7 EASY Seated Exercises for Seniors, Decreases Pain, Improves Posture, and Decrease Fall Risk

♪ It’s Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet. ♪ – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – We are the most famous
physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion of course Bob. – Could you quit playing with that? – I’m just saying, it’s fun. Today, we’re going to talk
about 7 easy exercises for seniors. This is going
to help you decrease pain, improve posture, and decrease fall risk. All important issues. – And we’re going to explain why briefly and get right to the exercises. – By the way, if you’re
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This is really for a high level person who
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hockey, anything with a … – Yeah, any sport that involves grip, which is a lot of them like tennis, and what’s that new one, Pickleball now? – Pickleball – All the seniors are playing Pickleball. – Well, you eat some
pickles and see what happens – Did you know that? – And have a ball. I don’t
really know about Pickleball but I’ve heard it’s fun. – All right, Brad, lets get started. – Yeah, okay. So, these
exercises. We’ve worked with this population extensively,
we know what they need. Now what’s going on? – Bob’s waving to me. – Oh, [Laughs] – All right, so these
exercises are done seated, you can do these by yourself safely, ah, and they’re very effective
because they’re going to work on first of all, motion. If
you got some arthritic, painful joints, you get them
moving in the right manner you’re gonna help the
pain. If your posture, which is critical for
balance as well as function, and a number of other… – And avoiding pain. If
you have poor posture, you’re going to get neck pain,
you’re gonna get back pain – Yep. – You got shoulder pain– – It all fits together. – Yeah. – So, we’re going to
focus on that, and then strengthen the legs and
the hips, which helps to get off of a chair,
better balance overall, gonna decrease falls. It all fits in here, believe
us, they’re gonna work. There’s two things you really must do for these exercises to work, and this is where a lot
of exercise programs fail. The first thing you wanna do is get good posture. So, get a chair that has arm rests. A firm chair,
you’re not gonna do this in a seated recliner,
or a cushy lawn chair, you know, or, you know,
a living room chair. – Even kind of a springy back
chair, you don’t wanna have. – Right. – You want a good, solid – Firm – Chair. A lot of times, people have that in their kitchen. – Right. – Kitchen chair with arm rests, okay, and then; posture, you need
to scoot your bottom back so you feel the back side of
your butt up against the chair and then bring the shoulders back and head up as tall as you can. – And then, Brad, we
didn’t talk about this but I would go ahead and
do a couple chin tucks. – Right. – That’s where I would start off, cause if your head is
straight, a lot of times the rest of the body kind of falls away. – Sure, yep, yep – So, Brad, you wanna
show a chin tuck here? – Sure. All right, like this. – Yeah, you’re just going like this. Not down like this, but in
here to get that posture. – Yep. – A lot of times, I’ve
heard that the clue even, like do a chin tuck, and
then feel like there’s a hook on the top of your head and pulling you straight up like this. – Oh. – Have you ever heard that one? – No, but it’s a good visual. – Yeah, it is, it really
pulls you up straight, it keeps you in the right position. – Yeah, I could feel myself get taller. Okay, now the exercises. The first one: breathe deep, this is actually number 2 breathe deep, and you’re
gonna breathe in your nose [Inhales] Fill up those lungs and then exhale out your mouth. And you do three of these. Now, the idea is to do
them slow, not quick [Inhales] And exhale. Now, you can count with this,
and this could be helpful ah, I like to do four.
I count in for four, in my head I do this, and then I exhale out for four. One, two, three, four. There’s other options, I don’t know if you’re gonna mention – There’s the four, seven, eight, where you breathe in for four, [Inhales] And then hold for seven, – Yeah, that’s a long time, so if you can’t make seven – And out for eight – That’s okay – But I think you’re trying to promote that you’re doing these deep
breaths all the way throughout the workout – Right – So, we’ll probably just stick with just in through the nose and
out through the mouth. – Yeah, keep relaxing and keeps the oxygen going to the body. Now, the first stretching exercise, great for posture, is back like this. And, we’re just gonna
think about squeezing the shoulder blades behind your back. Now, if your shoulders are tight and you can’t get this motion that’s okay, just think about
bringing your elbows back and we’re gonna do 10 of these. Count them out to yourself – What’s nice about these
is you’re stretching and strengthening. You’re
stretching the muscles of the pectorals major – Right – And those are the muscles
that tend to round you out and you’re also strengthening the muscles like the rhomboids – Right – And the muscles of the shoulder blade that will hold it back into good positions – And you’ll feel you can breathe better in this position. Much deeper breaths. – Yeah, keep breathing
while you’re doing these – So after you get done with 10 of those we’re gonna do trunk rotation. Again, at tall posture, and this is where the arm
rest could be helpful. You gonna look over your right shoulder twist your trunk and your head look behind you and grab that arm rest give it a little stretch
and that’ll be one and we’re gonna do five
times to each direction. – You do it all one direction first, Brad? – Well, you can do it however. If you want to go five times to the right and then five times to the left you can do it that way,
or you can go right and left. – And, what I would emphasize
here, is that you’re not only stretching the trunk, but you are stretching the neck too. – Right. Yep. – You’re trying to get
range on the neck too. Often times, we see this, the elderly They can’t look back behind them anymore now, with the new cars, they don’t have to anymore. – Right, with the videos. – So, we need to keep that range. – Right. That’s what I would tell people. I say look, turn around like you’re trying to look behind you when you’re backing up your car – Yeah. – And people can relate to that. Well, especially older people because they’re not used to that – Right. – having videos in their car. Okay, and the next one, down to that legs. We’re going to kick up like this like you’re gonna kick the football. And, while you do that, make sure you pull your
toes back this way. That way, you’ll get a little
stretch on your heel cord and your ham strings,
and you’re strengthening the quads and into your tib. Those muscles are
critical to have stretched and strengthened for good balance and a good walking gate pattern. And you’re gonna do 10 on each leg. So, we’re not gonna go
through 10 on each leg but I’d like you to, we just
wanna keep this video going. – Again, all these exercises
kind of double benefit in that they’re stretching
and strengthening. – Right. – At the same time. – Yeah. We got this figured
out, Bob, this is down. – We know what we’re doing. – Okay, the next one, simple ankle pumps. – Great for if there’s some
swelling in your ankles. – Yep. – Um, and even if not, you wanna keep the ankles
strong, they help in balance. – Right. Good range of motion, you can never go wrong with ankle pumps. And these, you can do throughout the day, you can do 10 to 20 of them, – And you can even do this too, you can do heel raises. – Yep. And I actually like to
do the duo reflection too cause then you can think
about getting your toes off the floor. Gives you
something to think about. – So, you do one, then the other. – Yep. – Gotcha. – Rock those feet. Okay now, this next one is big. It’s the last one, we’re on number seven, this is gonna get strength to those quads, those hip muscles, cause most falls, or I shouldn’t say most but a lot of falls happen
getting out of a chair losing balance and down you go so, when you do this, uh, you’re gonna either
have, if you use a walker put that in front of you otherwise, uh, go in front of a table a nice solid table, or like here, you do it in front of a counter top so that you have something in front of you you can grab if you lose
your balance, so it’s safe so you can do it by yourself. – Yeah, if you grab on to like the sink you can get a good grip – Right, exactly, in the kitchen. And I’ll have people
pull your kitchen chair right up by the sink, so
the sink’s in front of you push off from here, and
then you’re gonna stand up nice and tall, you can grab onto the table the sink top, or your walker, and then sit back down. Now, if you’re really strong
and you feel comfortable just pushing up with one hand, that’s fine and if you really feel confident, and you can do it with both
hands up, that’s fine too it’s up your level, up to your level, but – And some people do it with
the arms forward like this – Sure. The more advanced level. – Yeah – And then down, and I’m gonna say do 10 of these, okay? If you can. – And I’m gonna throw in a bonus, Brad. – Okay. – Because, number one was
sit tall with good posture, I don’t say that was really an exercise so I’m gonna throw an extra one. – Okay. – So, this is the one that they recommend when they recommend
seniors work on balance – Yeah. – They do sit to stands – Yeap. – And they also walk to behind the chair, – Okay – I know this was seated but we’re gonna throw
one where it’s not seated and we’re just doing
some abduction like this. – Sure, yeap. – Cause the hips really are involved – Right – in strengthening. – Yeap – For posture – Yeap – I mean, for balance. – Sure. So you just make sure you know, you need to be confident if you happen to walk
with a walker all the time maybe that one would be– – Yeah, that’s a good point, Brad maybe I’m really deviating from what you were trying to say here cause it was all seated. – He’s job jumping being here – I thought I was gonna be really cool in at throwing an extra one in – Laughs] – And now it may not even fit – That’s all right. We understand, Bob. – It is a good one to do. – It is. – And you are fairly safe
because you’re hanging on. – Right. – You could hang on to your walker, or you could hang on to the chair. – So, you can skip that
last one if you want, or if it feels comfortable for you go ahead and say Bob told you. – Yeah, tell which one
of us you like better. [Both Laugh] – Put it in the comments
below, Bob or Brad. – Our time is up, Bob,
we’re gonna have to go, – All right – We’ve got people waiting. – Thanks for watching.


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