5 Ways to Calculate Portion Size | Healthy Eating | Cooking Light


  1. Im a healthy 6 foot tall 200 pound guy, I'm not going to eat a "deck of cards" size piece of meat. How is personal size not calculated into this?

  2. A serving size of granola is 0.275 cups

  3. Nobody should tell us how much to eat. Just listen to your appetite and stomach !

  4. so many type of sizes .. why cant we take it on weight..
    stupid thing..

  5. this video is very helpful

  6. thank you for this video I have a question if I eat a whopper meal can I cut the whopper in half and divide the fried in half and only eat half of the meal and have the other meal for the next day or  should I go for a kids meal or a whopper junior I just what to know cause I like to eat a BBk some time thamk you for god bless

  7. Instead of having that sharing chocolate bar eat that small chocolate bar

  8. hi ! do you count carbs ?

  9. Thanks. 😊

  10. THANK YOU!

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