7 Best Muscle Building Minerals

the seven best muscle building minerals the truth is that growing muscle when the body systems are not in perfect shape is extremely hard not to say impossible a deficiency in any one of the most important minerals will significantly reduce your training performance it can also slow down muscle recovery and reduce their growth inversely when the body counts with all the minerals and needs building muscle comes along naturally in this video I will tell you everything you need to know about the seven best and most important minerals that once included in your diet will make your muscles grow as never before number seven iron iron enables the transportation of oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and muscles therefore a lack of iron in your diet will translate into lower exercise performance this decrease means that your muscles won't be pushed to their limits making muscle growth much more difficult foods high in iron whole grains clams liver lentils and others number six sodium sodium increases the amount of liquid in muscle cells speeding up their growth it also improves the response of our muscles to insulin filling their energy reserves faster in storing less fat sodium also increases muscle strength and improves the nerves impulses we must never consume excessive amounts of sodium because it can make the body retain a necessary liquid by adding a moderate amount of salt to your food you provide your body with all the sodium it needs to grow muscle number 5 phosphorous this mineral plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates proteins and the production of energy it's responsible for several molecules formation such as ATP in the muscles ATP is the main source of energy for the muscles who also use it to recover and grow foods high in phosphorus protein rich foods such as cheese meat eggs yogurt dark chocolate or cocoa seeds number four chromium chromium is an essential element in carbohydrate fat and insulin metabolism chromium deficiency causes glucose intolerance a condition that must be avoided by all means especially when the aim is to build muscle quickly foods high in chromium oysters liver potatoes whole wheat brown rice whole oats among others number three zinc this mineral is involved in testosterone production it improves appetite and it takes part in many other processes associated to muscle growth taking the correct daily amount of zinc with your food approximately 30 milligrams a day makes muscle growth much easier foods high in zinc oysters liver whole eggs and meet number two calcium calcium is vital for the development of muscle strength muscular contraction is impossible without it consequently calcium deficiency reduces strength diminishes exercise performance and produces considerable damage to the bones checking if you're providing your body with the amount of calcium it needs is very important because foods high in proteins which are essential to grow muscle are also very rich in phosphorus you need to consume an equal amount of calcium to absorb most of the phosphorus you eat properly foods high in calcium milk and other dairy products fish eggs and others number one magnesium multiple studies prove that magnesium is very important to build big muscles quickly the nervous system needs it to work properly and to increase the power of the nerves impulses to the muscles in other words to increase their strength it takes part in protein synthesis which helps muscles recover and grow faster foods high in magnesium nuts and other seeds dark chocolate cocoa seeds fish spinach beans and lentils these seven minerals can never lack from your diet a deficiency in any one of them can be the difference between building big well-defined muscles and remaining with teeny ones so should you get a mineral supplement like you take a vitamin one the best option is to cover all your daily mineral requirements with your diet nevertheless I strongly recommend taking supplemental doses of magnesium and zinc or vitamin mineral supplements remember that you must be extremely careful about the daily amount of minerals you consume some can be toxic if taken in excess I hope you can apply these tips to get a step closer to the body of your dreams if you wish a permanent body change click on the link just below this video see you soon


  1. You have to excersize also tho u cant jus take vitamins and get muscles and be strong. Atleast 45-1hr of a workout meaning weights and a lil walking or jogging 1mile atleast

  2. Keep in mind that zinc on high doses like 40mg and above in a daily basis can lead to a copper deficiency, so stick to the 30mg a day of zinc and don't go crazy with it thinking it will increase your testosterone, as again, it will only cause copper deficiency.

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  4. Iodine, zinc, magnesium, d3, k2, boron with Omega 3 plus an all around multi vitamins. That is the secret sauce!! Arginine and orthine before workout to increase HGH

  5. How much is enough magnesium for the guy who goes gym?

  6. So eat fish eat nuts, Some cheese, greens, and add Some magnesium calcium vitamine d and zinc supplements

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  9. Take Himalayan salt as a supplement has almost all the minerals your body needs

  10. Vitamin K2, D3 and boron are also very important for muscle growth and over all heath as well

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  12. Should do one on foods to eat

  13. #1 should have been,,,,boron….look it up.

  14. This video sucks. Animal calcium is bad for you. You should only get your calcium from vegetables. They didn't even mention green leafy vegetables, broccoli etc. Actually you should get your lean protein through beans and veggies too. Think of animal meat and dairy at a snack food, get your nutrition from everything else.

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  17. 5-10 oysters a day, massive amounts of minerals and vitamin c

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  28. niceeee thanks, I have 8 whole eggs a day so I think I cover the phosphore department

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