if you’re looking for the perfect
six-pack here are six advanced exercises to help you achieve your goals to make
your abs stand out you need low body fat and a strong core but you can also
strengthen and thicken your abdominals for bigger muscles and deeper cuts so
let’s go and the first of our six exercises dumbbell V sit cross jab knees
bent feet just off the floor you’re in a v-sit position punch the dumbbells
forward left then right keeping your core engaged the whole time keep your
body locked in the V position next chin up crunch hanging from the bar with an underhand
grip crunch your whole body raising your knees and bringing your nose to the bar
really squeeze your knees into your chest at the top of the movement
keep control on the way down now an Otis up using a plate start lying down feet flat on the floor
option to anchor your feet under a pair of weights take the weight over your
head curling your torso up come up to a seated position reaching up with the
weight again control on the way down next this is a wind sprint hanging from the bar upper body engaged bring each knee up left then right keep
it moving as if you’re running in midair two more exercises coming up but first a
reminder to check out fit media’s playlists for more great core and abs
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videos next exercise is bottoms up lying on the floor arms by your sides hands
facing down curl your lower body up bringing your
feet as high as they’ll go concentrate on raising your hips up off
the ground again lower down slowly with control finally a hanging pike hanging with your hands facing forward
hinge at the hips raise your feet up to the bar try not to swing and again keep
control on the way down so that’s it six great exercises to add to your abs in
core workout and if you’d like to get hold of fit media’s free written
workouts based on our most popular videos just click the link on the screen
thanks for watching


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