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just don't get it just forget it hello everyone and welcome back to my channel my name is Rene thank you guys so much for clicking and watching this video today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you guys five ways in which you can live a healthier lifestyle so the first step that we have into living a healthier lifestyle is to notice the fact that it's not just physical there's a whole other world to health and that is mental health I think a lot of the times when people want to live a healthier lifestyle they start off with the basics then working out the eating better but they totally dismissed the fact of mental health mental health is what kind of completes our general well-being not only that but it affects our physical health as well we need to put as much emphasis on our mental well-being as we do our physical well-being because they ultimately go hand in hand so how do we lead a mentally healthier lifestyle one of the things we can do is be more positive we can do this by creating a gratitude journal write it on a sheet of paper every single morning and every single night or just putting emphasis on gratitude throughout your day-to-day life when you focus on what you're grateful for it shifts you over into that positive mindset there's a picture that I actually found on Instagram this morning that I thought was just so fitting for this video it's a picture of a girl with one flower and a picture of a girl with a ton of other flowers and it basically goes to show that happiness as a result of our attitude and not our material possessions and when you focus on gratitude and focus on what you do have in life ultimately it helps your mindset shift over into a more positive attitude another thing that can help improve our mental health is to practice presence we can practice presence through the typical meditation and yoga or we can take nature walks we can then shift over into the flow state which is basically getting in such a mindset of being presently aware of your surroundings that you completely forget all other things of what's going on in your life you're so in zone with what you're doing for me I get in the flow state when I'm working when I'm cleaning when I'm gardening when I'm cooking whatever gets you in that zone there's a whole separate video that I've actually posted quite a while ago that I'll pop on the screen if you guys are interested in watching more about the flow state that definitely helps you become more present with your surrounding no more presently aware that we are the less stress we have in our lives because we're not worrying about the past or getting anxiety about the future another thing that can help improve our mental health is reading self-help books reading self-help books not only shifts me into a more positive mindset but I learned so much from it it just totally improves our mood it gets us passionate about things it gets us more involved with our mindset self-help books just really get that pump of inspiration for me another thing that you can do is giving I think giving is such a great way not only to feel good about ourselves but to help put things in perspective and appreciate our lives more because when we help other people we're kind of shifted into their mindset and we're doing things for other people rather than focusing on our lives and are overwhelmed we're connecting with people but we're also helping people and we feel a sense of purpose in this world you can give your time by volunteering you can give your money by donating or you can give by gestures by simply opening the door or smiling at somebody so the second way that you can live a healthier lifestyle is focus on quality over quantity this is my motto in life this can go in terms of our relationships the longest study ever done in terms of what brings people happiness since 1938 they basically we're studying how people live longer and happier lives and the result was people who live longer and happier more fulfilled lives as a result of their relationships with their family with their friends with their community but what I found really really interesting about this study is that it's the quality of the relationships not the quantity of their relationships it doesn't mean that you can have so many different friends but focus on the quality of each relationship you have of that person and that will affect your happiness in general overall well-being and you will live a longer life it's a crazy study I'll leave it linked down below if you guys want read a little bit more about it another thing that you can put quality over quantity and relation to is your diet I have recently kind of shifted my mindset with my diet going back to the basics going to the more simple whole food straight from the earth style ingredients is what I look for I'm super super picky with what's in my food I generally eat more Whole Foods over processed foods I also make sure to read the ingredients so I know what's going into my foods something really really scary is that now there's also pesticides and chemicals on fruit on vegetables and meat that is just kind of affecting our overall well-being and health because we're eating these chemicals but we don't see an ingredient list obviously and it can definitely affect our health which is super super scary there's chemicals such as high fructose corn syrup rBST msg GMOs EHT all of these ingredients in our processed foods is leading to damage in our bodies I think some of the reasons why we're living in an obesity epidemic is because of all of these ingredients that are just kind of thrown into our foods and they're Moorman produced rather than like earth produced I focus on high quality ingredients organic produce sustainably sourced meats and personally I would rather pay a higher price for the foods and the quality of the foods that I'm getting rather than like paying higher hospital bills in the future long term I always see people with their carts like completely packed full of just like processed foods and they have so much of it we're living in such an abundant filled world right now where we just like can have anything and everything that we want but we need to shift our mindset back to quality over quantity I'd rather have a little shopping cart filled with really high quality foods feeding my body the right nutrients that it needs so it's not starving nutritionally than putting a whole bunch of stuff in my shopping cart with like tons of processed foods which leads me to the third way that we can live a healthier lifestyle and that is focusing on making it convenient and easy to live our healthy lifestyle creating convenience around your goals will help you accomplish them more because you're not overthinking and over complicating the process creating stress and overwhelm within your goals simplicity simplicity simplicity we want to make it to them they're not trying so hard to accomplish these goals we want to just do it and we can do this by creating convenience and less struggle within our healthier lifestyle I am such a go-go-go-go person I am very lazy when it comes to cooking my meals as you guys probably know I really hate cooking first of all have to find the recipe to make find the inspiration to cook it go to the grocery store get a whole bunch of food and I end up making it for hours on end and then it sucks and then I throw it away and not only did I waste money but I wish my time and I also wasted food which is like such a huge pet peeve of mine so one of the things that I've incorporated into my life is meal delivery service kids the meal delivery service kid that I personally prefer is green chef who is actually sponsoring this video I really really like green chef because not only is a variety of different foods that I can choose from so I'm never getting bored but it also comes in a conveniently packaged box straight to your door every single week you can choose from a variety of different meals and not only that they have a variety of different diets too so if you're vegan vegetarian pescetarian gluten-free keto like whatever the case is they have it when I got my package in this week I had three different meals to choose from it is one sheet of paper and has all the steps that you need to cook you end up making chef quality food it's amazing every time I cook it I'm like I cannot believe I made this it's insane how good this tastes there's so much flavor high quality ingredients you can't beat that you guys can get $50 off your first box by going to green chef dot us slash Renae and Berg for those of you guys who watch my blogs you probably have noticed that I've partnered with hellofresh and a lot of my other videos CalFresh actually owns Green Chef which is really really nice because they've made it possible for every type of person whatever they're looking for to have a variety of different options so now there's something for everyone something else that you can put in terms of convenience and creating more ease within your goals is your fitness routine again if you guys watch any of my blogs you probably know my fitness routine already what I do is I write out all the things that I want to accomplish for the week I keep it super super broad I'm not over complicating anything when you over complicate your workouts and you plan them so in depth I feel like first of all you don't know how your body's gonna be feeling that day and second of all it can create stress and overwhelm can push your body too hard you cannot push your body hard enough you can also get very discouraged if you're not accomplishing the goals that you set forth for yourself so when I make it super broad like that I'm able to do a quick body check body scan see what I'm able to do knock it off as the days go by and by the end of the week I've accomplished everything that I wanted to do but also listen to my body in the process very simple very convenient and super easy I just write out what I want to accomplish get it done and that's the end of it I don't overcomplicate it again when you over complicate things I feel like you tend to lose the motivation to actually start doing them and accomplishing the goal the fourth way that you can live a healthier lifestyle is to live with the three WS water working out and walking these are so important to do every single day first of all water hydration is key not only does it keep your body hydrated but you also get energy and it helps your body stay and flow and flushing out all the toxins that are in your body working out every day whether that's stretching going for a run doing a circuit training activity or doing something to just get your body moving is so important and then obviously taking a walk is so important I used to be one of those people where I just like to sit on my desk all day and I would end up like waking up at five o'clock like holy cow I didn't even get up and my body it's just sore and achy and now ever since I got Sparky back in my life I usually take around three to four walks with him every single day just getting up even if you're in an office to get up walk around your office take the stairs instead of the elevator just get your body flowing again and get it moving because overall it will just not only put you in a really good mood but it's really really important to your overall physical health as well we're living in a very sedentary lifestyle right now we honestly don't even need to move from our bed we can work for our bed we can order groceries for my bed we can go online shopping on our bed and that's not healthy at all get outside go take a fresh breather a nice walk it's just so so important when you do these three things you're working your body from the inside out and you're just gonna be radiating good energy and the fifth and final way to live a healthier lifestyle is rest so so important it is so critical to establish a good sleeping routine making sure that you're getting not only enough sleep a good quality sleep as well when you sleep you are recovering your body from the day you're recovering your mind and you're also recovering your physical body when you're sleep-deprived you have a higher risk of disease your immune system goes down the drain your metabolism slows down and it affects your overall emotional health as well which again going back to step one affects your physical health and your physical well-being when you get good quality sleep and enough sleep you're setting up for your next day to accomplish more things by improving your concentration your performance and your productivity if you guys have ever noticed if you're not getting enough sleep you get that kind of Fuzzy's almost like drunk feeling when you wake up with enough sleep you're clear refreshed and you're definitely zoned into the day and you're more happy and you just feel better which will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle more you can't overwork yourself into creating a healthy lifestyle where it affects your sleep because you can't have both you can't have a healthy lifestyle but no sleep sleep is so critical to maintaining that healthy lifestyle because if you're not getting enough of it you're not going to be maintaining it and you're gonna eventually shut down so that is it for this video I really hope that you guys enjoyed it if you did please give it a thumbs up and I'll see you guys all in a future video bye guys just so you know just don't get enough for me


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