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hello everybody I'm dr. Eric ithaca mono/poly and I'm glad you're watching this video in this video I'll be talking about the most common reasons why women struggle with losing weight losing weight is tough for most people there are several factors that can make it even more challenging for women research shows us that obesity was 35% among men but 40% among women it isn't just about the way you look but obesity can affect your self-esteem and confidence obesity contributes to premature aging and death by increasing the risk for developing life-threatening diseases like diabetes heart disease and cancer even if you're not obese being overweight could be cutting your life span shot there are some key points involved in women's weight loss you might not know about and that could make all the difference here are five common reasons why women struggle to lose weight hormone imbalance one huge but often overlooked reason for weight loss resistance involves hormonal imbalances addressing mainly three hormonal imbalances helps many lose stubborn weight tyroid thyroid plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy weight and hypothyroid is a major cause in weight loss resistance look at any nutritional deficiencies you may have that are contributing to an imbalance in your thyroid hormones your thyroid needs specific nutrients such as selenium zinc iodine and omega-3 fats to run optimally if you are taking thyroid replacement hormones make sure that you're replacing with the right thyroid hormones such as t3 and t4 cortisol it's also known as stress hormone cortisol can block your attempts to lose weight this flight-or-fight hormone increases your appetite make you crave loads of carbs and keep your fat in the belly region which is one of the reasons you can't lose weight in that area the best way to lower lower your cortisol levels is by decreasing stress while it's easier said than done it starts by simply taking the time to put yourself and you healthfirst practicing deep breathing a triangle sauna or steam bath elevates the body temperature to help discharge the stress from the body also taking time to connect with your family and friends is also a great way to stretch you stress nice trojan and testosterone imbalance in sex sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone can also cause weight problems having too much estrogen causes weight gain exercise helps balance hormones reducing estrogen and increase increasing the testosterone that will help you lose weight and built muscle sleep habits research tells us that the people who sleep between 3.5 and 5.5 hours a night consume more calories the next day when compared to those who sleep between 7 and 10 hours sleep is critical for your bodies to repair and function properly when you consistently don't get enough sleep not only you're more likely to gain weight but you're also at a higher risk of developing chronic diseases anxiety irritability and more if you're having trouble going to bed consider these sleep tips as your weight loss tips as well 60 minutes before bed try to switch off all modern technology such as tablets phones laptops and TVs the blue light that comes out of these devices can actually reduce levels of a hormone called melatonin which is something that we all need to drop into deep relaxing sleep going outside in the morning and exposing yourself to natural light limiting caffeine and the known and creating a sleep routine by sleeping and waking up at the same time every day helps you sleep better emotional eating emotional eating is eating as a way to suppress or soothe negative emotions such as stress anger fear boredom sadness and loneliness when you turn to food for comfort or consciously or unconsciously when facing a difficult problem feeling stressed or bored if it even often leads to eating too much especially too much of high calories sweet and fatty foods check in with yourself to see if you're actually hungry instead of snacking when you're not hungry distract yourself by listening to music or reading if you feel the urge to eat between meals choose a healthy snack such as fresh fruit vegetable and nuts prescription medications prescription medications can be the reason you are struggling to lose weight certain medications can cause weight gain as a side effect whether from fluid retention changing your appetite or an increase in hormones among them mainly are birth control pills antidepressants antihypertensive drugs and steroids if possible before starting a prescription check your weight and then check it on the scale after 2 weeks if you not his weight gain you can speak with your doctor about your medication if you are already on medication and think that it could be hindering your weight loss efforts plan to transition off to a simple or other alternative medication that will not no that is not going to cause weight gain sugar sugar is a major culprit in many foods foods like yogurt salad dressings and tomato sauce are often packed with sugar leading to more cravings and headaches it could be one of the reasons you are struggling to lose weight read the labels and see how much sugar in the processed food that you are eating among weight loss tips this one is absolutely essential if you do buy snacks and other convenient products like salad dressings read the ingredients list and the nutrition facts skip the flavor version of foods like yogurt and add your own fruit and honey to it whenever possible make your own foods spend a few hours meal preparing in the weekends to make staples you can eat throughout the week like sauces dressings and healthy on-the-go snacks here is the scripture to meditate on no evil shall befall you nor shall any plague come near your dwelling for he shall give his angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways some 91 10 and 11 as always thank you for watching this video and remember to share this video with your family and friends

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