5 Tips for Healthy Curly Hair from Dry & Damaged

Hey guys! Welcome back. So today’s fun episode is going to talk about 5 tips every curly girl should know. So I asked my friends on Twitter and Facebook, what secrets they can share that they wanted me to talk about in this video. And if you guys didn’t know about it, make sure you follow. And like my Facebook page. It’s awesome, you guys can share your tips and ideas on what I need to do. So I asked the girls over there. Across the board, hands down, moisture. So what you need to know about curly hair is, for the most part, curly hair tends to be dry. So our goal as a curly girl is to retain and add moisture. So, moisture, moisture, moisture. That’s like, a real aspect. Moisture. There are 5 quick and simple tips that you can implement into your regime. Regimen. Whatever. Step number 1. Water is the greatest thing on earth. It’s so important to hydrate your body with drinking water. So that’s an easy thing you can do. Skin needs water. The hair needs water–it’s like a plant. You gotta make sure you water it. Because if you don’t it dries. And that’s the cause of–you know those crazy split ends, not just like… not just the two strand split, like, the FIVE strand split? You know, the ones with the hole in the middle of your hair? A lot of that is water moisture. So the simple solution for that is putting water in a spray bottle. And what I like to do is mix this bad boy up with leave-in conditioner. I’m gonna talk about the products that I like in my next video–there’s so much. Gonna talk about it. 1 part leave-in, 2 parts water. And before I go to sleep, what I do is I spray my hair, I put it in sections, you could do it before you go to bed, you could do it in the morning. But you need to get that water in your hair. I’ve been making deep conditioning treatments here at home. There’s so many things on YouTube here. Heyfranhey, hey girl! Alba, Summer Kellsey? They all have great videos on natural deep conditioning treatments. Leave-in conditioner. Leave-in, leave-in, leave-in. The water opens the cuticle up to receive nutrients. So a leave-in conditioner like this one. There are so many out there. Use the one that works for you. I love Kinky Curly. My hair just gets to suck in the good stuff, and life is all good. Leave-in conditioner, BFF. Once you have your leave-in conditioner in, you need to seal it. I use coconut oil. Oils will seal the hair–it will seal all the good nutrients in, so it doesn’t come out. Use your favorite oil. I love coconut oil, it’s so great in detangling my hair and making it shiny. You might not want to use a lot of this if you have thinner hair, if you have fine hair. There are other oils out there, there’s Moroccan oil, aragan oil, there’s… jojoba oil. There’s so many oils out there. Again, you gotta experiment and explore. And for me, my hair likes the coconut oil. And protective hairstyles. OMG. protective hairstyles, especially in the winter and summer when it’s really hot. Now protective hair style means the hair is bunched together. Why is that protective and how does that help my curl? Curly hair is the most fragile state hair can be, because it’s all loose, individual strands. Once your hair is together. Like, bunched up like so, it’s sturdier. You know that whole saying, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’? That kind of applies to your hair. Because when you think about it–when the hair strands are all by themselves, they’re more prone to being like… snagged, attacked by the enemies. It’s just, they’re all out there. All together, it’s protected by the barrier of the united forces–so yeah. Protective hairstyles rock. I can’t tell you how important it is to have a satin pillowcase. Because the satin is smooth. (inaudible) it doesn’t tug on the hair. It also doesn’t suck out the moisture from your hair, unlike a cotton pillowcase, likes to… Suck moisture, suck out the oil, suck all the nutrients from your hair. And if you can’t find a satin pillowcase or whatever the case is, you can use a silk headwrap. Doesn’t have to be real silk. But you know, that stuff–use this going to bed. I only use silk headwraps when I have my hair in braids. Because it comes off so easily in my sleep. So that’s why I like the pillowcase because I can toss and turn, knowing that that pillow is not going anywhere. Simple and easy. What I do want you guys to walk away with is this: embrace what you have. Improve what you have. It is so… I think, counter-productive trying to have what some other girl has. ‘Cause there’s been so many times when I’ve seen a curl and I’m like, ‘that’s what I want.’ But then I had to come to the realization that that’s what she’s got, this is what I have. Let me work with what I’ve got. And yeah. It’s all about embracing what you have, improving what you have. And… keep it curly. Keep it curly. Less heat! OMG. Less heat. And towels. It’s all about the t-shirt movement. So towels have like, these little nubs. And these little nubs apparently like to pull on your hair and cause frizz. I was using a towel forever. Now I use my skirt. This skirt I got from Salvation Army. I don’t know like, $2. And it’s super cute, but I don’t wear it, so I use it as a towel. Like so. That’s a lot of tips. But easy tips. Things that we may not have discussed. And that’s about it–if you guys have any more suggestions, make sure to comment below. And if you guys wanna see more curly product reviews, curly tools, make sure you like this video and subscribe, And I’ll be sure to get that to you ASAP. Thank you guys, see you next time! Love you.


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  2. There are micro fiber head towels that do not cause your hair to frizz, I was looking for one for a while and I found mine at target, 2 for $10 I believe. It comes it different colors and patterns. I know you cut your hair (which by the way you look amazing-brave!) but I love your curly hair, my niece has this exact hair texture. Sending you blessings

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  37. I do this once a week before going to bed, I slather a really good deep conditioner into my hair, concentrating on the ends and wrap my head in an old, clean T-shirt. Not so pretty, but it works. I shampoo first and gently squeeze out all the excess water. Work the deep conditioner into your damp, almost dry hair gently but firmly. It will break easily if you are not gentle. Wrap, as I said. Sleep with this on. The warmth from your body will encourage absorption of the conditioner. Remove in the morning and rinse thoroughly. Use a bit of leave-in conditioner, and then a handful of mousse, work through hair and dry using a diffuser, always a diffuser. Scrunch with your head down. Gently. Head up and turn to one side, then the other. Always scrunching. I put 4 small hair claws in the part and give it a shot of hairspray. Continue drying, ending with a cool setting on your dryer. Remove the clips and shake your hair out. This will make the curls come right out of your part. Scrunch a bit all over then spray your head all over gently to hold those curls. DO NOT comb or brush out. Your hair will be so moisturized and shake it up. Don't wash the next day. Just mist with a solution of 2/3rd water and 1/3 leave-in conditioner. Scrunch and shake as you gently dry your curls.  Done.

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