inch of square footage is another inch to clean 🧼

  75. The amount of grammatical errors in this video is inexcusable considering she's reading a script

  76. Fancy alcohol? Hh i wish

  77. Speaking of big houses, I can't get over how badly they are designed inside. There is often so much unnecessary space and the layout makes no sense or could be far more practical. I am seriously concidering building my house from the scratch because all others are a waste of money so why not pay the same for smaller but much more practical house?

  78. I generally will take a “yolo” weekend after a month of 180extra work done. So far has been really rewarding and inexpensive.

  79. Check out this video where Chelsea discusses little improvements you can make to your life without too much extra effort: https://youtu.be/vDSV9ceXr-0

  80. I mean 21 to 26 year olds go out and drink to have a good time lol

  81. Never had a drink in my life and never will

  82. Drinking expensive coffee (Starbucks), eating expensive vegan/organic/gluten free/lactose free food. Buying the latest geek, iphone, smartwatch, etc. Renting expensive downtown studios, using uber as regular transportation and humongous student loans from overhyped universities in a low pay/useless degree.

  83. Brb gonna go get watet

  84. Lol I just buy basics that are good quality. I don’t mind the price really bec it lasts forever and I HATE SHOPPING 🤭 also I’m a girly girl and I care about the fit/texture/material/etc so fitting clothes is a must and it’s annoying lol

  85. Ma’am, you are my spirit animal.

  86. You lost me at “yards are bad for the environment”

  87. Wednesday night dungeons & dragons is the height of the weekend

  88. False…space gives you peace, helps you relax, and keeps you safer.

  89. This video should be retitled "7 corporate capitalist money-grabs that capitalists have convinced you that you need to suck you dry"

  90. I have got 43 squaremeters. Thats enough

  91. I drink at home accept for birthday and holiday dinners. I'm 37, used to go to happy hours and drink more outside the home. As I've calculated and see what I save, I've switched up. It's safer to at home.

  92. The ONLY place I could haggle in Romania is the old fashioned market place, and if the sellers there ARE the farmers/growers of the food they sell, i actually tell them that they're asking too much for their hard work. please people, just pay the price tag. If you're going to buy an iPhone or a Samsung, those ARE too expensive to pay full price, but if you really want a brand new shiny one, try and save money, or just live without. the old style, flip phones still function well for calls and messages, and you'd be saving time you can use for something more useful: reading a book instead (borrow it from the library) or finding ways to make money in other ways.

  93. Listen, I'm not giving up my favorite niche and old fashioned cocktail bar. The rest of this some pretty good advice, even though some don't apply to my way to broke to have that bad habit ass.

  94. I love her voice

  95. While I agree with most of these (even if I do some of them), I don't want to think about managing my money while on vacation. I can't spend more money that I have (bringing credit card is a really bad idea), but travelling should be exciting, you do or buy things you don't usually do/buy.

  96. I like this–EXCEPT that when they are talking percentages and comparing the groups, they aren't comparing them at the same place at the same time. What I mean to say is, you may find that the Boomers DID drink this much, this often WHEN they were 21-26, except that was between 40 and 50 years ago.

  97. After I started studying at uni and working at the same time (all full-time), just getting a candy has become "treating myself"

  98. Hi Chelsea, I agree with you on most of your points generally, BUT I love drinking fancy drinks not because they make me look more grown-up but because I actually enjoy them. As well as comfortable conditions when traveling and having multiple varying outfits for different occasions.

  99. Your videos scream entitlement and crap. You actually reference sex an ass the city. What are you a sheeple?

  100. I thought you were gonna tell me to stop buying fabric softener

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