In this video I’m going to go over six
exercises to get bigger biceps and triceps. All right let’s do this. I prefer
doing this exercise on a smith machine because I initiate the movement by
pulling the bar in toward my body instead of pulling up. With the elbow going
behind the body it will put more work on the long head of the bicep. With the arms
now in front of your body it will put more work on the bicep short head and
then with the neutral hammer curl grip it will emphasize the brachialis. Let
your arms hang down and keep the elbows pointing down towards the floor;
don’t start swinging the weight with your shoulders. This is a unique curl because you’re
using a dumbbell not in the way it’s intended.
I like this curl because it gives you a different mind muscle connection. When
performing this I’m thinking I’m holding a glass of pre-workout and I’m trying
really hard to not spill any as I curl. It’s kind of a different spin on
the narrow grip barbell curl. All right tricep time. Push downs are a
great exercise you won’t be able to use as much weight unilaterally but you’re
making sure each arm is doing all of the work. You can do this with both arms to
add more weight it’s really up to you. Perform a close grip bench press. You
don’t need your hands to be super close just narrow. Also keep your arms and
close to your body to keep most of the work on your triceps. Then switch to a
reverse grip and do the same movement. The reverse grip will shift more work on to
the medial tricep head. Lastly getting the long head with the
over the head tricep extension using a rope attachment. With your elbows
pointing up straighten the arms and split the rope at the top. What’s nice about this workout is that it’s going to hit all heads of the bicep and tricep
so the tricep that means the long lateral and medial head and with the
bicep the long and short head as well as the brachialis. Before you take off make
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from a no frill female and I’m gonna see you all next time. That felt good. What’s nice about this
whole exercise is I just spit I just spit. I’m sorry. what’s nice about this workout is that
you’re going to ugh. It’s been raining here like all week but at least it’s not
snow . Actually I don’t hate winter I just hate Minnesota winters we will go
weeks without snow then all of a sudden it’s like mother nature decides to take
a big dump right on us


  1. Thanks for watching everyone! Now go get those gains! 💪

  2. When my power level was at 3,000.

  3. How many sets & reps?

  4. "I just spit" by leah

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