60 Minute Indoor Trainer Workout


  1. music sucks!!!

  2. Great workout. Wish I could get a ride in with this group for real!!

  3. Good tunes and a great workout, it pushed me through one hour. Thanks for uploading.

  4. Muy buen video, excelente!! ya me suscribí y active la campanilla para estar atenta a lo que suban!!!
    Good video!! excellent!! I already subscribed and active the bell to be ready for your new video! thanks

  5. Great workout for the rollers (the music's kinda lame, though). Hit mute and suffer!


  7. Just discovered your videos amd helping me until my computer arrives plus helps the bordem

  8. Top….thank you….

  9. Could you show a map of the ride before the start so that we can see where we our riding. I find these videos very helpful in the winter.

  10. 🔥

  11. questo inverno ho deciso di allenarmi con voi…grazie e complimenti from italy

  12. Great landscape,great video ! Thank you.

  13. Thank you for producing this, I enjoyed riding along😉. The playlist was also great.

  14. super vidéo!! difficile mais on s'accroche et l'heure passe vite…j'ai progressé en vélocité dans la pratique du vélo su route . un coucou de Marseille

  15. Why did i watch the entire video?

  16. Franga return 😀👍 my favourite route

  17. great class so far

  18. 60 Mins., How many Kms / miles?

  19. Solo aguante 40 minutos, primera vez en un rodillo de entrenamiento.

  20. Thanx wow

  21. How many miles does this ride cover?

  22. Thanks!!!! Had an amazing workout with ur vid. Greetings from Peru.

  23. What is 3/5 effort level? Huh? Do you even FTP BRUH

  24. i guess the music is a sign of the times.

  25. Thanks again! I'm gonna share with all my bike buddies here in the Detroit area! If I could donate, I would.

  26. OMG!!! YEAH!! Gran video, gracias desde Barcelona

  27. Thanks a lot. First time i got a cramp on the trainer in the last effort, you pushed me to the limit because i expected a cool down after 15 min to go 😉

  28. This is my favorite spinning video! It is perfect! I love the music and the rhythm of efforts and pauses. I wonder where the route is which you are cycling, because there are so many other cycling groups on the streets.

  29. Honestly, how do you guys ride for an hour with no one pointing or yelling “rider up”?

  30. Ka pai guys!!!!

  31. Great riding partner! Thanks so much for these videos. Love it!

  32. Dear friend I love bike ride videos it's a great use of technology but I must strongly strongly recommend that you attach the camera to your helmet or chin strap as the angle of the camera puts my view straight up the ass of the person in front of you also it makes my perspective view that of a kid on a kids bike

  33. omg time for carbs

  34. I killed it!

  35. Loved it 😍

  36. adoro estos videos estoy muerto y sudando a chorros

  37. Music is very distracting, can’t watch whole vid

  38. Great video alright but what does "effort level" actually mean? Is that zone 3? Without knowing what watts you need to be doing its hard to judge your effort? Id like to use this video out on the road on my bike wit the power meter.

  39. Esse treino é muito incentivador, consegui fazer 1h de bike ergométrica. Estou começando agora, mas todos os dias irei fazer, Parabéns pelo video !

  40. Love the videos also love the kit , is it available to buy ? Striped yellow, blue and orange , Cheers

  41. Where can I buy the clothing you guys wear on these rides?
    Would love to buy one, and ride it true Europe…
    Can't find the wright way, or I need a password.

  42. Essa primeira musica do video ja bota fogo no treino..

  43. muy muy bueno!! me ayuda en mis entrenamientos dentro de casa! saludos desde Argentina!

  44. Good work, grazie!!!! )

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