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I shall point I'm Kristy Skinner your senior director of healthcare services bringing you another edition of healthy eating joined today by Maddie long bill dietitian for healthcare services we are so excited to bring you another episode of healthy eating and talk about what brings you nutritional value and great content so Maddie today we're talking about oranges and there's no short supply of oranges in Florida so let's talk about it oranges are great nutritional value and really good for keeping us healthy boosting our immune system and a lot of great values so can you talk to us about the nutritional content and the value of oranges yeah definitely an orange is a great low calorie fruit and it provides an abundance of vitamin C which like Christy said helps keep our immune system strong and it also helps keep our skin healthy and our nails grow in long as well in fact one medium orange provides 80 calories and 130 percent of your daily vitamin C needs there are multiple benefits of an orange including its high in antioxidants rich in fiber beneficial in keeping our skin healthy and it can also Bruce boost your brain function so being that oranges are high in antioxidants it helps protect our bodies against chronic diseases by fighting off free radicals and preventing oxidative stress an orange also contains flavonoids which preserve cognitive function and can prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's oranges also contain a good amount of choline which are important for brain development learning and memory so Maddie how do we make sure with oranges when we're consuming them that we get the most nutritional bang for our buck yes definitely so definitely vitamin C is important in oranges and we always try to consume whole oranges instead of orange juice because even though orange juice does contain vitamin C we could lack the fiber that we get in a whole orange so always try to consume a whole orange well little unappealing no pun intended I can see how consuming a whole orange would be better than just consuming the yummy part which is the inside of the orange so we talked about how we would bring you information on accommodating for special diets so when I'm eating an orange what diets would that accommodate for or be the best compliment to so an orange is a great part to any well-rounded healthy diet but if you are following a diabetic diet please be mindful of the total carbohydrate amount of an orange a medium orange contains around 22 grams of carbohydrates so just take that into account before consuming too many you know when I was a kid I used to my parents used to tell me I think a lot of our parents used to tell us eat as many fruits as you want and say you don't necessarily think about the carb content because some of the fruits and they're very very high so that is something to be extremely mindful of so that's a very good point and I know that this is one of the highest carb content fruits that there are so as much as we want to consume a lot of them and think that we're doing the right thing you know do you balance the vitamin C intake to the carb content and so you just have to be thoughtful to what diet restrictions potentially that you might have so it was interesting when we were looking at this series on how some of the foods when consumed together in whole form complement one another and give more of a nutritional value when put together and you can see that we have a salad that has both spinach and oranges in it so we thought that we bring back over the dining team here we've partnered with in this front project in this endeavor with and that's going to be Paul Tyson Jason Smith and chef John and we thought with that we'd have them talk about some of their menu items today and highlight how they've incorporated oranges but also we've got spinach and oranges together in one of the items because Matty and I were talking about that spinach and oranges together actually have more value with one another so we're going to move ourselves over a little bit to be joined by the gentleman but Matty and I while we're moving over are going to talk about Matty you discovered that spinach and oranges together actually have more of a nutritional value when put in a menu item so we're gonna truck it on over have the guys join us and talk about that at the same time yes so the iron and spinach is actually more easily absorbed along with vitamin C so when you pair spinach and oranges together the iron and spinach is more easily absorbed very neat so we unintentionally did that which I always feel like when you can do something smartly unintentionally good for us because that doesn't happen very often at least for me so that's always a win and gentlemen we're excited to be able to highlight your menu items today they look delicious they smell even better I wish that we had smell-o-vision and those cameras but we don't so Paul thank you for joining us and walk us through what we have here at the Banyan Grove thank you and thank you for having us again I love these segments I'm glad we don't have smell-o-vision because we want you to come in and enjoy it here with us so I'm here at the Banyan again we have Chef John and he's created a couple of wonderful plates for us one is a current dish that's outstanding and one of our most popular dishes and then we have the other one that we'll be running on special here we have oriental salad we saw a lot of these styles we have on the menu daily you can have it with shrimp salmon whatever protein you prefer you can have the shrimp fried grilled we have napa cabbage carrots mandarin orange almonds there's sunflower seeds the ginger dressing we make all our dressings from scratch so we know exactly what's in all of our dressings and then we have a spinach salad with the oranges that possibly you'll see next month on the new menu has pickled blueberries without the oil very healthy refreshing good stuff here at the Banyan Grill come see us sounds delicious chef thank you so much excellent you know thanks oh one of the things that we thought was important was to make sure that you knew that these foods in their whole form are the best way to consume them for the nutritional value so when you're thinking about being mindful of being introduced to these foods and getting the most value in nutritional content remember whole form best but even if you cook them try them in different menu items here at the Banyan or anywhere campus just remember that you're eating healthier and you're going to feel better for it so thank you for joining all of us today we're thrilled to be able to bring this series to you and until next time show point stay healthy

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