5 Types of People at the Gym | Iris

are you almost done are you um almost done aren't you done I really you could be done hi guys it's me and having an amazing time at the gym you get out of frame I have my ladies and cheese waist trainer a little combo and yeah we'll upper back the lower back we'll bill back did you see that video with the Cabbot how long we been here we're so over Paisley I am exhausted we have been here birthday


  1. You forgot 1 more, those who actually go to the gym to strive for the goals they set for them selfs.

  2. Yess there is this one dude at the gym that grunts so loud!! I want to take a weight and throw it at him😂

  3. UUUGH

  4. There are more types. The newbie who looks lost and scared. The old person who is more fit than most of the other people. The kids who just 'hang out'…I could go on.

  5. What a nice pair of cheeks he's got

  6. 😂😂

  7. Lol the first type. "I'm done. I'm done" The guy's grunt was not okay lol.

  8. I like how you just got into the video and didn't have some long ass intro

  9. what made this funnier is that guy doing all of them.. lol..

  10. what made this funnier is that guy doing all of them.. lol..

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