6 Rookie Mistakes As A Gym Newbie I Wish I Never Made!!!

what's going on YouTube Gables say aka the truth welcome back to another teach me Tuesday here's my top six mistakes that I made these are mistakes that I want to pass to you because I don't want you to make the same mistakes the first one which a lot of you're probably doing now is avoiding leg day I have waited leg day like the plague putting weight on your back is not appealing when you first start rated pushing weight away from you like bench press so you get a chest that girls can see that's more appealing right but legs is a foundation of any decent physique in number of things that helped eventual hell helps a lot of different exercises when I decided to actually start training legs I started using the Smith machine joke dings that's probably one of my biggest biggest regrets because my my legs are long in any way so you know that people with short legs they're their next fill out really quickly they're like they could do like squats for like two days and they they've got massive legs because there's not as much to fill so I'm already in a disadvantaged position and I put myself in an even more disadvantaged position by not doing it so just take from me please just start number two was ego lived in this was me all over when I realized that had like a a decent strength for my size ego lifting was the thing it was so bad it's probably but it's the reason for most of my injuries quarter squat gang that was me flared elbows on the bench press down with me bouncing the weight on the leg press that was the worst one that was the worst like alright so you know that thing that I think is ridiculous now and it just looks really stupid when people put like they put all the weights on their leg press and then there are there's not enough way oh and then they're going get you know say I Jimmy Jimmy common come and stand on it that was me so I've put all the weights on and it was it was one it was one of those leg presses that kind of like that as opposed to straight up and down and got my friends sat on it and my friend Bufo like not massive anyway and I'm bouncing it off the off the rubber bits and I'm making all this noise and stop yeah the girls are looking but I don't know actually what they're thinking they're probably like what a moron it didn't help anything when I when I started to come away from that that's when I saw the real development in my speed my strength and everything else and just development of my physique and less injuries on my deadlift my deadlift was no legs all back pulling straight from my back I'm surprised my spine didn't go number three was not eating properly at all like I've said in previous videos on my transformation videos though we would have liked a tuna sandwich and like meal deal and think that's a good post-workout meal but in my head at that time I was thinking the I need to hit the anabolic window the 30-minute anabolic window which for you guys I don't know that's complete BS absolutely yes it's me improvement is beers actually after get my anabolic window so then are being like rubbish or hobby in the whole day and then because I've got my meal in the anabolic window I'm meant to grow and then the other thing was supplements I'm then thinking oh if I hit my anabolic windows and then I have create chain and I'll have protein powder of course I'll grow it doesn't work like that you need to have a certain amount of calories that would cost them to you that you have to here and eat throughout the day so like as a beginner I wish I just ate just eat a lot like it was hard for me to keep weight on so I just needed to eat a lot a not even if you even if you've just died and like you're skinny fat build muscle just eat and build muscle don't cut build muscle but that is the main thing when it comes to this whole game the whole point of this to build muscle to then cut to show muscle so yeah food was definitely terrible honestly number four this I still see people doing it now training for your one rep max every single flip in session I'll come in and I'll be like oh I did like this is when I was trying to break like a hundred hundred kilo bench mark and I was like on like 95 or something I'll be like oh hit 95 in and I'll go for a hundred and then fail and in the next session I'll be like hit 95 would go 400 and then I fail and then the next session on my butt there's an you have there's no like progress there's no even like any growth in terms of okay so I'm gonna do this and then I'll do this this week which is a slight progression and then this week a slight variation is just like John John John and it was like trying to do it and my body's not recovered and they're trying to do it again and buddy's not like you can't test your one rep max all the time and I see it happen in every gym I've gotta go to every single gym there's at least two or three people that you see trying the same way and failing the same way every week we need to have a structure of progressive overload periodization of reason for why you're training a certain way to assist you to then break those PB virtually impossible to hit Phoebe's constantly every week all the time you might have one run where you've like done a lot of periodization and all of a sudden just that bang bang bang bang and then you start seeing a strength but then it hits a point where it just it just stops you need to rethink what do I do know and then grow again number five kind of leads kind of leads on for number four is I didn't track any of my weights for any of my lives though mistake that comes from this is if I go and bench honor to say like now I go and do 140 kilos for oh no eight reps kind of average for me I don't write that down I come back the next week and I'm like raaaah bearing in mind that's a week unless you're doing like two two times a week and stuff like that even two times a week you come back for the next session in your like wait did I do last time you're sitting there racking your brain racking your brain and sigh I think it was 144 five so you do one for you four five you just regretted yourself I said in video you're still in your own game your your own game stick when you write things down you can then see the progress and you can visually see everything and it just one helps you know that you are progressing and two gives you a boost to kind of fuel you and give you that kind of like a number six is not realizing that genetics plays a massive part in everything and I'm not just talking about you know muscle building I'm talking about the structure of people whose Anatomy so you know if someone was to compare my forearm length to someone else's it would be different which means by my forearm length is quite long which means my arms long which makes my dad look good I was comparing myself to another body like bodybuilders in in Bristol this is when I was in Bristol as a guy called what's-his-name ha ha I remember yoza he owns a gym called Ministry of Fitness in in Bristol at Tom Blackman I think and he's a short guy very strong very well-built and he had like short legs so his legs just exploding out of there like scenes and she is Carla my car tonight is and my legs aligned so I'm not going to get the same results as someone who has that kind of an anatomic build an atomic that makes sense I was comparing myself to all these people and then almost getting disheartened at points and I'm like oh whatever you know it just doesn't work or it must be you must be taking this oh you must be creative or he can afford creatine you know there's just certain things that you just can't achieve by looking at someone else you have to stay in your own lane and realize the development that you're making and see how you can maximize it your development or watch people who are similar to you but don't compare but adds it oh this kind of like shed some light on the fact that one everyone starts somewhere and to don't make these mistakes you know you've been told now so don't make the mistakes hope you enjoyed this video hope it helped don't forget to Like comment share subscribe I'm out ooping it's good show guys mmm the chocolate keeping up workers no gangsta you just in that person


  1. New subscriber but dang man you're already one of my favorites. Your humor and humility is great. You aren't trying to sound cool or better than the people you're educating and you relate to all of us. Keep it up

  2. I shall never eat healthily i don’t give a fuck

  3. I'm skinny af
    So I wanna build some muscle ya know…
    And u just told me to do my favorite thing (eat)

  4. Good video I've done some of these mistakes

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  6. I DID enjoy this video and thanks…

  7. i am a eatbeast. every day, i'm eat, watch the kripper. i love eat and watch. please not the paste.

  8. my friend the problem is current days trainers boring in 2019 with evolution about train and have stupid trainers

  9. #6 is super important.

    Thank God my genetics is of Godliness

    I knew a guy that worked out everyday and could lift more weight then the body builders in the gym.

    And the kids arms remained the same for years

    You ever heard of chicken legs the kid had chicken arms for 4 years straight 🤔

  10. Technique > Ego

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  13. Forgetting what weights and exercises I did last time is the reason I sometimes spend more time thinking that actually lifting. At least I'm giving my brain a workout ;D

  14. I love seeing such fit men and women who would normally be the intimidating ones in the gym make fun of all this nonsense. I feel like alot of beginners come in, see a bunch of a holes who look like they know everything and think oh if I'm not walking like a duck after I must not be doing a good job.

    Glad I accidentally found the channel.

  15. "if you compare my forearms to someone else, wont be the same. My forearm is quite long, which makes my arms long, which make my….  deadlift good"

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  23. Gabriel, could you give me advice I'm a big dude, let the handles swing off a bit (kinda fat) I haven't been in the gym for a while now. Any advice on a balanced gym plan.

  24. 1. Only hitting leg press (i.e. no squats, leg extensions, etc.)
    2. Not hitting delts directly, thinking bench press and overhead press would build them.
    3. Skipping leg days.
    4. Attempting to PR 315 squat, 4 consecutive leg days in a row.
    5. Eating poorly on rest days.
    6. Comparing myself to my mates (e.g. Friend weighs 165-170 and has a max deadlift of 500, I weigh 235-240 and my max is 365.)

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  26. My friend I know how that feels 😅

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  28. i have a very high metabolism and i’m very skinny 🙁 what do i do?

  29. Good video bruv. 😅👌🏾

  30. Do leg day then run up stairs as fast as you can

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  32. 7:20 To answer your question, that was Dobby the House Elf being told he can't have the sock after all.

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  39. I really wanna start but I feel like I’m pretty lost in what workouts to do and how to organize my sets and reps it’s so confusing. I know the basic ones like bench, squats, etc cause those are what I used to do in my school weight room but that was 3 years ago and I forgot what to do now.

  40. Im a 130 pound 5’9 guy(ik skinny asf) any certain meals you recommend

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  47. I love your character my man! Keep doing videos because you are an inspiration to the youth that see no future in front of them

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  49. when i first started going to the gym it was because my friends were going anyway so i tagged along. but all they did was arms!! and a little chest! and i started to think that was fine! so now im going on my own doing full body workouts and my squat is the same as my bench :(((

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