5 Tips on How to Find Healthy Food Options While Traveling / Healthy Hacks

hey what's up is Vince lien from Vince Neil calm and in today's video we're gonna continue with my healthy hacks series I'm talking about something that I like to call will travel for food now I'll link all the videos for my healthy hack series in the description box below so you can check that out as well and make sure you subscribe to the channel so you don't miss any of these videos in the future now what does will travel for food really mean it means making the extra effort to try to find something healthy now this is just one of the hacks I talked about in my free ebook ten hacks to eating healthier link for that ebook is also in the description box now if you're driving down the street most likely you'll find some kind of fast food restaurant almost every corner so let's go over five ways that you can find healthier options during the day while you're on the go and traveling number one drive a little further now in my video about meal planning I spoke about batch cooking and saving food for leftovers during the week which is a great way to pack a healthy lunch for the next day however we're all gonna have those times when we don't have any food with us and it's time to eat so sometimes we settle for the first option we see and the main point behind this tip is to drive a little further to find something that you really want so instead of grabbing that first option drive another block or two and find something healthier so spend additional few minutes to get someplace that you really want to go is that a settling for something else number two do your research now if you know the area that you're gonna be traveling during lunch or dinner and you know that you're going to need to find some food check out the area before you get there you can do a simple google search to see what's in the area or use something like Yelp or happy cow or even reach out to people on social media to find some place you'll probably surprised how willing people are to help you out and this tip is especially important when traveling to a place that you've never been to I always find it helpful to become familiar with the food options in the area so I know my choices ahead of time number three think outside of the box so let's get into this tip now most of the time we often think of restaurants as the only place we can really go to grab some food however we're seeing a lot of grocery stores now offering fresh food options we know that places like Whole Foods has had this for a while but many other grocery stores have followed this example and have prepared foods and full salad bars so you no longer have to find a restaurant as long as you find a place that's serving up healthy options number four grab a snack to hold you over now I realize you may be in a situation where you just can't find anything healthy to eat so instead of caving in and eating something you don't really want to grab a healthy snack to hold you over until you find something better now there are a ton of places where you can go to find something if you're not around a store and like gas stations even so fresh fruit or health bars you can buy I've been in this exact situation and stopped at the gas station and grabbed a banana number five modify the menu so if you find a spot and you walk in and you realize the menu isn't offering exactly what you thought they would be don't be afraid to modify it a little bit so look and see what other options they have for other items that are on the menu for example if they have avocado and other items there's a pretty good chance they can add it to whatever you're ordering so this way you're basically building your own custom meal with whatever ingredients the place has I do this all the time while eating out and traveling and it's been a big help so I hope you enjoyed this video on how to find healthy options while traveling remember to download your copy of my free ebook and let me know in the comments what is your tip for eating healthy while traveling if you like this video give it a big thumbs up subscribe to the channel as I post new videos every week and remember to keep living fit from food and I'll talk to you soon bye


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