7 Diet Habits To Stay Slim │NO MORE KPOP DIETS

Hi guys, it’s summer, and I know you want to lose your weight. I think you already heard about kPOp girl Group members Extreme diet habits such as the one food diet Or the papers cup diet this can be very effective if you have to lose your weight in a short time But this can cause a lot of health problems and Eating disorders, I’d like to tell you that this don’t follow this crazy and dangerous diet habit, I don’t even know if I have to call them diet habits because it’s more like about starving yourself We don’t need to look super skinny like K-Pop idols I think what important is eating healthy food and staying in shape. So for today’s video I’d like to share my small habits that keep my body slim and healthy Have you heard the dieting advice eat breakfast like a king lunch like a prince, and you know like a pauper? Well you it is important, and it’s better to have a big meal in the morning to lose your weight I’ve never skipped my breakfast for 28 years except a few days when I was really late for my work Of course, I enjoyed snacks But it should contain nutrients all yogurts are excellent sources of calcium potassium Protein and Vitamin b. I enjoyed this ui greek yogurts and these days and the taste is just Amazing and the cream is rich while it has 200? million subjective affiliates, so Whatever. I want to have some snacks. I can enjoy it without feeling guilty I eat Little and often By eating smaller meals the body functions more efficiently throughout the day, and it burns your calories They say it’s good to have small meals but for me it’s two months to have like six meals a day so I just be first I have rice for almost every meal, but it consists of carbohydrate, which is not good for losing weight, so Whatever. I eat. I choose smaller bowls so I can eat less When you watch TV. You are relaxed you separate yourself a little bit from your routine and problems That is why you eat more without realizing it you put things in your mouth mechanically which can cause stomach pain Actually, this is something that I’m not really good at it You will know two muscles causes a lot of health problems Also, it does make you thirsty and this leads you to drink more fluids And if the flow is our sugary drink they can cause weight gain because they contain a lot of energy And I drink a lot of water It’s like you should drink. L is two litres of water a day, but I don’t really measure how much I drink this can get talked to your body and Boost Metabolism I Hope you enjoyed this video and if you have other diet habits Please catch me on your instagram photos and let me know your big trip. See you next time. Bye


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  2. I wanna do it, but I can't 😞. My dad is Asian but he don't let us eat Asian food so much or having small plates and bowls.

    And when I want to go in a diet my dad always makes me eat.

    And I'm to lazy to work out to 😑😅

    Btw, Love your videos~

  3. Is it only me but you look a lot like Wendy from Red velvet. By the way I like this video.

  4. Hmmm not watching tv while eating is hard for me 🤣🤣 after school I always watch tv while eating because it makes me less stressful about school assignments 🤭 anyway it's nice video ! Thanks for your advices 😉

  5. Haha and i’m here eating chips and chocolate while watching this

  6. These are such great tips! Thank you!!

  7. My friends are saying I'm already skinny af but I don't feel that comfortable in my body so I tried to lose weight without any yt videos,I just didn't ate any sweets and ate a healthy cereal with fruits in the morning and danced a lot and went to the gym.Now I am feeling comfortable in my body,and sometimes when I don't eat too much,I am eating sweets and I eat whatever I want if I feel good eating it.You don't have to look good for others,look good for yourself,important is that you feel comfortable in your body.I really love your videos and you!You're such a cute and beautiful person keep doing your thing!♡♡♡

  8. I'm chubby I need a diet 😭😭

  9. You looks like Hyuna from 4minutes😂😂

  10. The queen spoke out!!!

  11. I'm greek, so greek yogurt isnt a problem.

  12. I drink only water, and eat alot of healthy foods. But sometimes I eat alot of salt because my dad did it and it's in my blood line and we have like a salt deficiency lmfao

  13. Asian food is healthy and I'm hungry when I see it. But the most things in Europe, which are tasty, aren't too healthy. Here healthy things are not making me hungry while just looking at this food. Shit.

  14. i love this whole video, but the beginning message specifically, is so important.
    thank you!!💕💕💕❤️❤️

  15. I think it’s just genetic factor

  16. i saw pd101s2 omg!!

  17. U r so cute😄

  18. Honestly your diet kinda sounds western. Snacking is not healthy for you especially packaged food. Little and often isn’t practical

  19. Honey that’s not slim it’s skinny

  20. eats good breakfast

    eats good lunch

    night rolls around

    stuffs chips in mouth


  21. watching the video and gets a KFC add
    Lmao guess who’s going to KFC

  22. 1:22 …. of course you're Korean so they make you snacks that care about your health.

    As an american I'm already lost… LMFAO

  23. Very sensible

  24. My tip: don't buy foods that cause addicting…

  25. Gimana cara pemesanan Staislim

  26. Thank you so much for bringing all of this up. It is important to know that these diets shouldn't be glorified. They are scary and dangerous.

  27. Habits that helped me to become more healthy (and at the same time unintentionally losing easly weight):
    One that worked for me the best is the 3/2 rule – making sure to eat at least 3 vegetables and 2 fruits every day.
    This way I avoid unhealthy snacks, because I rather eat a fruit or a vegetable to make sure, that I achieve my 3/2 goal everyday. Usually I eat 1 fruit (with oatmeal or yoghurt) in the morning, 1-2 vegetables (with protein and carb source) at lunch and then I eat 1 fruit as a snack and 1 vegetable at the evening (f.e. salad, cooked brokkoli or whatever ^-^).
    Other habits:
    2 liter of water or unsweetened tea every day
    – inform yourself about the dangers of sugar – I read two science books about it and it changed my life, since I become more aware what kind of dangers lie in some products that I eat regularly before
    – try to cook and prepare as much of the food that you eat yourself, ready-made-products often contains unhealthy and trans fats that effect your health in the worst way possible
    – walk more (just 10 minutes more walking a day can make a difference over a long period of time)

  28. If this doesn't work i'm gonna get fat.
    I don t know why ppl say i m skinny i look like a potato.

  29. I already might have a eating disorder

  30. Wait. You’re 28?? You’re looking like you’re 17😭😍

  31. this is really good diet. thanks

  32. The diet doesn't cause the eating disorder… The disorder is caused by the brain and causes diet changes

  33. Sadly I didn't find those Yohi biscuits on the Internet :((

  34. The food you eat look so healthy (rice and kimchi) of course you are thin!

  35. You are so pretty and inspirational! Thanks for sharing how you stay slim the healthy way.

  36. I trick I do when I’m hungry (like as snack or fun eating) I “air eat” basically I think of a food I want to eat and pretend like I’m eating it, I know it’s funny but sometimes if I’m concentrating a lot I can taste it lmao, and it helps alot

  37. I thought u were wendy at first

  38. I used to skip my breakfast and I ended up puking water -_

  39. My secret eat homemade food = healthy food

  40. Eating less later in the night is helpful. I work late sometimes so if I’m starving after work I’ll eat a snack like goat cheese and slices of apple or a pepper.

  41. Me:*drinks water* gains 18273635532422627 lbs
    Everyone else:*eats the world* loses 83722553627273883828282 lbs

  42. U look like a kpop idol urself

  43. Omg you look like Kim jisoo from BTS JK

  44. Where can I find some rice containers?

  45. Thank you for putting the caption in Portuguese! I loved the video💙💙

  46. tratare de hacerlo :3

  47. drinking lots of water is very good yes (´꒳` )

  48. You so cute ^^

  49. A lot of people say that intermittent fasting is a way to go and eating 5-6 small meals a day is a fad but honestly I felt so much better and was thin when I was eating 5 small meals a day than intermittent fast

  50. When she said don’t watch tv while eating I was like “ya ya I agree cuz you don’t notice that your eati- REALIZATION IM EATING*

  51. If only losing weight was this simple.😪

  52. I really wanna look like kpop idols 😓😓

  53. Is it okay to drink cold water

  54. I tried a lot of diets. When I was 13 I made a diet, where I lost about 17 kg . I had a normal weight , but I didn't feel good .( I did this diet for about 7 month and had only 2 meals a day )And I could tried a 1000kcal diet . Ist da jetzt worked for 2 weeks, but after two weeks, I didn't feel well, too . And I had a headache, because I didn't eat enough.

  55. hello! i live in the US but do you know any way for me to order or buy 요하이 crackers??
    미국에 살고있는 한국고등학생이에요.. 근데 한인마트에서는 요하이가 없어서 한번물어봤어여,, 감사합니다 !

  56. Try the SCD diet! It works like a charm💕

  57. Thank god this is in english

  58. hi jina kim!!
    i am 14 i weigh 49kg and im 162cm
    i have always been naturally slim and petite, but i don’t know why my stomach pokes out. i think i have bloating problems. i have always been insecure about my stomach that i would suck it in, and now i can’t stop. do you know any remedies for people who are always bloated.? thank you💕💕

  59. Carbs are fine for losing weight. You are promoting eating disorders. This video is inaccurate and so is the fake colour of your skin.

  60. I'm still doing shantokki diet 😆

  61. I don't really have time to eat breakfast or lunch so I only get to eat dinner and I eat alot so that's why I'm quite heavy lol . But ig it's okay than looking so thin that my counselor will get worried and said I didn't eat at all… Lmao

  62. YOURE 28? Oh my goodness you look so young !

  63. Is nobody gonna talk about Sook on her TV??

  64. Rose from Blackpink eats so much.But she LOSES weight, while I try my best not to eat and still gained 10 kg (22kg) in 10 months 😭😭😭😭,WHYYYYYY?!?!?!?!

  65. Being an Asian I just can't stay without rice 😅😅

  66. personally i eat slower when i watch something…

  67. Thank you for Ukrainian subtitles!💖

  68. Sean 6 o 3 comidas al día es lo mismo si mantienen la misma densidad calórica y de nutrientes, so…

  69. It's so hard to diet when your in a Mexican household 😭😂😂😂

  70. Tip that works for me is drinking water while watching tv or doing activities where I usually mindlessly eat. I have a huge bottle filled with water and a straw while I watch shows and I’ll usually finish the whole bottle without even realizing it. It’s a good replacement instead of snacking and helps me keep hydrated. Although I still love snacking while watching shows I’ll plan out my snack beforehand so I’m not overeating.

  71. since i'm arab, dates are a staple fruit for us. although it's a little high in calories, i eat 1-3 dates and drink 1-2 cups if water 30-60 minutes before my meal; it tricks your body into thinking you already ate, therefore making you feel less hungry and eat less.

  72. It's my secret…. I don't tell anyone… If i tell it's not a secret

  73. 😂😂✌️

  74. My snacks are just plain popcorn

  75. Me: watches this video

    Also me: Eats 1000000000 chocolates bar throughout the video

  76. I've found that how food is prepared and my perception of it can change how much I eat. When I make scrambled eggs I usually eat 2 and it fills me up, but when I made an omelette using two eggs, because it looked smaller I didn't feel as full, and I found myself wanting to make another.
    I also tend to choose cereal over sandwiches when deciding what to eat if I have to eat brunch, because the cereal looks small (or at least it's a bunch of smaller things, where as a sandwich is a few big things).
    It's probably just me and some underlying problem with getting intimidated by large amounts of food though lol

  77. You’re look like Irene from red velvet! Awww^^ you sooo pretty

  78. 3:35 – talks about water
    drinks green tea

  79. Thanks for the vid! Some great tips. I have a couple more tips!
    -Use a calorie counter app (i use my fitness pal). Its a bit tedious at first but it helps to understand your current diet and improve your calorie and nutrient intake. It will also help with protion control.
    -An alternative to Greek yogurt is Skyr, which has a milder taste and is so thick! I snack on it when im hungry, since even a table spoon is enough to fill me up!
    -Do not drink your calories! Cut down/reduce drinking sugary drinks (soda, juice, squash,alcholol) and drink water instead. If you drink lots of sugary drinks you may be suprised how much weight you'll loose from just cutting them out.
    -Move! This was really helped me loose weight and its good for after reaching a plateau. Find excersize you like; I hate intense FEEL THE BURN work outs, but I love dancing and walking.
    -Eat more protein. It fills you up better than carbs with more nutrients. This is something im struggling with bc I am used to having a high carb diet since childhood. Atm i generally snack on protein (yogurt, nuts) but am looking for ways to swap some carbs in my meals to protein and good fat.
    -Weight yourself at maximum once a week. I got quite obsessive and weighed myself twice a day. You wont see progress and it can give you lots of extra stress of you weigh yourself too much.

  80. I don't need to stay slim I need to get slim

  81. I really wanna eat less, or skip some meals since a lot of the time I’m pretty full still by the time we need to eat dinner but my mom forces me to eat most of the time 🤡 I just wanna be healthy n slim 😔🤟🏻

  82. My mom thinks i dont eat enough but calls me fat and when i ate healthier she said stop starving yourself but im even unhealthier if my mom is telling me to eat

  83. You are 28 years old? It's like you are in your early 20..girl you are amazing.

  84. she is chubby
    too many yoghurt cookies

  85. Is it just me r anybody saw Kim soo hyun at 2:43 I love Kim soo hyun😍😍

  86. What’s your current height and weight jina? If you don’t mind

  87. well,i did try jimin[bts] diet…for 10 days i only eat one meal….until i got hospitalized because didn't have enough protein and water in my body….and i realize that i shouldn't follow any kpop idols diet because its to dangerous and unhealthy….so yeah i eat 6 time in a day…for m€ what more important is that you always workout…

  88. The simpliest way is to cut down totally the sugar intake (all kinds of sugar) its sugar who makes you feel hungry, the more sugar intake the more you feel hungry. This is base on my experience. when i started to cut sugary foods i feel less craving or hungry….

  89. My mom always buys too much food especially sweets and I can survive maximally 3 days then I binge a lot again and feel really disappointed in myself 🙁

  90. When I watch and eat I get distracted by the video and stop eating

  91. If you drank water and waited for half an hour before every meal this could help too in loosing weight

  92. Yeah I can't find any of these foods anywhere all I can find is tomato and Mexican rice

  93. Intermittent fasting solves all your problems…..

  94. I eat a heavy breakfast with carbs, then for lunch, i go for veggies, fruits and protein, then for dinner i just eat oatmeal 100 calories and it keeps me full and i sleep better because i cannot sleepy hungry. From 144 to 142 in a week, yeah its not much, but im not starving.

  95. Omg your dog 😍

  96. bold of you to assume I was slim to begin with 😑😑

  97. What would be a good breakfast. Im not a fan of kimchi but i love rice.

  98. i ate 6 meals a day (3 full meals, and 3 snacks) and i lost 3 pounds in a week

  99. Its hard if you have a guardian watching you….

  100. Every time I feel hungry I drink water first and it helps because most of the time I’m just dehydrated

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