5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Fitness Journey ( learn from my mistakes lol)

hello my cyber sisters it's you girl Taylor back with another video today's video hello my fiber sisters if she brought Taylor back with another video today's video it's gonna be on what I wish I knew before I started my weight-loss journey so you guys are always asking me my deals do you have any advice for me like is there anything that you would have done differently had you had known it towards the beginning and there are like so many things I wish I would have done differently but you know I really wouldn't do anything differently just because I didn't learn from everything and not able to teach you guys everything I've learned from first things first look good introduce to you guys the mattress that I'm on this is the OL mattress I absolutely love it I've been sleeping on this for about a week now and Lizzie came in a box I've never seen a mattress that comes in a box like that when I first thought I was like it's no way this is gonna be a full queen-size mattress it literally came in length such that it was a big box but it also was like small firm mattress I've never been able to see anything like that before and my first guy is kind of flat ish and then it just rise up over 24 to 48 hours and so obviously it's been like a week and your girl has been sleeping like a dream so I started off with number one getting sleep so I didn't realize how important rusty was or rest days or sleeping was until you know your girl was getting up at 5 a.m. in the morning and hitting the gym while she was going to bed at like 2:00 okay okay so your muscles needs sleep your muscles need sleep to recuperate how are you expecting to get that nice Rumble booty when your muscles don't have time to heal so when I say rest that could mean sleeping that full eight hours or it could also mean taking a day off from the gym don't ever feel like just because you told yourself you're gonna go to the gym for five days that you have to go to the gym for all five days okay if you need a rest day take that rest day also I've learned that supplements do help BCAAs definitely helped me out with feeling a little bit less sore I don't care what brand you use on AAA's but that's been like my go-to is my favorite thing in the entire world right now I used to love pre-workout and I would always depend on pre workout for my workouts and I would probably use it a little bit more than I should have and that was just also to combat like me not getting enough sleep so make sure you guys are getting enough rest and this mattress that I'm using right now is like it molds to your body as I'm laying down you guys can literally see molding to my body like how it goes under my back like that so I'm able to get a nice restful sleep so this mattress was created for one simple reason and that's just to help people to get better sleep this was made for you to sleep better at night time and also if you have another person sleeping with you in the bed it's like rumored I haven't tried it out but it's rumored that I could move on my side of the bed and then it wouldn't even affect the other person that's sleeping on there I think I might try that I don't know but first let me show you the pillows they sent me to they sent me these super nice pillows they did not have to send me these but they knew there was going to be the mattress which also excited about but the pillows girl I'm beginning the best sleep of my life I just be out like a light and when you're getting that restful sleep guess what your muscles can heal and you're going to look a lot better okay so good sleep means a nice body not really but I mean it's a huge step in it so we'll go ahead and test out the little theory of me trying to jump or move around on my bed and not disturb something so I put the kombucha have the empty kombucha bottle I'm gonna put it on my bed we're gonna see if it moves when let's test out we'll just [Applause] Wow okay so there you have it folks apparently you can move around in the other person is least likely to be disturbed so I've actually an awesome feature even I don't even have anyone in here sleeping with me it's just me so it's even more awesome so if you guys are interested in purchasing this mattress or even just looking into it I'm gonna put all the links and codes down below so you guys can go check that out but without further ado let's go ahead and get into number two of what I wish I knew wow I'm out here having an entire poetry slam slash rap session right now um part two of what I wish I knew before I started this fitness journey alright number two I wish I knew about vitamins earlier like when I first started out like it's in with anyone who usually starts out on a fitness journey you want to start restricting calories obviously because any diet that you're in whether that be keto whether that be plant-based or vegan or was Atkins diet whatever diet you're on what do all of them have in common and what is the only fact that's gonna help you lose weight not only but the biggest factors can help in these weight caloric deficit so it doesn't matter what diet you're on if you're not in caloric deficit you're not gonna lose weight and caloric deficit means your brain more calories than you're eating so I've made a whole video on how to plan out your fitness journey you guys can go check that out so you guys can find out how many calories you're supposed to be eating I mean what kind of caloric deficit you need to be in I'm gonna let that video down below because it goes into depth and I don't really I'm not gonna go into depth on it just because I already have a video on it you guys can go watch that so yes you're not going to lose weight unless you're in a caloric deficit but when you are in a caloric deficit sometimes it's hard to get all of the vitamins and nutrients that you need and so I wish I had known that back then because I definitely saw a difference in my hair I saw a difference in my skin I saw a difference in my energy levels so if I had known that restricting sir foods would give me those problems and I find knowing I could have fixed them just taking a daily vitamin my life would have been a lot easier so I started taking hair skin nail vitamin so it's completely changed the game for me it helped my hair to grow without my skin to be you know more vibrant and things like that because when you're lacking in certain areas you don't really realize it till later also if your iron deficient talk to your physician or doctor about that if your iron deficient you're gonna feel like you're really really lacking in energy so you want to go on take an iron supplement if you need it so I would ask your physician if you need it um another one that I would take is b12 if you're a plant-based or vegan or if you're just someone who is lacking the energy b12 is a great vitamin to take or a daily vitamin just so you can get everything in your all around you know what I mean and then last but not least vitamin C is a huge one for me vitamin C helps to boost the immune system so that you're at least likely to get sick number three weight loss is not so much physical but it is so much mental I know I've touched on this a lot on my channel talking about getting your mental health right isn't so important because at the end of the day if I'm waking up at 5:00 a.m. I'm waking up at 6:00 a.m. to go to the gym it's not so much about getting my body to get up it's more about getting my mind to be like hey you have to get up hey you have to go to the gym or it's more so if I'm out with friends and everyone wants to go out and get milkshakes and cookies and whatever or not and everyone else is getting it and you're looking at it like I can't have that right now cuz I know what goals I have so getting your mentality straight and getting your goals straight and writing them down and just knowing I can't stray from this is like 100% mental so mental health is everything and focusing on your mindset is everything whatever you tell your mind to do your body will follow behind it so that's even if you're on the treadmill this was the biggest thing for me and Mike I had a friend that used to work out with me all the time and we used to run heels right and we'd be running up the hill and she would be like you can do it you just keep telling yourself mentally you can't do it cuz I'm not that girl I can't do it I'm tired I'm so tired I would stop and it's like no your body's not tired your body can physically keep going but it was my mindset saying hey you've never ran this long so you probably can't do it so you might as well give up but it was when I told myself like hey just keep going just keep going just keep going so on thing I kept staying in my head because it's the only thing I couldn't get through my hair at that time and when I just kept going I did it never ran that far in my life never have gone that fast in my life but my body could do it my body could physically carry me up that hill at the speed it was going at the for the timing it was going it was just my mindset for so long I couldn't get past that block like you're tired just stop no you're you're physically not tired you're mentally just trying to make yourself quick don't do it keep pushing your body can do so much more than you ever thought it was capable of doing if you just tell your mind like just shut up I'm doing this you know what I mean because sometimes you can stop yourself from doing things you got to be like hey be quiet because I know I can do this and just push and if you like where to collapse and that that's different but like just keep pushing keep going push yourself to your limits and you don't have any because you're outdoing yourself each time and every time number four this is a lifestyle not a diet so so many of you guys are like hey do you think I can lose 20 pounds in this month or do you think I can lose this and that it's like I've done it I have lost weight very quickly it within a month timeframe were in two weeks time frame and let me tell you anything that you can obtain quickly you don't want it but something that you work for and you know takes time to obtain and you work hard that's what you want to keep around whether that be anything in life honestly like anything you can get to quickly you're gonna lose just as fast so what I would recommend for anyone starting off their fitness journey is not to go out there and try noting that if you don't want to do this for the rest of your life don't do it because when you come off of it you're gonna have to work ten times as hard to maintaining what I mean by that is like if you're gonna go on a diet that's 500 calories a day which I don't recommend for anyone that's actually so bad for your body but if let's for hypothetically speaking if you were gonna go on a diet for 500 calories a day right yes you're gonna lose a ton of weight very very quickly but as soon as you get off of that which is probably gonna be really fast and you start being because you've restricted so much in your bodies like hey I need calories yeah you're gonna probably gain back all of that weight plus another ten pounds because you were restricting so much but if you were to have just restricted you know a little bit and you were to eat healthy and just exercise on a regular basis and you would gradually lose weight so instead of losing that 20 pounds in that month you lost 20 pounds over the course of like three or four months you're gonna be able to keep that off for one and you're gonna be a lot happier in the process for two you're gonna have a lot more energy when you are doing that you're able to enjoy your life like so many people have talked to the neck girl I tried the diet thing you don't work for me it's because you're on diet I'm on a lifestyle like what is what's the difference between me and you at the end of the day it's up on a lifestyle you're trying to be on a diet which I was trying to be on a diet too because I'm like okay I'm gonna restrict I'm gonna eat veggies let me eat fruits and I'm gonna do this and I'm not gonna eat this and it's like at the end of the day can I keep this up for the rest of my life no so what I do now is I eat what I want to eat I'm gonna go out there and I'm gonna eat veggies I'm going through me eat fruits and I'm gonna workout and I'm gonna drink water but if I want to have that cookie oh my god that cookie but am I gonna go out there and have that entire pack of cookies like I used to know but it's all about moderation and what you're eating you can eat anything you want as long as you're eating most of us will be okay if we just ate the serving size I would just say it unpopular opinion most of us would be fine if we just ate the serving size like you know if you're eating a pack of Oreos what is a serving size like three cookies but half of us eat the whole little one row and if you like me you ate all the rows okay so like we're so quick to be like oh I'm gaining weight but you're not even eat the serving size just eat the serving size and you'll be fine then you can have what you want just in moderation and eat the correct serving size and you'll be straight but yeah not story short just don't do anything to your body that you're not gonna be able to do for the rest your life and if you can do with rest your life guess what you're fine you're good and you're gonna see results because you're never stopping it is your life you know so enjoy life don't restrict that's what one thing I wish I never do to try to restrict restrict restrict because there's so many times in my journey not that I've showcased all of it but I have trying to talk about it as much as I could I've had so many setbacks I have so many slides where like I would restrict this week and then the next week I would just completely binge out like I would be like oh guys I had a weekend to turn into a week like it happens and it's so normal so don't beat yourself up over it but also make sure you're able to jump back into it like if you had a bad week cut that we golf girl because it's so easy to be like oh I messed up for a week I'll start next month like it doesn't matter I don't need that like you know what stop yourself right there it's just you're trying to stop self-sabotage get back on if you had a bad day cool I have bad days all the time where I go off on you eat what I want get back on the next day get back on the next day like do not prolong the process for yourself if you mess up be like okay I messed up cool hold yourself accountable get back on it only people who actually fail at a fitness journey of our weight loss journey are the people who stop so if you never stop you can never fail alright and number five so what works for her or me or she may not work for you that's one thing I had to learn as well I would see people on the internet and be like oh my gosh we have similar body types that's probably gonna work for me and it's like no not everything works for the not everything that you see on Sona looks like you it's gonna work for you because everyone's body is different and what people like is different like I remember I used to look at this girl and all she would eat is like you know steak and things like that I personally um I never was a big fan of state she oughta read me she ate a lot of dairy she was always having milk she was always having all these things my body doesn't agree with dairy so what was working for her to have that amazing body it definitely probably wouldn't have worked for me so you have to look at things and accommodate to yourself and know your own body and know yourself like seeing other women on the internet maybe their exercise is like that girl that has an amazing body and she's up there doing pull-ups and push-ups like I couldn't do that yet so obviously her workouts too probably weren't the best things for me to look at right away and try out but like looking at some who's doing effective workouts that work for me that's cool you have to go with what works for you so if you find someone out there and you're trying out their meal plans and you know what's not working for you like for me if I was eating that dairy my skin would be broken out all over my chest like I wouldn't be feeling the best I would have tummy issues so I just knew right away I couldn't really follow her milk plans or if someone has workouts that are just SuperDuper hard for me and I'm not gonna have the right form on them or I'm not gonna be able to complete that workout I'm not gonna really look to that person for their workouts even though I love their body like you have to go for what works for you and not everything that works for this person it's going to work for you or that person who's doing keto and you try keto and you end up gaining weight but they lost weight or that person who's doing plant-based but you tried plant-based and it just really wasn't for you like you have to know yourself and be true to yourself and not everything that you see on someone else is gonna work for you but it's cool to take ideas from this person in that person like Oh a meal from that person or that person's glute workout of that person's ab workout like look around there's so many people out here to be inspired by and to look up to or to try out like don't just be stuck on one person because you like the way their body looks like not everything's gonna work for everyone so try different things trial and error is key to everything like I wouldn't have learned everything I've learned if I didn't fail at half the things that I've done like of course I've done the whole Gary thing I've learned it didn't work for me of course I've tried you know this diet fad and this I've only tried like every diet in the book I've done apple cider vinegar I've done everything but I've learned through trial and error like okay this isn't sustainable for me this doesn't work for me this doesn't make me feel good try it out if it works great if it doesn't throw it out try something new don't be afraid to fail because the only way to learn that anything the only way to get better anything is to fill out it so whenever I feel I'm like okay cool like I learned something you know if you win it everything and you're good at everything you're not gonna learn anything so learn as much as you can experience as much as you can try as much as you can and when you fail be happy because you learned something and you're out there actually trying if you fail you try okay so go out there and fail and get the up and learn and be better do better get better and I'm so proud of each and every one of you everyone in my teens talking to me all the time telling me that they're out here doing it they lost this much weight they gained this much confidence they're doing this they're doing that like I'm so proud of you guys I'm so happy for you guys and I genuinely just love hearing about ell stories and seeing those pictures that you guys send me like it's just awesome this is an awesome year and everyone's getting in their bag everyone's mentally physically and spiritually improving and I know my community is anyway if you're new welcome make sure you that subscribe button because over here we positively prosperous and be poppin but I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to check out lawn this amazing mattress the girl has been getting amazing sleep which is why I'm over here you know just glowing like you guys been like I'm been glowing girl and sleeping great so make sure you guys go check out little mattresses I'm gonna leave down some codes and links down below so you guys can go check them out so don't forget to comment like and subscribe and don't forget to stay positive prosperous and poppin and don't forget to keep God first in your self second and everything else will fall into place if you guys also before you guys go if you guys wanna see more videos like this I have so many more tips on things I wish I knew before I started this fitness journey but if I were to go through all of them we'd be here for about four hours so if you guys want to see a part two to this or if you guys are gonna see more of these please let me know in the comments down below and give this video a thumbs up so I know you like videos like this but I'm gonna catch you guys next time love you guys bye


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    #1 if ur lifting weights then your gaining muscle mass
    #2 water weight
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    Thereโ€™s just waaayyy too many things going on with our bodies for us to rely on scales to tell us what we need to see .. I rather see my results in the mirror or my clothes BEFORE I get on the scale again ..

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