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the microbiome is basically all the microorganisms that live on in in our body so fungus bacteria viruses other organisms that live with us and go through life with us and the microbiome recently has become really exciting because we've realized that it's not just that these organisms are passive passengers on our body and they're not just things that cause disease they're things that actually help us interact with us and may help us develop who we are and really how our health is overall it turns out that our microbiome is in flux all the time and we can help it help mold it to give us the best health that we can have five tips to keep the microbiome healthy particularly your gut microbiota so first healthy diet and this is lots of fruits and vegetables low animal fats low animal products to exercise keeping your body healthy will help keep your gut healthy and their microbiome healthy 3 reducing your stress if you can we know that stress is going to negatively impact your microbiome and you can have reductions of some of the good bacteria that you want for if you can stay away from antibiotics do so only take antibiotics when you have an infection that really needs to be treated with antibiotics because they can reduce the diversity of your microbiome and that can be a problem in health and finally people asked about probiotics prebiotics these are things that may be helpful in particular diseases or disorders but if you're perfectly healthy and you're doing all those other four things you probably don't need to add it on just because use them only if you need to you


  1. useless!

  2. Too Lately Ripely. Antibiotic-resistant super bugs from livestock have already made it into the guts of most human beings causes diabetes and more.

  3. Low animal fats what? lol Yeah factory farmed is toxic but grass-fed is the healthiest thing on the planet…for humans. Humans should just be paleo (which in my opinion should be keto by nature)..

  4. Research indicates the gut is linked to brain activity, and that probiotics could even act as natural antidepressants

  5. If you take a Probiotic Supplement go for one with only L Plantarum and L Paracasei, both these strains are not D Lactic Acid forming and Plantarum will actually reverse D-Lactic Acidosis and will also heal leaky gut, I healed leaky gut in a month on these. 🙂 both them are not histamine producing strains either, these are what have helped me but everyones different, go for one thats less than 1 billion CFU or else u gonna get extreme herxermer reactions as I found out with a probiotic that has over 12 billion CFU of acidpholius and bifido lactis… detox in other words this will also vary depending on how many toxins are in your body or how acidity it is… Probiotics will balance your body's PH system to where it should be and will get Candida albicans to lower levels, dont be too concerned about D-Lactic Acidosis either though cause its only occured in people with short bowel syndrome as far as we know so far and a recent research paper said that Probiotics arent the cause of it… also dont buy any of Solgar's probiotics they are poor quality and have caused the death of an infant. I dont use any of their supplements anymore last one I tried made me quite ill they always put silicon dioxide in their capsules/tablets which is bad for people with leaky gut avoid any supplement that contains this filler or titanium dioxide. the corrupt FDA allows this crap into the supplements when they know some of them arent healthy.

  6. Don't just tell us what to do. Tell us how it helps. How does not consuming animal products improve the microbiome for example? Dairy products such as cottage cheese are teeming is good bacteria that aids and supports the microbiome.

  7. Low animal fats but lots of fruit?
    Nope. Your wrong.

  8. Horrible, outdated advice!

  9. no mention of elimination diets ?

  10. Was this video referencing 1960's medical journals? Pure unprocessed animal meat is good for you. What's with the health stigma on meat? It's good for you as long as it's pure and unprocessed. And no, it doesn't clog you're arteries you silly bitches. Read and listen to modern docters who have the most recent propaganda free studies.

  11. I can't believe this lady is a doctor. I knew that shit already and I'm just a regular dumbass.

  12. She needs to catch up on the new research about fat, and not spread old misleading book knowledge.

  13. she a hottie …

  14. wonders about her reasons for saying animal fats are bad for the microbiome, especially considering that humans evolved eating meat for more than 65% of the diet. Is her reason political and not based on science?

  15. Lost me at animal products…

  16. Fck off You lier.
    It's exactly raw animal products and saturated animal fats what's heals the gut!

  17. Grass fed and finished meat is absolutely healthy. Lots of fruit not so much.

  18. Ummmm…. no mention of fermented dairy or vegetables? Kind of missed the mark there

  19. 1. Plenty of prebiotics in the form of whole foods with fiber.
    2. Avoid all added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and processed foods.
    3. Mitigate stress as much as possible, including but not limited to getting enough sleep.
    4. Exercise regularly.
    5. Eliminate exposure to toxins as much as possible, things like cleaning products, artificial scents, your bitchy mother-in-law, etc.

  20. People ate a primarily carnivore diet until relatively recently in human history. Your suggestion to avoid animal products is out of sync. As long as they are not factory farmed, they are healthy and natural. Pasteurized dairy may be difficult for many people since necessary enzymes are killed, and proteins are altered during the process. Let's get back to our natural diet, and that does not mean high carbs which are mostly human-made.

  21. Most importantly, try to eat a variety of things that grow in the ground and everyone can benefit from probiotics.

  22. The vegans are so full of shit at least be honest and say that you don’t want to eat animal meat or anything related but don’t spin it like it’s so bad for you because that’s 100% BS because fish is very good for you and chicken also red meat not so good but sometimes it’s ok my grandfather ate everything ant he lived until 95 his brother made it to 108 but they had their own food and everything was organic and animals ate food that didn’t have pesticides and just everything was organic he died in 1993 at age of 95 and he had lung cancer because he smoked for over 60 years but he was very active we humans are made to move to be physical not just stay in the couch

  23. The microbiome is the key. Death starts in the gut

  24. I completely healed my leaky gut and its associated ailments by switching to a carnivore diet. Yes… exactly the opposite advice this woman gives.

  25. :56

  26. Very sensible advice for the too many of us living insensibly. Thank you.

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