6 Smoothie Bowl Recipes | Delicious + Healthy Breakfast & Dessert | Naturally Jo


  1. Only if I had a new smoothie maker ;—;

  2. Hmmm loos so YUMMY😍

  3. Thank you for sharing with us 😌🙏💗😊🤗

  4. What blender do you use??

  5. I literally never knew you could make your food these colors using healthy natural ingredients

  6. What blender do you use?

  7. Who else came here to see the video then realized they might never do it and got hungry

  8. I’m hungry

  9. Lol I tried this and it turned into chunky liquid

  10. Looks like slime thats why i clicked

    Like if u agree

  11. THEY ALL LOOK SUPER Delicious

  12. I thought it was slime from the thumbnail

  13. What kinda blender is that😅

  14. What kind of blender did you use?

  15. Is it just me or does the music sound like thank u next?

  16. 1:19 poor berry 😂

  17. A perfect video

  18. they all look so pretty-

  19. Why is nobody talking about how cool her blender is!?!?!

  20. Ummm i thought It was slime

  21. I kept hoping that spoon thing had a purpose. Couldn't be more wrong.

  22. La verdad se hace agua la boca, se ve dulce, frío y muy suave ❤️

  23. I thought they were slimes….

  24. Thought it was a slime lmao

  25. Tell me the name of that blender please

  26. When you have a new blender

  27. Honestly the colours look too vibrant to be legit xD

  28. Bunlara bayılan sadece ben miyim??

  29. SOOOOOO PRETTYYY what makes the rasberries white????

  30. “MOM”


  31. guess whos hungry—-

  32. yo catch me surprising my SU-obsessed bestie with that rose quartz bowl! the gemstones are so cool.

  33. lol my blender cant do that

  34. Now we all know damn well ain't one of gon do it

    except for that ONE person

  35. I thought this was slime from the thumbnail but then I read the title and it was a smoothie

  36. That's not smoothie consistency

  37. I'm waay too lazy


  39. Where did you buy this mixer?

  40. So this is where other channels gt there clickbait photos

  41. This extremely astheticly pleasing

  42. Why does it look so good?

  43. I want a smoothie machine🍨

  44. It’s not really a smoothie just blended frozen fruit in a bowl

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