6-Minute Yoga For Hips – Yoga With Adriene

(upbeat music) – Alright, my friends,
let’s begin seated today. Extend the right leg out long. We’re just gonna
bend the left knee and cross the left foot
over the right leg, starting with a
little twist here. So you’ll hug your right
elbow around your left knee and sit up nice and tall. Flex through your right foot, and then when you’re ready, send the left fingertips back and gentle twist here. Don’t push, don’t cram into it, just allow it to unfold here. A couple breaths. See if you can make
your inhale really big, and your exhale really long. And then we’ll slowly release. We’re just gonna
cross the left ankle, keep it crossed over
the top of the right thigh. Send your fingertips
all the way behind you, and then we’re just gonna
slowly bend the right knee and come to a
little figure four here. You might walk the hips a
little closer if you need that. If that’s a little too much, you might keep the right toes up and give yourself
a little more space. This will be a little
different for everyone. One kind of rule of thumb here is to breathe deep and
to keep the feet active. You can kind soft,
easy movement here as you rock a little
back and forth on the glutes. And then take one more
breath, wherever you are. And release. Awesome. Send the left leg out long. Just cross the right
foot over the left leg here and gentle twist
to the other side. Hug your left elbow
around your right knee. Sit up nice and tall. Flex through the left toes, and when you’re ready, breathing deep
here in your twist. Sit up a little
taller as you breathe in, and as you exhale,
really draw your navel in towards your spine to twist. Great, take one
more deep breath in and then exhale, slowly release. Same thing. We’ll open up to a
little figure four here, and take the fingertips behind, and when you’re ready,
bend that left knee. Keep both feet active, and just check
it out on this side. You bring the breath here, nice, big inhales and then easy, long exhales. Make sure not to
collapse in the chest here so keep the heart lifted. One more big breath in. And long breath out. Fabulous. Release both legs now. We’re gonna bring
the soles of the feet together for Cobbler’s Pose, so the knees open nice and wide. We can grab the arches of
the feet here or the ankles. Just take a couple deep breaths to lift up through the spine. Long and tall of
the spine (laughs). Then anchor the tops
of the thighs down here. Inhale and exhale. Slowly bend the elbows, and draw your
nose towards your toes. Fabulous, then inhale. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. And exhale, bending elbows, nose towards the toes. Awesome, inhale lifts you up, and exhale, maybe you
bend the elbows left to right a little deeper this time, getting that pressure
of the elbows on the thighs just to open the
hips a little more. Maybe go a little further down. Great, and one more inhale. Lift up. Exhale forward. Awesome. Slowly come back up, ending with a Lizard Pose today. You can also sub Lizard Pose
with a One-Legged Pigeon. We’re gonna take
the right foot forward, left foot back. And then keep the
back knee on the ground, nice and low, and you’re just
gonna walk the right foot towards the
right edge of the mat. Bring the hands to
the left side of the mat, and then here you are, you’re checking it out. You bring the breath. Again, there’s an option here, instead of Lizard, to
come into One-Legged Pigeon. Yogi’s choice here. Each day can be
a little different. You check in with the body. And open up through the hips. You can do a
little mix and match too. Take one more deep
breath, nice and easy. And then we’ll
release by coming through to all fours, nice and slow, and then taking it to
the other side nice and easy by simply
stepping the left foot up. Again, back knee is lowered. You can lift it,
but I like to lower, open up through the
front of the hip, hip flexor. And then walk your left foot towards the
outer edge of your mat. Hands come together
and check it out here. Lifting up through the chest. Bringing nice, full breath. Again, option to walk it over. You might choose to
insert a One-Legged Pigeon here. Again, I encourage you as
you repeat these five minute sequences to keep
checking in every day. It’s always different,
you just gotta pay attention. We’ll take one more deep
breath here in this Lizard. And then exhale, release,
Extended Child’s Pose. So you’ll go
through all fours first. Bring the knees as
wide as the yoga mat. Toes come towards
each other to touch. Inhale and exhale. Send the hips back. Forehead to the earth. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Awesome work. (upbeat music)


  1. Wonderful, thank you! my first shot at yoga in 15 years and I felt lovely and physically energised afterwards x

  2. Adriene I used your tip about putting lavender on the yoga mat and it's brilliant! Thanks!

  3. You're the best Adriene! I didn't feel like moving today and this made it much better- now I'm onto a longer video. Thanks for being you, hope all is well.

  4. Thank you for all these great videos! I love starting my day with yoga. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I'm the same with the music- calm sets in and Adrienes lovely voice!

  6. This was wonderful, thank you so much. My hips really needed this. Could you do a video on opening up and streching the shoulders and upper back?

  7. thank you for always speaking so sweetly to me and reminding me how sacred that is. your work is truly next level. im so grateful you out here

  8. I was going to write a long text explaining all the great yoga's done for me, but I'll keep it short. Thank you for this amazingย helpful free content and your also a very pretty person inside & out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Peace

  9. sweet opening!

  10. Big THANK YOU Adriene for making yoga so available for me and everybody. I'm so grateful! Nearly practice every day with you. <3

  11. wonderful..

  12. Can you make a yoga video for people who just had surgery? I recently had my gallbladder removed, but I want to keep practicing yoga during my recovery. Is there a gentle practice that you can recommend? Thanks!! I love your videos!

  13. i love the shorter videos! theyre great because i have such limited free time! can you do a video for back please?

  14. I really appreciate the addition of these snippets – I work from home and move from sitting to standing, need to walk the dog and make sure we have dinner ready and I get uptight and antsy if I am behind at work to take 30 minutes (or even 15) for yoga – but I can trick myself and slip in 2 or 3 or 4 of these a day and do not have to fight the part of me that worries that I should be making money to feed the beasties! I appreciate you and these!

  15. Just what I needed to get back into it. This is great for a break while working at my home office. Thank you

  16. Thank you Adriene!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’š

  17. Lol I was having my own kinda crisis today and totally forgot to do my daily practice… This was nice and quick before going to sleep (and before getting a gap on my yoga calendar ;-)).

  18. oh man this is exactly what I needed in my life rn <3 I love lizard pose because I can't really do pigeon cause of my knees

  19. where do I get one of your shirts??

  20. So in love with your channel! I do your videos almost every day.
    I'm commenting in hopes that you will see this and maybe do a yoga quicky.
    I broke my foot recently and will likely be in a cast for 3 months, so I was just hoping you could do a sequence for being in a cast and not being able to put any weight on one leg. I'm going insane not being able to do much.
    It would be so so helpful!!

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  25. I was so pumped to see a hip practice for today. I love how restorative opening up the hips is and I have done lizard pose in ages despite it being one of my favourites. It meant I noticed a significant improvement in how low I could bring my chest though and it felt amazing! Thank youuu

  26. I love your outfit Adriene. Your so pretty. :).

  27. Do you have any videos for IT Band syndrome? I love this one since it helps my hips, but the IT band runs from the outer hip the the knee.

  28. Hi! I have a question. The extended child's pose hurts a bit in my groin (lol I don't know if this is the 100% right word for this in english, but I mean the sinews in the groin). Is this normal? I just started doing yoga (haven't been exercising in any way in the last few months) about 3 weeks ago. I can also feel a little bit of pain in the same area when I walk (not often though, happened a couple of times).

    So I was just wondering, that can the small amount of pain appear just because lack of excercise, or am I doing something wrong?

  29. Thanks! I feel a lot better now!!

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  31. 213/365

  32. That was amazing. Thank you

  33. These short ones are boss. Iโ€™ve got time, but I simply donโ€™t prefer doing 20 mins of yoga every day

  34. My right hip is bugging me which is new, hoping this helps. It scared me abit why but thats ok, maybe its my body telling me to slow down abit.

  35. I have fibromyalgia and Crohns disease so deal with chronic muscle pain among other symptoms that go along with those. I'm so glad I found the Yoga With Adriene YouTube Channel! With the Fibromyalgia, different muscles are screaming at me at different times. It's nice to be able to come to the YWA YT Channel, type in exactly what I need at that time, depending on which part of my body needs the most attention. I love that I can find practices from 5 minutes to an hour depending on my schedule and/or ability at the time. I love that she encourages us to do our own thing, to trust our own bodies, while looking to her teachings for guidance. I love that she offers all of this for free โ€“ what an incredibly generous and compassionate thing to do for the world. I love Adriene's personality and though I've never met her, when I do her videos I feel like she's right there, hanging out with me – like doing yoga with a friend – the kind of friend who wouldn't judge you (but would totally giggle) if you accidentally farted while in Downward Dog. ๐Ÿ™‚ Besides doing these daily targeted videos, I got my husband to join me in YWA's 30 Day Yoga series (we're on Day 9) and it is great in so many ways – I get quality time with my husband while forming a new interest we can share together and – it's helping to strengthen and tone my muscles as well as add in flexibility which I know will only help me handle my pain flares easier as I get stronger. Iโ€™m still dealing with daily pain, but Iโ€™m learning to roll with the ebbs and flows of it, so I can live a good life even with the pain. The mindfulness aspect is well documented to help with chronic pain, and I love that it's all combined with Adriene's rockin' sense of humor, easy to follow guidance and her down to Earth personality. She's spoiled me – I don't want to do Yoga with any other instructor – ah well – that's ok, because I don't need to – YWA has all I need. ๐Ÿ™‚ A very grateful (and admittedly long-winded) YWA fan โ™ฅ

  36. Thank you. I enjoy how this video wasn't very long and you got straight to it

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    In cobblers pose, I can get my nose right down to my toes without effort, is there any way to modify it to increase the stretch for me?

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