5x5x5 Pulse Workout for Abs and Obliques – 5x5x5 Workout to Get Rid of Love Handles


  1. بغيت اموت بغيت اموت

  2. With the side hip raises why can I only feel it in my legs and arms? Cant feel it in the abs at all

  3. I just did this workout twice– wow definitely burns! Great workout, thank you!(:

  4. Short and sour..:)

  5. How did she do those without taking a rest? My abs were on FIRE

  6. Is it okay that side hip raises and planks seem to put all the weight on my shoulders? They don't seem to working out my abs.

  7. If you want more punishment, start it again 🤣😅

  8. Fitness blender has been good to me however this video disappointed me. I am am amateur but there wasn't enough instruction on form and the only thing I felt a workout in was the sides of my neck. Pointers on how to avoid working the wrong muscles included in videos would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Fantastic video

  10. You do your workouts so effortlessly !!❤️

  11. I need to trim my belly fat. Will this do it? Since a c-section destroyed my muscle tone I have never been able to get that flat flat belly back.

  12. If you need more punishment,do it again….

  13. Give all in details exercise name etc….

  14. How can I avoid getting cramping pain in my neck when doing crunches?

  15. 311018

  16. I am not really a religious person, and yet I am fairly sure that pulses are a work of the devil! 😉

  17. Sees time 10 minuts pfff HA I'll probably do a 40 minut hit after then

  18. Where did she get her pants from?

  19. Another great addition to your programs–well done!

  20. This just worked me out!!!!!! Thank you!

  21. Woo my abs are sore! Is a burning sensation normal during the exercise?

  22. No planks! I broke my elbow and it never healed right, so this no plank workout has been great!

  23. Just for clarification can this be also for Guy's??

  24. Love this, short sweet, and intense!

  25. I did this after an intense workout. I am DEAD. This was insane! 😭🙌🏻

  26. Does this help in getting a flat tummy?

  27. Would you recommend doing short hiit workouts after weight training or just doing them along any form of cardio on separate days?

  28. ea shok krezekar

  29. Just did this after your cardio kick boxing and bodyweight cardio workout and man am I dead. You guys make working out so much fun. Thank you.

  30. 5×5 always makes me think of Faith.

  31. Great workout! =)

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