5th Day of Diwali : Bhai Dooj

Today is the final day of Diwali and it is Bhai Dooj. This day celebrates the sister-brother bond. It is similar to Rakshabandhan. Women pray and perform a puja for their brother’s long life and their well being. Women make sweets and feed their brothers and receive gifts as well. You all might wonder, why do we celebrate Bhai Dooj? How did it start? Let me tell you about it. Surya is the Sun God who had two twins. One was Yamraj who ferries the soul of the dead and the other was Yamuna the famous river. Yamraj and Yamuna were separated by their step-mother. They had not seen each other in a very long time. One day, Yamraj went to see his sister. Yamuna was very happy to see him. She welcomed him by putting a tilak on his forehead. Yamuna then asked for a boon. Yamraj asked her what blessing did she want? She told Yamraj that if on this day, brothers go to visit their sisters, they won’t die and Yamraj will not guide their souls to the afterlife. He then granted her the blessing. This is why every year on the last day of Diwali, brothers visit their sisters, perform puja and celebrate. Today is Bhai Dooj. Brothers and Sisters must maintain a strong bond by helping, supporting each other and living happily. I hope you all enjoyed Diwali. Diwali is over and we have start working. You all must be sad right? Don’t be sad! This is a new year. Be positive! Work hard and you will be successful! Earlier I had told you about Bhai Dooj and now I am so excited for my Bhai Dooj gift! Where is my brother? I have been waiting for so long! Hey! Where is my gift! I gave your gift to my girlfriend. Wow! Yes! Give it to me! Ok take it!


  1. We indian Muslims daily say PAKISTAN ZINDABHAAG!!!

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  5. I like celebrate diwil day enjoy same date Sunday.. but I don't like diwil enjoy

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