5 Tips for a Clean & Healthy Home


  1. first! again? 😀

  2. Your home is your temple ♡ our space is a reflection of ourselves

  3. I have stomach ache right now. three o'clock in the morning while I was sleeping, I felt my stomach ache and woke up. I received your video notification and went to watch. maybe I should care about eating so I don't suffer health effects.

  4. NO WAY I was LITERALLY listening to your audio book asking if you had a video on this topic. Pretty sure you read my mind.

  5. SAME on the being a messy cook thing. My boyfriend has noted how messy I am when I cook but I'm like…ok BUT DO I CLEAN IT UP?! and he has to admit that yes, yes I do. He is just more of a "clean as you go" while cooking type.

  6. My mom, brother, and I are all barefoot people, but my dad always has his shoes on. Made it really easy to tell who was tracking dirt into the house.

  7. I'm a physician with a busy home and work schedule. I had to hire a cleaning service too for deep and general cleaning, while I can focus on very specific things I prefer to clean myself, and of course have time for me and family. Great video! Hugs from Naureen

  8. I half agree with the shoe rule. My first floor is okay for guests shoes but not my second floor (which is carpeted). I have a dog but she’s not traveling on the train, or to the grocery store, or work, etc. 😉 I always try the leave the room with 1 item rule, it definitely helps as I’m usually the cleaner of the house. ☺️

  9. Yes it's hard for me and my wife to keep ours clean, and ofcourse the kiddos don't help 😅😅, but I will put your tips in action

  10. I LOVE the leave the room rule (I also have a stairs rule)! We are also a no shoes rule family because baby’s crawl on the floor! Let’s keep that debris by the door, not in the family room 🤣

  11. You're lovely and bright but have a couple of kids and let's revisit the topic.

  12. 🙋🏻‍♀️5 kids here…can’t relate.

    Bahaha but for realz this was great! I totally agree that problems that always happen (dirty sink) need new systems aka get that shit done right away!! I am the queen of clean products love my non toxic home 🏠

  13. Guilty! 🙋🏾‍♀️ I hate to say that I've been so woefully overwhelmed and ”buried” on EVERYTHING that I've thrown away sinks full of dishes more than once, which is WHOLLY inconsistent with my environmental/low waste views.

  14. Hi Amy, happy Sunday! Your video made me smile – your advice #5 is my mantra for 2020…it's written in my GMGL planner, pinned on my fridge and written BIG on my weekly schedule. It helps me a lot to avoid procrastinating.
    Enjoy your weekends with family and friends (and cleaning 😄)! This is so important!!! We are still eager to soak up your input on weekdays. Cheers! Xoxo from Austria Christina 😘

  15. About the sink!! Yes! My pet peeve is having to reach deep down in the sink to get the dirty forks, spoons, cutlery, etc. Dude….put the clean dishes away so the dish washer is always empty…that way the sink is not the middle man! Also we use Free & Clear Arm & Hammer for laundry. Not very expensive, but our clothes get clean. Currently we like the Free & Clear bounce dryer sheets. We disagree about the shoe thing. My husband once didn't notice he stepped in dog crap. So not only did I thoroughly clean the shoes, had to mess with carpet. Plus with toddlers that play on the floor, it's cleaner. I understand what you mean about the pets paws being dirty.

  16. Maybe I should give these ones a try. So far everything more natural that I use for laundry seems to be unable to actually clean clothes

  17. I have two cats and subscribed to the no shoes in the house rule. Moved back home to try and save some money. My cats are cleaner than the humans lol. People come to the house and some decide to follow the rules, but others think they’re way to important to follow rules. My health has suffered so much! After my surgery, I’m really going to look for another place and new friends who respect someone’s rules lol.

  18. FlyLady says start your day getting dressed to lace-up shoes gets you motivated to get things done. My mom wouldn't let me go barefoot, because she said my feet would get dirty. I totally agree with the pet thing. Unless your dog wears shoes and kicks them off at the door, they track in just as much dirt as people.

  19. Shoes in the house can bring in lots of dangerous germs. Think about it…you use a public washroom where the floors are sticky (🤢) and then track that in the house. I am definitely a no shoes in the house person. Especially for those that have little ones that are crawling around on the floor this is something to be mindful of. I have pets and always wipe their paws after walks. Totally agree that you shouldn’t expect people to take their shoes off if there’s lots of pet hair etc…offer slippers 🙂 I buy cheap ones at ikea to offer to guests.

  20. Thanks for sharing! I love your authenticity and perspective and can totally relate. Balancing a YouTube channel, all my housework AND two babies…. Is nearly impossible 😂

  21. Amy, can you do a video on decluttering your closet and uploading poshmark? I know it's one of your 20/20 and you got me inspired! I'd love more deets.

  22. Wishing you many happy work free weekends. Enjoy your new routine tweak.

  23. I’m so glad you are taking the weekends for yourself. 🥰

  24. I felt personally attacked with #4 the shoe rule. I am that person that keeps a million shoes near the door because I don’t have wear shoes indoors but don’t want to carry them upstairs 🤦🏾‍♀️

  25. Awww, I'm never gonna catch a new upload anymore… but, sure am glad you're going to set aside time for yourself to take care of things you need to

  26. I would never wear shoes into someones house! The shoe in house thing feels super American (I'm Canadian) and we always felt so weird seeing sitcom characters wear their shoes on the couch or in their bed! lol I have a lot of slippers 🙂

  27. Dropps is an amazing eco friendly brand. Way less plastic!

  28. I wear a pair of sneakers around the house, like slippers. I don't wear them outside. I dated a woman a few years ago, she had to use anti-allergy cloths soap, if not she get rashes.

  29. I wish you don't get cancer because of all those chemicals you put on your face.

  30. My mister and I are all about super simple habits that keep things clean without having to block out time to really clean. Little things like leaving the sink empty and clean at night. 30 seconds here and there is so much easier than 3 hours every week!

  31. 6 cats…. just sayin….mic drop

  32. I am literally watching this while on the treadmill Monday morning. Haha!

    As a Swede I’ve never understood the shoes inside thing, it’s just not done here. Possibly partly because of the weather as it gets wet and snowy and muddy a lot 🤷‍♀️ We have a shoe rack with maximum two shoes per person, four in total – one pair to quickly slide on to go grab the post or throw away rubbish and one pair that we currently use the most. Totally works!

  33. Not shitting and pissing in corners would be a start. I'm getting there.

  34. I have 2 questions:

    1. How do you keep up your morning routine away from home? Mine just falls apart 😶 (I don't know if you've already talked about this..)

    2. If you are really ill and feeling absolutely like death, how does your day change? Or doesn't it?

  35. I live with animals, I have a strict no shoe rule and I offer people lovely slippers each time they visit. That is a cultural norm where I come from. And it works really well. Slippers are washed based on how they are used and I stay with clean house because I have robotic vacuum cleaner that runs twice a day and we wipe the paws of our pups when they come indoors, right in the hallway, before they enter the rest of the house. It's simple. Anything that walked outside needs to get cleaned and then it can enter.

  36. That first tip is something I used to do but got out of the habit, thanks for the reminder

  37. Starting my year with Amy

  38. Ha Tip #4 “more of a system then… to mess up your floors” ☺️☺️☺️ Awesome

  39. We’ll be here for ya Wednesday ! Love my AmyTV often but Totally support you taking some more time with family 💝 In Joy 💝

  40. I feel so caught commenting yesterday… 😂 So here I am this morning. Love your content ♡ @Dezwashereee

  41. 👍👍❤️❤️🔥🔥👌👌😍😍

  42. I have a dog in the house and I still like people to take off their shoes. For one thing, people walk through parking lots and get oil and gunk on their shoes and then bring it into my house. Also, many people seem to think it is ok to put their feet on the upholstered furniture even if they have shoes on, so no shoes in the house means no shoes on my furniture.

  43. I love dropps! We use it for the dishwasher!

  44. I love @dropps! I'm on their subscription plan for laundry and dishwasher pods, and I have a set of their dryer balls. Fabulous products. Also… I'm almost (almost) compulsive about making sure things are where they're supposed to be – and the way they're supposed to be (lids tight; sponges wrung out; cabinet doors and drawers closed all the way; sink empty).

  45. WASH THOSE DISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Great tips. I really need to remember to bring things out with me when I leave the room. Or there's another rule that I had read about every time you leave a room to clean it up where its supposed to be like. If you're always doing this your house will never be dirty, and it won't be that much to actually clean if you stay consistent. Still working on that though lol. I like the dropps being a subscription. I hate running out of laundry stuff.

  47. Good plan to not work weekends, when able. Totally support that!

  48. Good for you girl! I’ll still be here for all your videos regardless of what day they come out. Also I was totally listening to this while tidying up my apartment!

  49. Thank you for your work, your book and vids have helped me begin to take back my mornings for the first time! Just wanted to share that in many Asian cultures, no shoes indoors is the social norm. While for American households it's more a matter of preference, wearing shoes inside a Chinese household can sometimes be considered disrespectful to the living space. I'm 2nd gen Chinese American and even in my own home wearing shoes inside is like walking across lava haha (; No shoes rule used to be a pain for me when outfit planning, like you mention, so I put a full-length mirror by the front door. Many Chinese homes with pets will wipe pup's paws after walks as well (:

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