today we're gonna be talking about one of the most important aspects to growing healthy plants getting good production and harvesting the highest quality food you could possibly eat so I'm gonna go through the five tips to building and maintaining a healthy soil the foundation to a healthy garden let's go the first step to building and maintaining a healthy soil is to conserve water here in New Jersey we live really close to the shore and we've got very sandy soil so we have to do a few things in order to help conserve water so it doesn't drain so quick so right here we're about five feet from the food forest I'm gonna bring you guys closer show you what this all looks like that we started with show you how sandy it is and show you kind of what we did to amend it then I'm gonna bring it inside show you what the soil looks like now we just had rain here a few days ago and you wouldn't even be able to tell looking at the lawn he was already dried out so quickly because it's all sand right here you can see that this is just all sand just can't hold the water it can't it can't conserve it that really starts drying out quick and look at the structure of it it's just all sand and that's just only a few feet from where we're growing all this beautiful and great food number two is organic matter as you saw out there the soil it was all sand it couldn't hold water and that's because it didn't have organic matter in here our soil is full with houmous decayed organic matter that's what holds the water that's what conserves the water if you want to help build your soil quick add organic matter just a five percent increase in organic matter will quadruple your soils ability to maintain water quadruple guys with just a five percent increase you can't go wrong at an organic matter and number three tip for soil is mulch mulch can really make a difference for your soil and not just as a back saver mulch is constantly breaking down day by day year by year building your fertility there are a number of different kinds of mulch and I wanted to mulch further in different video so check it out number four is soil structure which is so important to maintain healthy roots in order for your plants to be healthy they have to have access to both air and water in order for your roots to have access to air and water you have to have good soil structure because you need good pore spacing so with good structure has big pore spacing which allows air and water to flow in so your roots have access to it so that has bad structure has very little pore spacing which doesn't allow air and water to flow into it which makes it not available oops number five and probably the most important aspect of building and maintaining a healthy soil is to go organic when you have an organic soil that's filled with human and covered with mulch you set up the ideal condition for bringing in these soil organisms that'll do the work for you you can see we've got thick mulch we've got plenty of organic matter in the soil and this is what's gonna bring in things like worms you see here that I'm gonna do all the work for you all these worms here constantly 24/7 you have to pay them or anything no health insurance benefits building your soil every day we believe in order to build a healthiest soil it's best to go with the no-till method by not telling you're not disturbing all these soil organisms instead we like to follow a nature does and just put everything in layers it's no secret that to grow healthy plants you need healthy soil so these five tips you can go from an area that looks like this the lawn to an area that looks like this a food forest thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed the video see on the next one another food forest video coming out real soon


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  10. Our soil is mostly clay. Only weeds liked it. How can I make it healthy like yours? And how are you watering your plants? Do you have irrigation system?

  11. Love your pacing and delivery style. Staccato. Punch. Punch. No fluff. If you haven't seen it already, you'll get a major buzz from what Dr. David C Johnson (New Mexico State Univ.) and his wife, Hui with fungal dominant compost/innoculant

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  13. My soil currently looks worse than that sand I'm shook, thanks for the tips!

  14. Hi James, Love your channel! Thanks :-)) A tree company was offering free wood chips on CL so I called them told them about what I was learning from you and he told me his chips COULD have pesticides, herbicides on them and the chips could come from trees you woiuldn't want in a garden. Prolly safest to buy from a rep. company. Which company do you suggest that sells safe garden wood chips. Thanks again. <3

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  21. You Go!

  22. Beginning of winter this year I went nuts getting every bit of Mulch I could get. I made Many garden beds that I could use , now it’s spring here the soil is amazing already. Not much rain so I watered it to help the breaking down process and my veggies are wow, it make sense when you look at nature and copy it. I’m a believer seeing the results, now there established I will just add on top and harvest abundance. . Love your videos , keep them comeing..

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