5 Worst Accidents in Bodybuilding History

all right what's going on you guys Nikki would Nixon Eggman power so this video is gonna be a countdown of the top 5 worst accidents on stage or in a bodybuilding competition so starting off at number 5 we have this infamous synthol leaked on stage so the furthest bodybuilder to the left hand side pay attention to him as he hits his back double bicep pose he has a shoulder infection due to synthol use and the shoulder actually springs a leak and starts leaking out white puffs during his posing routine now I have this in number 5 because it is disgusting but this guy fully recovered after this and there was no you know really serious injury or death as we're gonna see in some of these other incidences so in the number 4 spot we have Paul – let's collapse on the arnold classic stage in 1994 so we have this in number 4 because the arnold classic is obviously the second biggest show and bodybuilding so this happened in front of quite a large audience of bodybuilding fans and it was quite well known so essentially what happened here was paul tillich cramped up during his posing routine he was unable to move some of his muscles he screamed out in pain oh god while he was on stage he had to be carried off stage by several of the backstage helpers and there are several famous photos of him you know being laid and stretched out on a table backstage where he looks like he's just in a severe amount of pain and discomfort and again this is one of the most well known bodybuilders have this happened to them as we will see later on in this video he was not the only one so in the third place spot we have the Greek bodybuilder that slapped a judge in the face after losing a competition so we have this in 3rd place although it wasn't really an accident so much as it was a competition that did not go as planned so we could call that an accident because I'm sure these judges definitely didn't plan on this show ending with the loser slapping them in the face so this happened fairly recently at the 2016 IFBB Diamond Cup the bodybuilder was a Greek bodybuilder named Jonas Magos so he basically was disappointed that he did not win the show and he open-hand slap the judge after losing so although nobody was seriously injured this is probably one of the biggest examples of a bodybuilding show going wrong and not going as planned so in the second place spot we have bodybuilder Dallas McCarver collapsing at the Arnold Classic Australia now this actually happened very very recently this was the 2017 Arnold Classic Australia Dallas McCarver collapsed on stage there's a lot of video of it whereas with the Paul delet collapse that we saw earlier there was no real video there's a lot of pictures of it but Dallas McCarver's happened in the age of social media so this definitely went viral and a lot of people saw it and again this was at an Arnold Classic event so one of the biggest events and bodybuilding and unfortunately that same year 2017 Dallas McCarver would later pass away so it's still unclear if there was any connection between the 2017 collapse and the 2017 death of Dallas McCarver so that is why we have that ranked in number two just because the sheer impact it had on the sport and the impact that it may have had on Dallas McCarver may he rest in peace so in the number one spot we have a body builder who actually died as a result of his accident so this body builders name was sofy so loon jello debate a so this was a South African bodybuilder who attempted a backflip during his competition posing routine and it did not end very well for him he landed on his neck in a very awkward way and it actually broke his neck and he died on the spot unfortunately this was captured on video and then when viral making it one of the most well known incidences or accidents and bodybuilding history so that is the list of the top five worst bodybuilding accidents in bodybuilding history thank you guys for watching the video please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it Nick strength and power signing out


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  2. Bodybuilders are anything but healthy. Junkies.

  3. 3:50 sick calves!

  4. I dont why there's no video footage of paul Dillet cramping.

  5. Did not flex wheeler get in a fight with a fat fan in the audience? Flex is a black belt in karate he would of won

  6. Well, #3 wasnt an accident. But thenks for the video anyway.


  8. I leak synthol from my Johnson

  9. Rest in peace brothers!

  10. RIP

  11. I really don’t understand bodybuilding because they eat so much but still it’s dangerous. Why don’t they make the rule where steroids is forbidden. What’s the point of eating so much everyday but then ur kidneys fail or liver fail. It’s dangerous. Stop the use of steroids.

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  15. Shit happens. Wtf

  16. The Greek bodybuilder needed somebody to bitch slap him

  17. That last one reminds me of a kid in the Zombiefit parkour/ freerunning class my buddies started at Excell gymnastics a few years ago in St.Charles, IL. Before the warm-up for class I did a couple back tucks for fun. These new kids were there for their first class, and after watching me do a few tucks, one of the kids has the bright idea of trying a back tuck on his own to show off to his friends. Clearly this kid did not know how to properly execute the flip, because he failed to fully rotate like the body builder in the vid. He landed on his head and luckily wasn't really hurt, but I immediately had to jump in and scold the group of them. I had to explain that if he would have gotten hurt, not only could he have been paralyzed or worse , but that he could have potentially lost us the class and have us sued. The most infuriating part is that the kids didn't even want to listen or take me seriously. I was even nice enough to offer to spot the kid and teach him to do it properly. I understand the appeal of trying after seeing how easy the flip really is, but you should always go about it the right way. All he had to do was ask me or another instructor and he could have safely been taught how. I understand wanting to just try it and getting caught up in the moment with your friends, but if you are participating in a class with professionals and want to learn, why wouldn't you just ask?

  18. There's no safe in this world.

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  21. "Incidences" is not a word

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