7 Foods to NEVER Eat for Health & Weight Loss! Worst Foods, What's Healthy? Nutrition Tips

hey guys it's karena and in this video I'm counting down at these seven foods you should never eat or if we strive to avoid as best you can and then there will be follow-up videos where I go into detail in each of the foods and give you the healthy alternative so I'm going to start with these slim fast because this is something people force themselves to drink when they're trying to lose weight and be healthy but it's actually the opposite effect so we've got sugar as the third ingredient it also has artificial sweeteners trans fats and all kinds of other toxic sludge ingredients that your body can't even digest so the ten measly grams of protein this does contain your body can't even digest and break down properly most of us eat way too much sugar and a lot of it is hidden sugar we don't even realize we're consuming plus the sugar that we add to our coffee and tea and other beverages so this refined white sugar is terrible for you it causes that big insulin spike or blood sugar spike that we know we want to avoid if we're trying to lose weight but it's also something that's just terrible for your overall health that insulin is not the hormone that you want to have constantly flowing through your bloodstream they've also found that when sugars break down in the body they're actually very abrasive to the inside of your blood vessels which means when we talk about clogged arteries and heart disease sugar is actually a major major player so that means foods that list sugar as the first ingredient like the Froot Loops I have here also fall on this list of things to avoid Froot Loops also contain artificial colors trans fats so when you see partially hydrogenated oils that is a big thing to avoid those trans fats are terrible for you and we have other toxic sludge type ingredients like BHA and other preservatives so this is refined carbohydrates this is full of sugar there's no fiber there's no neutral it don't eat it and please don't give it to your kid so maybe you're surprised to see olive oil on this list so this is your typical store-bought olive oil this is also the oil used in all your processed foods and in restaurants and fast food so the problem is that these refined oils and it even says refined oil on the ingredient label actually lose all of the nutritional benefits that olive oil should contain and then it becomes even less healthy for you when you cook your food in it because when you heat up an oil it changes it chemically even more so you lose those health benefits and this actually becomes a very unhealthy food I've also included non-fat yogurt on this list because again this is something that people eat because they're trying to be healthy the bottom line is that in order to break down the proteins contain and yogurt and other dairy products you actually need the fats that would be naturally present so we can talk about fat-free yogurt we can talk about skim milk opt for the version with full fat that fat not only helps to fill you up helps your body to break down the protein but it also makes the food taste way better so next up is canned foods now not all canned foods are terrible for you but it's always going to be healthier to eat fresh food instead of canned foods also understand that typically this is going to be the lowest of the low in terms of quality of the meat that is used in the product we also have ingredients like flavoring which doesn't even tell you what actual chemical is in it they're also going to contain added sugar and then there are the hidden ingredients which is a chemical called bisphenol A which is actually in the lining of the cans and it's found to be incredibly harmful for our health last but certainly not least is this frozen pizza which you probably didn't need me to tell you not to eat but I'm going to tell you why anyway so it's got the refined sugar we already talked about it's got the processed oils we've already talked about it also has msg and basically this toxic sludge ingredient list that tells you this is not real food so your body's not going to be able to digest it not going to be able to break it down it's not going to give you any fiber and nutrients or anything that you need this is a quintessential empty calories worthless not even food like substance so guys thank you so much for watching this video if you want to check out more information and the healthy alternatives on all these foods check out the rest of the videos in this series thank you so much for watching and I'll see you all in the next video


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  2. Awesome awesome awesome information!!, THANK YOU, ❤️🇨🇦

  3. So what can you eat these days

  4. Didnt she use to do asmr ? What happen

  5. Who still eats these things she’s naming

  6. Wow, I love how I just had alot of fruit loops 🤨

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  12. BHA is literally toxic and shouldn't even be in any food to speak of… How it continues to be amazes me

  13. how about " Boost" drinks? My son has consumed only boost and milk for three months now after his tongue cancer treatments. I worry about his health. thanks.

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  15. You are the light of my day. Thank you so much for your beautiful wisdom❤️

  16. thanks corrina so informational

  17. i eat organic canned chilli with no bpa on the can, good food

  18. Not necessarily olive oil. Yes, it changes it chemically when it's heated but only when you heat it to its' smoke point. If anything canola/vegetable oil should have been on this. That is the oil used in most fast food and processed food. It does not occur naturally and should be avoided. As well as soybean oil for its' hormonal effects. Fast food and processed food companies are too cheap to use olive oil.

  19. Tq. Good video

  20. Your killing me with the olive oil. I thought it was healthier than coconut oil. I'm confused. Please Explain.

  21. Only the oil is actually food here. Anyone, thinks is food probably doesn't care enough about their health to be watching this video.
    Olive oil is an omega 6 oil, like coconut oil it's bad. better keep it to a minimum and use nut oils which have excellent health benefits.

  22. Good info, love the backdrop.

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