6 Minute Standing Ab Workout: A Great Ab Workout without the Floor

hi I'm Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness adviser this is the six minute standing ab workout just about everyone wants great-looking strong abs not everyone wants to go down on the floor to get them the great news is you don't have to we're going to give you a great 6 minute workout it's going to be four exercises 45 seconds each done two times through we're going to start with punches so Lisa and Daisy let's go ready and begin so they're going to just start punching the rotating on their toes you'll see the rotation that means they're really starting to work those obliques this is a great way to stand and work your abs we're gonna do that for about 30 more seconds and after that we're going to go into some front kicks so it's four exercises done two times through and we're gonna really target those ABS the whole time the other great thing about this workout is you're also burning calories okay the heart rates gonna come up a little bit you're gonna tone those abdominals while burning calories fifteen more seconds ladies and then we go into front kicks when we lift the leg up we start to focus on those lower abs a little bit more ten more seconds and we're going to transition front kicks and wait to see the snap do what you can at home you may not have the flexibility and let's go switch snap those front kicks so now lifting those legs we're focusing on the obliques for the first exercise forty-five seconds of kicks burning calories working those abdominals while standing awesome way to do it all right about thirty more seconds great job working the lower abs so many people want those lower abdominals not easy to get about 20 more seconds after this our third exercise is standing marches we're going to pull up one knee at a time you're going to do the same at home so going from those kicks they're gonna start to get out of breath a little bit this is not easy do what you can at home five more seconds four three two awesome ready and begin so let's pull and pull and really focus one thing you have to do when you're standing and working your abdominals pull those abdominals in I always give the advice it's almost as if you're going to get your child maybe or someone just punch you in the stomach a little bit but you want to engage your abdominals but your breathing that's how you want to hold them the whole time about 25 more seconds it's not easy but you can do it at home do what you can take breaks if and when you need to six minutes it's a long time it doesn't sound like it's a long time perfect amount of time to really target those abdominals just about 10 more seconds our fourth exercise coming up we're going to do the same type of thing but we're going to cross so they're going to bring the knee to the elbow the opposite elbow in three two and begin so pull you got a little variation here now so you can either do bent knee still working those obliques the lower abs at the same time okay Lisa little variation she's going to go straight legs so whichever one you want to do I would say mix it up we've got about 30 more seconds we're gonna do it all one more time through great job at home do what you can you're doing great things for your body you're burning calories you're working your abdominals this is a great way to do it we stand all day long our abdominals are for their postural muscles right so we just don't want to work them down on the ground do both if you can you can do some exercises on the ground and then take it up five more seconds we do it all one more time through going back to punches and let's begin ready and jab so twisting working those abdominals getting out some frustration this is a great workout six minutes is all it takes it's fun you're going to get that blood flowing working the abdominals having fun and again go at your own pace whatever you can do you do as you get stronger you will go longer and you'll do more great job about twenty more seconds three more exercises there making it look easy awesome ten more seconds and more seconds great job three two one and front kicks again second time through front kicks 45 seconds keep it up nice snap to that front kick really working those abdominals working those lower abdominals awesome if it's too hard for you in the 45 seconds do what you can rest catch your breath and then come back this is non-stop movement and that's the thing it's not about working out for 30 minutes or 60 minutes it's about getting in these shorter targeted workouts 15 more seconds that's what really matters six minutes in the morning ten minutes at night that adds up so often we don't exercise because we don't have 30 minutes or 60 minutes do what you can do six minutes will take you a long way three two and now those marches now we pull up you got it pulling straight up working those lower abdominals it's all about working our abdominals in different ways different angles different movements that brings results if we constantly do the same thing you're going to stop seeing results right the body gets acclimated really quickly to what we do 25 more seconds you're almost there great job at home they're making it look easy do what you can feel great about what you're doing 20 more seconds you have one final exercise coming up great job awesome so again pulling straight up and we finish up by going cross our bodies working at angles in five four three two great job Daisy and let's go final one straight legs here bent knee here but opposite elbow to opposite leg if you think about it you're basically doing a bicycle crunch right now they are while standing so again you don't have to go down on a mat to work your abdominals this is a great functional way to do it you're almost there less than 30 seconds great job at home don't give up keep doing what you can do six minutes six quality minutes don't ever say I just did six minutes take that just out of your vocabulary you did a great six minute workout okay final 10 seconds awesome job at home great job Lisa Daisy awesome five four three two and one great job at home there you have it the six minute standing ab workout for more quick workouts just like this please subscribe to our Channel you


  1. Totally love it and totally worth it. Thank you so much!!!

  2. I burned 47 calories in those 6 minutes! Pretty good

  3. I love your video!

  4. Thank you saying take the "just" out of our vocabulary! ❀️

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  6. anyone who want to share their experience doing these routines. plssssssss

  7. My glutes are on fire after this

  8. It was tough but Im gonna continue to do !

  9. I already need my inhaler looking at this

  10. LOVE IT!!

  11. When I saw the workout i was like – this is easy… But the way my legs started burning after 6 minutes…It was so fun but also a bit hard.but it was worth it

  12. I feel like my legs and thighs are the ones getting abs lmao

  13. I love it!!!!!

  14. Thank you! I was sooooooooo needing this!!

  15. 2nd day and I did the full video.

  16. Can feel it more on my legs than abs lol. Thank you for the video ✌

  17. I cant lie flat on the floor because of my scoliosis hump, I lose balance and muscles are not trained evenly.
    This is a perfect alternative.

  18. I think it's BS that he just stands there and doesn't do any of the moves himself.

  19. My problem has always been that when I start routines like this it's hard as hell and I see results. Then it gets easy and how do you take it to the next level when it stops working?

  20. Is this safe if I have a herniated disc?

  21. When I first looked at this I was like "wow im really going to have to push myself to do this" and then when I triyed this workout out for the first time I was like " wow I was totally exaggerating, this is kinda easy and I think I can even continue during rest"

  22. well done- I switched up speed- I use these moves as part of my curriculum @ashfordfitnessssociety

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    PS. This is just my Day 2! ❀

  27. Thank you for a great standup ab exercise. Desperately needed this

  28. i did this and the twisting caused my back to spasm.

  29. I love it when he says "do what you can at home" or "you're doing great at home", I think it's so motivating!!

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