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good morning everyone this morning we are going to be filming a all the grocery haul which if you know me at all you know that it is like my favorite place in the world to grocery stores and generals make me really happy especially good budget grocery stores where you can also get really high quality items so that is the plan for this morning I figured I would just sit down I kind of talk about my general approach to grocery shopping how I make my lists kind of how I go about it and just go from there so right now I've got my list right here I'll show you guys um so basically over here make a list of everything that I need this is like some meal ideas for the week which I'll talk about and then this is stuff that I already have so for this week I'm gonna be making some tuna salad I'm gonna be doing that unlike sandwiches on the salad it's just like with veggies that kind of stuff and then my friend Trish posted this really delicious looking meal the other day these salads with squash pepitas and shrimp so I'm gonna be trying to recreate that my poke turns out as good as hers but we shall see and then I bought some cauliflower Doki from Trader Joe's last week so I'm going to be making some of that this week you need to get some like sauce and everything and then just you know like some egg whites just like I always make so yeah that's kind of how I tend to approach egg what I usually do is I think of home meal ideas and I pick some really yummy and then I'll just kind of break it down by ingredient so for the tuna for example obviously you need tuna you need stuff to make it mix into the tuna which I use like a laughing cow cheese wedge avocado normally and then stop with that usually I'll do spring mix or arugula or something like that and then some vegetables usually tomatoes mini peppers that kind of stuff and then ice and dressing in the fridge they also use um that's not an important thing is making sure that you're not buying stuff that you already have for example I already have a list of like bread rice I know that I have plenty of that and I don't need any more of it so yeah that's kind of how I approach it generally every weekend groceries I do aim to spend less than $40 sometimes I do go a little bit more but generally I can get everything that I need at Aldi for between thirty and forty dollars I have gotten pretty good at this over time though so you know don't don't freak out if you're spending more than that a lot of people do I just kind of I'm a really good discount finder and I pride myself on that so yeah that's kind of the plan I am just going to finish looking over this make sure that I haven't forgotten anything finish my coffee and I will see you guys at Ollie's [Applause] [Applause] as I just finished up at Aldi now they had everything on my list except for one thing they didn't have butternut squash which they usually do have but they didn't have any say maybe it's seasonal I haven't looked for it since like last fall but I mean yeah I'm gonna wanted to run to one more grocery store see if they have it if not I'll just figure it out but yeah that's it I was gonna film more in there but this lady who I just like kept being stuck behind shooting me weird looks I was like mm maybe not be I gonna run to jainneil I think maybe Lucky's I don't know we'll see and then I'll see you at home all right so just get home and set everything out I think I'm just gonna walk you guys through everything kind of like I've done on my stories on Instagram in the past kind of group it by meal but we're just gonna see see how this goes I don't really know the right way to do this though we're gonna we're gonna figure it out and hopefully this turns out okay all right so I'm gonna start off with this uh this butternut squash salad I'm gonna make so the first thing I guess I should start off with this I did not get it all dialled he did not have a butternut squash so I went to a different grocery store and got that but this is gonna be going with these in a salad so a spring mix and shredded lettuce I might end up eating more lettuce to speak so I might end up having to go out to get more which is not a big deal and then I'm gonna be cooking up a bunch of shrimp probably in bulk and putting this on top of the salads I like the medium shrimp I always buy it wrong because I like to cook it myself roasted pepitas my friend Trish had these they were like spicy ones so I might end up roasting or not roasting adding some chili powder to these and turning him into like a spicy Pepita instead except sounds delicious then I got some grape tomatoes and strawberries these were I think 90 cents this week's that's a really good deal honestly probably gonna go get more I wish I got two containers so that's that one salad and then my tuna salads or tuna sandwiches I'm just gonna be doing you know some tuna I like tuna in water and then I make that with garlic and herb cheese wedges in a little bit of avocado this falcata was massive and it was only 79 cents and then I always add in this seasoning actually also to my tuna salad I actually got two of these because I'm out and Zack is out and I usually keep one in both of our houses and then on top of that I just got some smoked salmon this is super delicious with avocado and egg whites on bread these mini peppers are gonna be going on the salads as well and these are all just really good snacking things and they're also super yummy with egg whites yeah and I'm also and I have some sun-dried tomatoes that I'm gonna be making with these as well and that's just for general usage I got some asparagus and Brussels sprouts these are two of my favorite veggies I also love broccoli but I have a bunch of that in the fridge already like I said I'm a knife Califano key so I'm gonna be air frying that and putting some pasta sauce on here this one my favorite pasta sauce is the macros are amazing they may be a little high in sugar for some people but I don't care so yeah this is amazing for me and then I got rice cakes cuz I was completely out of those oats this is 250 for this giant thing and it's lasts me like at least a month so that's an amazing deal and then I've got some tilapia fillets just to keep macros and sloppy are ridiculous it's too fat 20 protein and that's it I usually buy salmon but I've just been craving another kind of fish swimming with tilapia I got two containers of egg whites these I use I use these every day at least twice normally and then just to have I got some rice cauliflower is the garlic and herb on they season it themselves macros and ingredients are amazing three carb one protein and yeah look at those ingredients really really really good and then that's the same on this these are just really good to have on hand in case like exhaling you know my carbs early in the day and I need something a little bit lower carb before dinner so yeah that's what that's for and then my favorite potatoes these are also just kind of have around in case I want them and yeah I think if that's everything I'm gonna try and find the receipt yeah so here's my receipt from with everything I spend 57 12 Plus this which is it was like $5 I'm kind of kicking myself for buying this doing this the wrong way but whatever yeah we're gonna call it 60 bucks on the week which really isn't terrible a lot of this is gonna last me way longer like that oats thing is gonna last me wild rice cakes are gonna last me a while yeah I don't know so yeah this has been my little grocery haul I will be filming all of the meals that I made or that I bought stuff for in my full day of eating today which will be up after this video I just want to get this little grocery haul up as soon as possible so that I might be kind of helpful for some people yeah that was my little all deal this week you know nothing too exciting I'm of this video probably wasn't super riveting or anything like that but I do get a lot of questions about like groceries and meal prepping and stuff like that and I don't meal prep I know I was talking about meals specifically but I don't meal prep this is all gonna be stuff that I'm gonna make a day of I will be making stuff like the shrimp in bulk and I will make the butternut squash in bulk because how the hell am I gonna put this thing I don't know but we're gonna figure it out and yeah that's obviously gonna be easier to cook in a larger quantity than a smaller one but otherwise yeah I make everything fresh that day just because that's how I prefer my food obviously you know this all can be pretty much meal prepped if you want to make like two nights I have in bulk that's you know totally up to you I don't personally do that but I mean you know whatever works for you it works for you this just works for me so yeah this is kind of a move you have any questions about how I like plan out this kind of stuff feel really them in the comments and I will get back to you if you like this kind of video please let me know I know I probably should have like done something a little bit more like cinematic or whatever but I don't know simple I feel like is also pretty nice so yeah I will just let that in I'll see you guys in the next one


  1. Ahh I love that you're on YouTube now! Love your instagram & will be looking forward to new videos! 🙂

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