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food that damages your teeth welcome to blink for the place where you watch more you know more if even near here welcome be sure to subscribe today we talk about foods that can harm your teeth your teeth are extremely valuable then not only help you to your food but also help create the structure of your mouth and speech pattern teeth are built around gum Brown and Root Brown indirectly help you to put any salt of dental problem can be extremely painful the food you eat every day can be the cause of painful dental issues so we have to be careful about the food we consume juice drinks that contain a lot of sugar can be dangerous for your teeth slugs bacteria here is a kind of visit with the help of sugar which damaged the animals carbonic drinks carbonate drinks are usually very acidic Cola and caffeine makes the mouth dry which is bad for your teeth drink water afterwards if you drink this hard candy candy specially hard candy we can sort it and cost it or break it is wise to avert such candies that content high amounts of sugar ice water ice water is a great summer beverage but these eyes can greatly damage your teeth if you chew on it not sugar or any other substance evertune ice to keep your teeth leave dried first dried foods like resins artists eaters but this tastes it and cause damage so brush your teeth after you eat this acidic food as in a food damaged animal so healthy foods can also be harmful for your teeth if you eat something containing a lot of cyclic acid like lemon orange cetera bring water afterwards to ensure good dental health alcohol alcohol can also cause dryness and dehydration in your mouth drinking too much alcohol frequently and disrupt the salable separation in your mouth and damage your teeth and gums causing infection a lot of infections dental issues can cause a lot of hassle in your life so be careful about your dental health take regular care of your teeth and don't forget to see a dentist at least twice a year


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