6 Foods That are Dangerous for Your Teeth || Health Tips


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  2. Brush your teeth with electronic toothbrush. It is very efficient. Highly recommend Philips sonicare toothbrush and Engive toothbrush heads replacement.

  3. Fruit is not bad for your teeth it’s a food that is indigenous to the earth it only has benefits stop the lies

  4. Tea, especially green tea is good, because of the bacteria fighting antioxidants etc. But don't use sugar in tea, use a little bit of honey if you need to sweeten it.

  5. I am an eleven year old vegan, I don't eat chocolate, candy or soda. I don't drink coffee or tea so I guess I'm good

  6. Drink the correct Tea's daily and you'll be fine.. a lot of things in moderation are completely ok!

  7. I am maybe sensetive why? And why is my tooth be sturdy,strong ?

  8. Fjs

  9. Um, Lemons & Cranberry juice or cranberries in general help stop gum infections, just throwing it out their.

  10. I drink tea everyday ILOVEIT

  11. the video I just watched says tea is good now this one says it is bad lol?.

  12. that's lie

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