5 Tips to Improve Your Mental Health Endurance (Learn to Endure the Holiday Season!)

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you subscribe and hit the notification bell down below in today’s video we’re
going to be talking about endurance and specifically I’m going to give you five
different ways you can build your mental health endurance so that you can reach
bigger goals at a quicker pace and spoiler alert stay tuned to the end of
the video if you want to hear the bonus tip let’s start by looking at the
meaning of the word endurance the definition of endurance is a lasting
quality or state for a long period or duration of time for example you’ve
probably heard the word endurance used in long-distance sports such as running
so what’s being said in that case is that the runner can maintain a state of
running or even more particularly a particular pace of running for a long
period or long duration of time so when it comes to having good mental health
endurance means maintaining in a state of mental resilience or toughness and
notice what I said there I said mental resilience
I did not say happiness joy or positivity that is because bad things
will inevitably happen in your life and they’re probably not gonna make you
happy so rather than trying to remain happy all the time
it’s about actually bouncing back from those negative experiences to becoming
happier at a quicker pace so then why are certain people able to live longer
periods of their life without unhappiness or stress that is because
and this is the key to endurance so make sure you pay attention here those people
can allow their lasting state to continue on even when it gets difficult
to implement so ultimately there are two different things that you should
remember when it comes to endurance the first one is being able to apply a
certain action or implement a certain action in the midst of a struggle and
then the second thing to remember is applying or implement
the action over a duration of time so let me be very clear about this when it
comes to mental health those with good endurance are able to continue in the
states of toughness or resilience even when life gets very difficult to bear so
how do we become that person what are the steps that we need to take to
improve our mental endurance well there are five of them and the first one that
you need to take is exercise when you engage in any type of endurance related
exercise such as running cycling swimming etc you are training your body
in your brain to withstand pain and struggle for longer periods of time so
if you decide to take up running for example what I want you to do next time
you go running is start to time yourself not just from beginning to end but
kilometer to kilometer so you can see how long it takes you to run your first
kilometer then your second kilometer and so on and then what you should do is
work towards creating a goal it be there maintaining that pace either within
certain parts of the five kilometer run or reducing the amount of time it takes
for you to run that one kilometer now in addition when you exercise your action
producing more energy for your body at a cellular level and this of course is
gonna help you have more energy when you face physical struggles in your
day-to-day life so what actually happens at the cellular level is that the
mitochondria and all of your cells and these are basically like the little
power plants of your cells they produce more energy for you that is going to
help you last longer throughout the day without getting tired or exhausted when
you are facing challenges and of course I’m going to be putting some links down
below if you do want to look into this a little bit further now the second thing
you can do to improve your endurance is regulate your breathing now when you can
control your breathing you can actually trick your mind into thinking that
you’re not in danger and your oxygen in a calm and relaxed state see normally
when you get stressed out or your brain interprets something as danger
automatically your reaction is either flight or fight now when this happens
you might notice your breathing is becoming more shallow it’s becoming
faster like you can even hear as it’s coming
out of your lungs your heavy breathing is telling your brain danger danger do
something quick so instead of using your prefrontal cortex to make a strategic
and the best decision for yourself your brain under stress actually just makes
the automatic decision to freeze or bail and your endurance comes to a crashing
halt so next time you notice your breath getting faster and heavier and you’re
under stress I want you to use that as your cue to slow your breathing down
and as you slow your breathing down again you’re tricking your brain into
thinking that there’s no danger to react to an exercise that you can do to slow
your breathing down is called square breathing or military breathing and how
this works is to breathe essentially in a square so you essentially inhale for
four seconds hold for four seconds exhale for four seconds and hold it
there again for four seconds so you’re making a square with your breath and and
doing that over and over again is going to help you get back in in control of
your breathing and maintain or regulate it and slow it right back down and hey
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story and don’t forget to hashtag retrain your brain now the third thing
that you can do to improve your mental health
endurance is regulate your sleep a study from Iowa State University which I’m
going to link down below show that people with deprived sleep actually
tended towards more anger and distress and when you’re distressed you’re
telling your body that there’s something that it needs to fight and again that
flight or fright mode kicks and now in this era when danger includes studying
for final exams or a new project at work and not actually a predator in the
jungle like it did many many years ago then we do not want that fight or flight
response to kick in rather we want to be able to make a strategic decision with
our prefrontal cortex so remember that allowing your body the necessary sleep
and recovery time is going to help you make decisions
like I am going to struggle through this new job or struggle through studying for
this final exam because I know I will be benefited in the long run now the fourth
tip I have for you for improving your mental health
endurance is self-talk now if I look at endurance in general even when it comes
to physical things like running or swimming the most important most
interesting component to me is the mental component now that is because you
can have two people with the exact same level of physical fitness but the person
who has the stronger mental fortitude is going to be able to endure the most pain
and run the longest distance or swim the longest distance it is important to know
that you’re actually physically able to endure more pain than you think you can
so when you learn to tell yourself the right things to keep yourself motivated
and pushing yourself forward you are going to be able to endure more pain and
more struggle now I’m not going to stay on this subject too long because I
already have a video on my channel on how you can actually work on creating
self-talk habits and you can get to that video by clicking the link right here
and additionally I have a blog post dedicated to an exercise aren’t actually
really improving your self-talk habits and you can get there by going to the
link in the description below now the fifth way you can improve your mental
health endurance is by improving your gut
bacteria your healthy gut bacteria and you can do that through your diet a way
you can really kick start doing this is by eating fermented foods see the
benefit of fermented foods is that they actually introduce new good bacteria or
microbiome into your gut in fact recent studies show that the microbiome in your
gut can actually influence your cognition and behavior by influencing
the function of your immune system so it’s very very important to know that
your physical health and your diet are very very much connected to your mental
health and mental health endurance so your ability to have a healthy and clear
mindset depends larger on butter you have a healthy cut by
giving your body the necessary vitamins and nutrients and healthy good bacteria
to thrive you’re putting yourself in a position to push to new limits you’re
going to be less fatigued you’re going to be stronger and more importantly
you’re going to be able to learn and Intuit what type of food is actually
most beneficial for your particular body and if you can start making your own
fermented food I find that it makes it a lot more fun to eat or drink because you
made it yourself and you’re proud of it one of the things that I make here at
home and gravitate towards when it comes to fermented food is kombucha now if you
want a video of me showing you how to make kombucha or different flavors of
kombucha here at home then make sure you give this video a thumbs up and leave a
comment down below now I promised you guys a bonus at the beginning of the
video so the six thing that you can do to improve your mental endurance is to
actually anticipate that things will go wrong because they probably will now to
do this you actually have to ask yourself three important questions and
if you want to know what those important questions are make sure you go down to
the description and subscribe to my blog because that is exactly what I’m going
to be discussing in my post tomorrow if there’s one thing I want you guys to
take away from this video is that struggles don’t actually stop happening
in your life you just get better at enduring the struggle so if you guys
enjoyed this video and you found it helpful don’t forget to give it a thumbs
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and don’t forget to make this the year of you bye

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